From a Rebel XS
I just acquired for a whopping $24.00 from Goodwill. (body only)

Canon Rebel XS - Sigma 50-200mm Lens - ISO 400 - f5.6 - Exposure 1/200 sec.

Nice! I have a Rebel XS but I haven't used it in years. I only have the standard lens.


I never had a XS but did have the XSI before getting my T3i and finally my SL2/200D. The older dlsr's can still get great images. I will eventually pair the XS with a short range zoom lens and pass it along to someone just getting into DSLR's. For $24 bucks, I just couldn't pass it by.

Your post made me get my #RebelXS out of the closet before going to bed last night. Today I recharged its two batteries. Played a little with it during my breaks. I've never been any good with #photography, but heck. Why not. 😄

Boy, it's big! I've only used my smartphone to take pictures for a while.

I checked the SD card, last picture I took was in 2015. I have the EFS 18-55 lens. I always wanted to buy a zoom lens but never pulled the trigger.


Man 2015 is like forever ago. 😀 My cell phone sucks with photos- matter in fact it just sucks all-together. Just remember the more you play with that DSLR, the better you will eventually become. Good luck with using your DSLR and hope to see some of the photographs you manage to take with it.

One of my photos from way back in 2015. A shadow rider

My first smartphone in 2015 (Moto E 2nd gen) took crappy photos. My second one (Moto G5 Plus) was pretty good actually. For the past 10 months I've been using an older 2014 phone (OnePlus One) so I could install UbuntuTouch on it (trying to get free of Google/Android). It's supposed to have a good photo sensor, but it's a big step down from the G5. So I was already thinking about my unused Rebel XS. Still, going back to lugging the thing around (mostly on my #bicycle rides) gives me pause.
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