Marloes Sands

Lisabet and I arrived at Marloes Sands as the tide was heading out, so more rock formations were being revealed alongside some perfectly smoothed out sand.

The way to St. David’s Cathedral

The steps down to St. David’s Cathedral, surrounded by autumn foliage. Just to the left of the Cathedral are the 700-year old ruins of Bishop’s Palace.

St. Govan’s Chapel

To achieve this composition I shot four vertical compositions side-by-side, each one consisting of seven exposures. This resulted in a panorama built from 28 exposures.

Tenby South Beach

The cliffs below the colourful houses of Tenby harbour a surprising amount of caves that I didn’t expect, and no doubt would’ve been handy hiding places for smugglers of old.

St. David’s Cathedral

Soft light filtered through the windows and stained glass gave the majestic nave a mystical ambiance that I fell in love with.

The Elegug Sea Stacks

The Elegug stacks, not too far from the Green Bridge of Wales. They rise 50ft+ high from the sea and usually covered in birds, especially in the spring

St. David’s Cathedral

The autumn foliage around St. David’s Cathedral was really starting to shine, which contrasted wonderfully against the moody overcast sky.

NEW WORK: the Pembrokeshire Coast, Autumn 2018

This is the Green Bridge of Wales, a natural arch rock formation at the southernmost part of the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park. More work to come…

Last image from my Brecon Beacons: Autumn 2018 set

Next body of work will be, as soon as I can, the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park…

Sgwd y Bedol

The first of the Nedd Fechan falls: Sgwd y Bedol, the “horseshoe falls”. They are, in fact, a quick succession of cascades that navigate the bend of the Nedd Fechan.

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