Spoon and Slumped Glass Marbles

Canon T3i - Yongnuo 50mm Prime - ISO 200

Nice shot, but the marbles still feel a bit dull.
Just an idea, but as you wrote you use a light tent, would it be possible to get light also from under the tent? As a way to brighten up the marbles?


I will have to get a piece of white plexiglass and raise it up so I can get some light underneath and see if that would help. We will see how that goes.

@youcantoo You don't "have to"..;-) I'm just sprouting idea's.
Actually I think the lightbox is part if the problem. It's purpose is to get a nice even light, but that also means no highlights and that's just what I see here, beautiful even light..

@youcantoo Anyhow, to get light from below a piece of not too thick hardboard, 4 tins of backed beans and a led flashlight or smt alike would do too.. ;-) or the glass out of an old frame. As long as it's strong enough to make a tableau with the tins on which you can construct the whole thing. I personally love the whole DIY thing of trying to sort out how to do these things. 😊


I will have to look around and see what I can dig up

@youcantoo succes.. I have one more idea, but that involves photoshop/gimp or something alike.. I might give it a try this weekend too..;)

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