@toby You should post wherever you feel most comfortable!

While Mastodon is geared towards microblogging, they have some pretty cool photo sharing features like focal points.

Whatever platform you choose, you should take comfort in knowing they are compatible with each other and complimentary in their own ways!

We love #mastodon, and whatever decision you choose, we're just happy you're here ❤️

@pixelfed @toby

> they are compatible with each other

To a degree. When you upload a webp file, supported on Pixelfed, you will notice it does not get rendered on Mastodon at all and inconsistently handled in Android clients.

@gbraad @toby Sorry about that!

We'll be fixing that bug in the next release!

@pixelfed @toby I think you do the right thing, but webp is unfortunately not widespread in use.

It is mostly @Mastodon that needs too look into the behaviour.

Part of the discussion is here: pixelfed.social/p/gbraad/42991 on how we noticed.

@toby @pixelfed Not a spokesperson for either but I do both. Sometimes I post here, Sometimes there. For me, I enjoy both so I do what makes me happy.

I like to post on Pixelfed (@derDirk) and then RT myself through Mastodon. That way my photography is concentrated on one account where it stays visible and discoverable and my conversations (which may occasionally also include pictures that are less photographic or not created by me) stay in Mastodon.


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