Have been trying to shoot a flying dragonfly for a while now. It has proven to be incredibly difficult, since the camera keeps focusing on the background. This one turned out fairly decent, though :)

While crawling under a tree fallen over a path, I noticed a highway of ants running on the tree trunk above me. Shooting upwards against the sunlight gave a nice light for the photo

Goldcrest is the smallest bird species in Finland (maybe also of Europe). Surviving a nordic winter exclusively on insects and spiders is an astonishing deed. For this fluff ball the worst was behind :)


One warm spring day few years ago I was napping in a forest, leaning my head on a side of a boulder and enjoying the sun. After a while I noticed something moving at the corner of my eye, thinking it was a twig swaying in a breeze. Nope, it was this beauty. I think I got up rather quickly to get some shots of her 😅

One autumn weekend I decided to put my new tent in use. Packed my gear and drove to a nearby coastal nature reserve. After the well slept night I woke up to enjoy my morning coffee watching this view. Good times!

Another shot of a Tiger beetle. You can tell those jaws were not made for vegetables.

The tiger beetles are among the top predators among insects. This one had caught a black ant. Only later I noticed that the front part of the ant had a great view to watch her abdomen being eaten by the beetle. Brutal!

Cascade of Paratiisikuru. Located in national park, Finland, Paratiisikuru is one of the natural treasures of the area.

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