Lol well, back on ig for now. Nice to see friends and whatnot but I hope more move over here so we can ditch ads and all manner of social media related to the bilge that is zucksuck hq.

The more openly and frequently antiblackness on the left is challenged, the better the chances that Black people can avoid being effectively ambushed by people they believed they could trust.

Lol ironically since I ditched the insta app I forgot my password, and instead of just being able to change it, I’m apparently subject to review and had to send them all this info about my account including a photo of myself with a handwritten code, my full name, and ig handle.

Seems a bit much to me, but such is life. I guess now they’re probably combing through my stuff like omg you are about people and mutual aid 🙄 what a morning.

mutual aid request, homelessness, hunger, boosts appreciated 

Hey y'all my friend and her mom are two homeless black women living in my friend's car with her cat and they're really struggling at the moment. If anyone could spare any money so they could get some food or get a hotel for a bit as it is quite cold out at the moment, it would be appreciated. @mutualaid

I need yt ppl on this platform boosting my Patreon link and subscribing. That’s literally it. I want 10 subscribers to my $50 tier to meet my housing goal. Go!

cw: rent insecurity (but w/ info for help) 

Rent assistance via Twitter/the Conscious Kid.
If you’re on Twitter you can check the below link. I know they also have the dreaded ig but I think there’s also a website. If you or any loved ones need help please let them know. ❤️❤️❤️

this is a call in, not a call out- folks who are new to fedi: moving from platforms like instagram that do not prioritize accessibility to this platform requires some serious unlearning around convenience and comfort.

it may not be as easy or comfortable to post images or posts here as it is on corporate media, but this is a space where accessibility is prioritized.

take the time to learn how to cw and caption. it’s a valuable skill and a valuable practice in mindfulness.

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My coworker decided he needed an up close and personal meeting about sharing food.

On December 19, a day before their new terms of service took effect, @instagram shut down our page without warning, explanation, or justification. Here’s our full statement—and how to continue following our efforts:

Please circulate this. Thank you.

The conjunction is literally up in the sky right outside my door. That’s pretty awesome; I’m looking at it as a hopeful end to yet another bland Monday.

Been up for an hour, and I am absolutely ready to go back to bed.

Ended up being offline almost all day. That’s an accomplishment in itself lol. Now, time for a snooze. I wonder how the boycott of the gram went. Probably just about like a normal day lol.

CW: racism/violence against Black people 

The Kansas City Star is running a series about their publication’s history of blatant racism and exclusion of the Black community. Interesting read and the series is free to access. They are also taking open feedback on how they can continue to be more inclusive.

“Have you already organized your community? Wait no more. Occupy the lands! Organize yourselves so that there are no bosses or parasites among you. If you do not do that, it is useless for us to continue forward. We have to create a new world, different from the one we are destroying. "-
Buenaventura Durruti

Hi there. I’m Sara, I’m an artist, photographer, and nap enthusiast, based in the Midwest. I’ve found my way to Mastodon partly because of the anti-Instagram boycott & also to see how this one goes. I also love animals & music.

I’ve been working on mutual aid, activism, preparedness for whatever the future brings in the so-called USA, and sharing those resources whenever possible. I believe a better world is absolutely possible, & that starts with community.

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