I like this Fujifilm 16mm f2.8 review. They showed food photos, and people with food photos. I want to see this rather than show flakes and fish markets. youtube.com/watch?v=TmkCprcxDx


Place: Inthanin, Kasetsart University, Bangkok
Camera: Fujifilm X-A10
Lens: Fujinon XF 23mm f2
License: CC BY 4.0
Software: GIMP

I come to think that I don't take any video of zigzag running. 😹 Review that I watched was irrelevant. πŸ˜…

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I saw three people with cameras in Kaset Fair. All of them uses Canon.

License: CC BY 4.0
Camera: Canon EOS-M 50
Lens: Canon EF 50mm f1.8 STM

I have never bought any separated EF-M lens yet. πŸ˜› Instead, I purchased 2 EF-M adaptors.πŸ˜…

I am too short for using a 60mm lens with APS-C format camera to shoot food photos. πŸ˜“

BlackBearBrews' Cappuccino
Camera: Canon EOS M50
Lens: Canon EF 50mm f1.8 STM
Place: Kasetsart University, Bangkok
License: CC BY 4.0
Fullres: toot.veer66.rocks/media/91ff55

and Nawamin Avenue from Taxi

License: CC BY 4.0

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An early favorite shot, when there was some fortuitously timed snow. (I'd be cursing it a month later, but that's another story) They'd largely stayed inside for a couple days, understandably unimpressed with the turn of the weather, but soon were back to normal. =:)



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Nikon 1 j5 + af-p 70-300 vr, handheld, various settings, idk, why did I not bring the second tripod, Next Time I'll Do Better

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mri-ruby is very portable or at least, I know how to build it from its source tarball where I want to use.

Flickr can show their ads because of my photos. And they want me to pay them for hosting those photos. πŸ€”

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