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General Information

  • photog.social is a separate and independent instance and is not affiliated with the Mastodon organization.
  • Announcements can be found on the blog here (link). You can also follow @ambassador@blog.photog.social on Mastodon.

Admin/Mod Team


The photog.social instance is run by the admin team using their own funds.

If you're feeling like supporting the photog.social Mastodon instance monentarily, feel free to choose an option below.

We appreciate it and ๐Ÿ’– the support!


Artodon is an open source gallery viewer for Mastodon instances. We were able to tweak the code (our sources [link]) to support multiple tags and have two galleries deployed showcasing our users work.

If you're interested in #photo, #photography or #photographie we have a gallery at gallery.photog.social showcasing our users photos.

If you're interested in not being alone in your #fotofails or #photofails we have a gallery of our users fails at fotofails.photog.social.

Other User Interfaces (UIs)

We have a couple alternate UIs deployed for photog.social users. One is very similar to Twitter and one has an almost Instagram feel to it.

  • Twitter Like: We have Halcyon deployed at itter.photog.social. It's a Twitter clone for Mastodon. You just need to enter your FULL username (@user@photog.social) into the login prompt and you'll be off and tooting in no time.
  • Instagram esque: We have Pinafore deployed at pinafore.photog.social. It's very similar to Instagram and includes text posts in a single column. It's also has much larger image previous than the standard Mastodon interface.

Approved Bots

  • @Announce: Announcements and other important info. Cross toots blog posts mainly.
  • @dPS_Challenge: Bot that cross posts Digital Photography School (dPS) weekly challenges.