I just couldn't pass this up.
--- Thrift Store Score ---

Canon EOS IX APS with Sigma 28-80 lens, film, charger and batteries and camera bag for just $5.95 from the local thrift store. After charging the batteries - it works

ยท ยท 1 ยท 2 ยท 6


Yes I know - it came with some film so I am going to shoot it and see how it works. ;) and hopefully have some fun while doing it. I can get the film developed not far from where I live and have prints or scans made of it for 17 bucks a roll. What do I really have to loose - some of my time and maybe $25 bucks in development cost and the camera. If nothing else I can sell it on Ebay and re-coop my money for it. I see it as a win win

@youcantoo $6 is definitely a great price. I wonder if you can get an adapter for that lens and use it on another camera.


The lens is a Canon EF mount - so it should be able to work on most any Canon camera that uses the EF mount. I did try using my Canon 70-300mm ef lens on it and it appeared to work fine on the IX body

@youcantoo Oh. Versatile. I'm sure the lens is worth more than the $6.


Oh yeah I am sure of that. If nothing else the lens and the camera bag are worth more. Right now the lens looks like it is going for between 35 and 50 bucks on ebay on average.

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