This shot looks OK at small sizes, but at larger sizes it just looks wrong to me. I was going for a view with the daffodils in focus and the coral tree behind them blurry, but unfortunately it's not blurry enough to look intentional.

I took a shot with my film camera too, but I haven't finished the roll yet, so I won't know for a while whether that one came out better.

@kelsonv I think the problem is that the daffodils and the tree canopy occupy roughly the same amount of space and are on opposite sides of the image. Your eye doesn't know what the subject is supposed to be.

You're right that blurring the canopy would probably solve that. You should post the film image once you have it.

@Photorat Yeah, I think you're right. I wonder if I'd gone for a lower angle, whether I would have been able to get a better balance or if would have just been the leaves!

@kelsonv It's always worth trying a lower angle. People aren't used to seeing things from that angle, so framing down low often gives fresh perspective.

Another thing you can try is to get in close to just one or a few daffodils. Make that the dominant subject. Position yourself so the red of the tree is blurred out right behind it.

The moral is to always look from multiple perspectives before pressing the shutter release.


@Photorat True! Now I wish I could get back there sooner to try some different approaches, but unfortunately I probably won't have a chance for at least two weeks.

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