@youcantoo A nice shot.. But now I'm trying to decide if I'm disturbed by the left middle spoon or that the just not perfection gives it something extra as perfection is also boring..;)


Yeah, I should perhaps re-shoot it. That left center spoon does make it a bit odd looking. I guess it is back to the light box I go to give it another try. I wonder what it would look like using forks instead of spoons. Hey it is something to take a 📷 of on a rainy day 🤔

@youcantoo And see what you can do with knifes too, makes for a nice series for in the kitchen or dining room..;)
I've done a series of spoons with marbles in the past which also gives a nice contrast. Like this one:


Well here is a re-shoot and I did try the forks and it SUCKED big time - I will have to work on them some more


Well they are more regular now. but.. nitpicking and such, i think odd numbers work better in this setup. and the spacing between the lowest spoon is bit bigger than the other spacings.
All IMHO off course...


I think you are right about the odd number actually being better. Doing the re-shoots gives me something to do on a rainy day 👍

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