From a Rebel XS
I just acquired for a whopping $24.00 from Goodwill. (body only)

Canon Rebel XS - Sigma 50-200mm Lens - ISO 400 - f5.6 - Exposure 1/200 sec.

Nice! I have a Rebel XS but I haven't used it in years. I only have the standard lens.


I never had a XS but did have the XSI before getting my T3i and finally my SL2/200D. The older dlsr's can still get great images. I will eventually pair the XS with a short range zoom lens and pass it along to someone just getting into DSLR's. For $24 bucks, I just couldn't pass it by.

Your post made me get my #RebelXS out of the closet before going to bed last night. Today I recharged its two batteries. Played a little with it during my breaks. I've never been any good with #photography, but heck. Why not. 😄

Boy, it's big! I've only used my smartphone to take pictures for a while.

I checked the SD card, last picture I took was in 2015. I have the EFS 18-55 lens. I always wanted to buy a zoom lens but never pulled the trigger.


Glad to hear it has moved you to get yours out and dusted off. The 18-55mm is a good kit lens, but it is always nice to have a good long reaching zoom lens.

If you decide to continue and later get a zoom lens, may I suggest using or
both have a good selection of used gear at good prices and good warranties., I have purchased a lot of my gear for both companies, and would recommend then to anyone looking for good used gear.

Thanks for the links!!! I was wondering where I could buy used. I think I would start with a cheap zoom lens in the 50-200 mm range.


A Canon EF-S 55-250mm lens would be a good general lens for the XS. You should be able to find them for about $100.00 in good to excellent condition used. It was made for a EF-S mount so it is fairly small and light weight. It has Image Stabilization. Personally I believe it captures clearer images then the Sigma 50-200mm lens does. Just my 2 cents

I saw an EF-S 55-250 lens on one of the two sites you linked last night but I can't find it anymore. 😢


It looks like they have sold it. It appears that both of the websites are out of lenses for the EF/EF-S in the 50-200mm range. It is a pretty popular range for zoom lenses. Given some time and I am sure they will have more in stock.

Meanwhile I found a few on eBay, not sure I will buy from there though.
They're already back in stock at KEH! One older "II" gen and one "STM". Unfortunately, shipping to Canada is murder, $57. Combine this with the unfavourable currency rate from USD→CAD (±1.37x) and who knows what customs fees I could get slapped with... :-! I looked at eBay listings, shipping is a little cheaper, still. As it happens, there's currently a rebate on the STM lens, it's discounted at $229 CAD (± $167 USD) until July 2nd in Canadian stores, so I think I'll pull the trigger on a new one. I checked with a local store that it is compatible with an old Rebel XS. And if I ever decide to upgrade to a newer body, if I understand correctly the newer STM system would be quieter for video recording.
I placed my order 😁

Now the wait begins. Unfortunately it's out of stock in local stores, they're awaiting shipment by the end of the month. Oh well, I wouldn't probably get one sooner if I bought from the US or overseas.


I would go crazy if I had to wait to the end of the coming month to get my lens. Heck I find it hard to wait for a regular shipment in 5 days or less. Glad that you were able to find one. The cost of shipping is a killer for sure and then combine it with customs and the nonsense it is just crazy. The government always wants their share for sure. Am looking forward to seeing some of the images you get with your new lens...

Prior to getting a DSLR, I had a Canon PowerShot S1 IS with a 10x optical zoom. That compact camera was no DSLR but its zoom was quite fun. Here's an example of what I used it for (yep, kind of love #cats 😆 )

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