I took this with my phone to use as a reference for a photo I took with another camera. I wasn't intending to do anything with it, but I find it *fascinating* that the phone's digital zoom function makes it look like it's made up of brushstrokes instead of pixels.

(Though personally, I've never understood why digital zoom is implemented as a resize instead of just cropping to a lower resolution.)

@kelsonv A carry over from when digital sensors had tiny resolutions so cropping would be ridiculous.

Doesn't explain why they don't do that now, except I guess, people still want the full size image (even if most of them never do anything with that size).


@david I suppose, but even back then, I'd rather have a clear 640x480 image than a blurry 1280x960. The only reason I even enabled digital zoom on a compact camera was because it made a difference to the auto-focus, exposure, etc. choices the camera would make (vs taking a wider image and manually cropping it on my computer).

@david Oh wait...it's a marketing thing, isn't it? Enough people in the target audience *would* be disappointed in not getting that full 1280x960 even if the 640x480 is clearer, because they're not getting the megapixels they were promised. 🤦‍♂️

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