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Hello. 👋 Do you like my work?

If so, thank you! If you’ve commented on my art, left a “Like”, or even just spent the time browsing through my photos, I never ever take it for granted.

If you’ve ever appreciated my photography, and freedom of access and use I provide (all my work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License), you can now support me in a variety of ways 👍

Just a quick single snap from me today, driving past Ullswater on our way home. 👍

Hope everyone is well? Been a tough week for me, culminating in a friend’s funeral yesterday.

Tell your friends you love them.

Just a week to go until our fortnight away in South Wales. Can’t wait.

Did you know that this year, 2022, marks 1,900 years since the construction of Hadrian’s Wall? ❓

We decided to explore a section of the wall at Walltown Country Park in Northumberland, where there was also a unique art installation for all to enjoy.

LOADS more photos from this day are available for your eyeballs right here -> 👍

New work! Welcome to Lawson Park.

Once set up the Furness Abbey monks in the 14th century, the house and land is now managed by Grizedale Arts, who have refurbished the farmhouse and turned the surrounding land into lush, sustainable, and wildlife-laden gardens. 🏡

LOADS more photos from this day here -> 👍

Ready for something completely different from what I normally do? 😅

Welcome to the Grasmere Sports & Show, a traditional Lake District event since 1868.

There’s SO MANY MORE photos from this day, just go here

Take your time, too. 👍

A mix of the old and new.

Over the weekend, Lisabet and I enjoyed a walk from Morecambe to Heysham, in particular to see the “Ship” sculpture.

It was a beautiful day, full of history and art.

Loads more photos from this day are available for you right here 👍

New work! Sort of…

After the year we’ve had, I think Lisabet and I are due a well-earned break.

We’re going to South Wales end of September!

Until then, here’s some work from my last trip to South Wales, back in 2018, now reworked with my current photographic tastes. 👍

Plenty more images here

The Yorkshire Dales is home to some of the UK’s most extensive cave systems.

Every now and then a massive chasm opens up to reveal an entry into these caves.

This is one of the biggest: Hull Pot.

LOADS more photos from this hike are available for your lovely eyeballs, here 👍

It was nice, and dry, enough this weekend just gone that I ventured for a solo hike up a local fell: Cunswick Scar.

Proper lovely summer’s day. ☀️

Lots more photos from this day, if you’re bored and got nowt to do -> 👍


We finally got a dry evening, so we head towards Sedbergh for a nice hike through Sedbergh’s meadows underneath the Howgills.

A brief bit of lovely evening light. Still work getting out.

More photos are available for your eyeballs here -> 👍

Hallo! 👋

Nowt blogworthy from me today. After Monday/Tuesday’s record-breaking heatwave, the rest of the week has been VERY wet. 🌦

Britain gets more tropical every year. 🌴

Here’s some snaps I managed to get on a dry period this morning. Hope you like ‘em. 🙂


We’re on the cusp of a record-breaking heatwave here in the UK. 🥵

Before it arrived, we woke up at 4am for a sunrise/early morning hike up to Walla Crag and its magnificent views.

Plenty more photos from this walk are available for your eyeballs here -> 👍

All my work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

If you want, you can directly support me and my work here 👍

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Did you know that I manage my blog, life admin, catalog and edit my photos ALL on an iPad?

I’ve been waiting for something like Capture One for iPad for so long. I’m glad to finally get an iPad-based RAW developer that can outperform Adobe’s apparent dominance.

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Hallo! 👋

No blog, just some fresh photos from a recent wander.

In fact, I took it as an opportunity to do some testing. Capture One for iPad has finally been released and I used it to develop these images.

I am ASTOUNDED at the image fidelity Capture One can get from my Fujifilm RAW files. They’ve successfully transitioned their desktop-class image processing pipeline to the iPad with a beautiful intuitive UI.

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