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>tellling of the day-to-day Pompeii are the hundreds of instances of vernacular street graffiti throughout the city, like an ancient version of Twitter. The graffiti consist of cheers and jeers of current leadership, claims of sexual prowess, or simply "I made bread"

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Is there a name for that awkward phase where most of the conversation in regard to a technology is about the technology itself.

Like the early days of the fediverse, where all the conversation on the platform was about the platform itself? We will soon use plan9 without talking about plan9 itself.

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if you were stuck on a desert island and you had berries and they had coconuts and your first thought was "how can i profit off of my fellow shipwreck victims in this new fruit based economy" you deserve to get wacked to death with a coconut

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Migrants aren't pushing up your rent, your landlord is.
Immigrants aren't decreasing your wages, your boss is.

blockchain (-) 

no you don't understand, by putting the list of ingredients in your craft beer in a globally distributed, append-only log we can use cryptography and the blockchain to ensure that people won't fuck each other over for a quick buck because well listen people said the same thing about the internet you just don't understand the tech

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@aral I've come to the conclusion (that you've probably reached way earlier than me) that “Technology is neutral” already is quite a lot of propaganda used to justify unethical behaviour in most cases anyway.


I mean, social media has kind of given everyone soapboxes to stand on. But it sucks that you can't personalize these sites, and you feel the rug shifted out under you as they A/B test and optimize UX for ad views over everything else.

ActivityPub is cool, but from what I've seen it's like Twitter but with RSS (subscribing to users on other applications).

Maybe enabling ultimate creativity on the web isn't possible without requiring people to know how to code.

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I wish it was easier for people to make their own websites, for free and without being subject to some sketchy startup that will have an 'amazing journey' and get acquired and shut down in a year.

HTML, NAT, and network security is kinda complicated though. But imagine the creativity we'd see online if these tools had fewer barriers.

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Remember that crime is legal for rich people (this applies to your country as well)

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I started the walk at 0700 when it was cooler, but was already at 19°C. However, there was a stiff breeze, so I started the walk wearing a lightweight fleece.

Starting a walk early has the advantage that I miss the majority of tourists. Lockdown has only recently relaxed, and yet the number of visitors has already got back the levels of previous years.

The glen has been a popular destination ever since Charles Darwin, a keen geologist, visited in 1838.

#Highlands #Scotland #photo #photography

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Once when I was regularly using facebook back in the day I purposely searched for a ton of kitten calendars and kitten mugs a bunch so ads just became pictures of kittens.

I wish there was an app for this.

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Technology doesn’t solve anything. It’s a mechanism for leverage.

When we grant that power freely, without thought to the way that leverage will be applied by we abdicate our responsibility as technologists.

Sometimes this is done due to coercion (We gotta eat!) but sometimes it is done for ego (People won’t adopt my project if it’s not MIT!)

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Paradise Apple.

This is part of a series of paintings about flowers, plants and weeds I see around the city I’m enamoured with. Ko-Fi folks have gotten to see more flowers, and the full version is available over at my print shop and on Ko-Fi!

Ko-Fi: ko-fi.com/mjacek/gallery
Prints: inprnt.com/gallery/mandyjacek/
#art #mastoart #creativetoots

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brain me: "I'm so tired I want 2B in the bed"
body me: "me too"
brain me: "cool get moving then"
body me: "nah too tired gonna sit at computer instead
brain me: "that's terrible oh wait ooh internet"

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Tweet de @Emily_Lykos

Counter-graffiti at the @Anpinazionale of Genova, Italy

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Yesterday I hiked the local Mt. Soranuma.
It got dark on the way down the mountain and I walked with headlamps on. The forest was a bit scary at night.

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