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📣 In Case You Missed It 📣

We now have a @pixelfed instance!

Its at for anyone who's interested.

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PENTAX Q-S1 + 06

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DA*16-50mm F2.8

The first (public) Bangkok Fediverse meetup on 2020-01-13 at Seize The Day Coffee Salon, TCDC, Bangkok, Thailand:

We talked about the first rule of and how to promote the Fediverse in Thailand.

The rule is don't break the law in the way that will get the admin into jail. We will promote Fediverse by:

* posting exciting things that may be blocked or unacceptable or ignored in mainstream social networks

* opening specific instances, such as

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crazy picture lady 📸
taking photos of anything and anyone at any time

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Kwiatek w dzbanku / A flower in the jug

Follow my profile :mastodon:

In the photo I put a Fediverse signature available under the tag:

This photo is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. CC BY-SA.

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