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Kristian / z428

After #Microsoft bought #Github we felt unhappy with that service and decided to move to an open source code platform driven by the community and hosted for free by some nice nerds.We hope that you'll understand and accept our decision and will continue contributing to our project even if you have to register on yet another code hosting site.Bigger blog post about that to come.Our new repository at #NotABug

The very first with the Rolleiflex 3,5 MX I got from a good friend. It was his dad's camera and must have been in the attic for decades. It's shot on a Delta 100 developed in C-L. I'm always amazed, how perfect these old analogue cameras still work...

Digging through memories. Sassnitz / Rügen, February 2006 (Praktica DTL-3). Film processed in 2016 or 2017, being expired for about eight years, having been in the camera for ten years. No further processing.

Kristian, born 1977, Dresden/Germany. Techie and long-term photo enthusiast, those days mostly using the camera I've got with me all the time (= smartphone). Hi all. ;)