Isn't it cool how if you close your eyes for a minute or two and open them again, your brain has to readjust how it balances colors so everything looks blueish? Or, I think, sometimes reddish.

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Ugggg. Head feels think and wrong today. I can still write, but I can't....create? Process? I need to be told what to write, or the problem with my writing and then I can do a just fine job of writing it, though it is like walking after doing a hard run when your legs feel like lead. Totally doable but takes a weird amount of effort.

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You can force a profile or post to appear on your Fediverse instance by pasting its URL into the search box.

When you click search, it will look for that profile or post on the remote instance and display it on your instance. This makes it easy to interact with it, follow it etc.

This paste-and-search method works on most Fediverse platforms such as Mastodon etc. It is very useful if a post or profile hasn't federated to your instance yet.

#FediTips #Fediverse

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Insects & Arachnids 5: Crab - ink

"Objection, Your Honor!", Morrice interjected, ruffling through his papers with his right claw. "My client couldn't have known the location of the witness's eggs!"

#exercise #drawabox #crab

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Let me just say...
I do enjoy #privacy and #security
and believe people ought to be #mindful.

But, there's so much #anger. It borders on ridiculousness. People have gone nuts and forgotten how to #think.

Is it such a scary thing to give the vendor a [your] #name? You're transacting with them. Doing #business. If it's #coffee you're buying, they'll need to inform you that your* order is ready. Would you rather be a #number?

If you have any* credit card, rewards card or store card..... Duh!? 🙄

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Need for Speed Underground by Patrick Hinz

This game, and its soundtrack, they both bring so many memories. I played this game so many times that I can recall a stage with each song that plays. 😎🏎💨

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Weekend expectations: do chores, relax, work on hobby projects
Weekend reality: not sure what happened but none of those things

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had a dream about an mmo where you could buy tokens to advance your characters level but it consumed a server wide resource and if too many people used them that day it would shut down the server

I'm sort of terrified someone might comment an "asshole thing" under one of these because they completely ignore the important parts of what I said and want to tell me I'm wrong. That's happened to me way too many times.

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No. Do something to find out how to fail. Eventually when you fail and understand enough you can understand how to do it the right way.

That doesn't mean you can continually fail and expect to get better. That means you have to see why you failed and change how you practice to be better at succeeding.

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I should've added a section about how what was I writing about doesn't apply to the way everyone uses "practice" but I have seen it used in the way I described. I also believe what I said about excellency at the end is a better answer than practice because it paints a clear intention behind why you're practicing.

Not to "get good." Not to "spend more time at it." Not "repeat what you've already been doing more."

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I'll also start giving each post a "title" so it's easier to see what's inside each post.

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I may post the word/phrases only here. I haven't decided yet. It could take pages of writing to explain some things, which for me takes around 10-20 minutes to write. They're also kinda boring to read. I may also just write them at the bottom of the page of my actual handwriting posts.

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