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So we always go to the doggy park around sunset - there are loads of huge trees there and the sun is always twinkling through them with lovely Golden Hour light so I figured tonight I'd try for some sunbursts - you need a high F-Stop but compensated with slow shutter speed and/or high ISO, and careful positioning, and it can be tricky.

So I'm fracking stoked that I got this DOUBLE SUNBURST. AAAAH

Tummy view (the one in colour) is a wee bit shakey but not too bad. Here is the orb weaver spider I was waffling about over at , 'big camera' pics (Nikon D7000 and a Tamron f2.8 90mm macro lens).

Started processing the pictures from yesterday's impromptu roadtrip. Had my 300mm lens on for wildlife shots so I was taking shots of the road with that lens through the car window - which fortunately was clean for a change XD

This shot could have been waaaay better, but there we go, heh.

Turned into a dirt track road and this jackal buzzard was just trying to take off with a rabbit roadkill. Startled by the car, it flew up and started slowly climbing while I scrambled for my camera, which was off and not set up or anything, so I just flicked it into auto to get a shot before it flew too far away.

Nikon D7000 with a Nikkor 70 - 300mm lens, edited in Lightroom.

Ahhh, how lovely and quiet the federated timeline is this morning... 😀

Albino, normal, and melanistic Springbok together. These are in an enclosed estate where predation and culling isn't an issue. Springbok have a short breeding cycle and so produce offspring prolifically; in semi-captivity like this with large populations, the genes for albinoism and melanism express themselves more frequently.

This is a Bontebok. They used to be common in South Africa, but were killed prolifically as pests and reduced to a wild population of just 17. Thanks to one farmer who kept a herd on his land for pleasure, the population is now being rebuilt.

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