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The link below heads to a really good break down of Mastodon, the UI and more. It's a really good starting point for some of the non-obvious aspects of Mastodon.

It was put together by @noelle and we thank them very much for keeping it up to date for all this time.

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We've just released #Halcyon 2.4.8 with the following changes:
- Add support for #Mastodon announcements
- Add support for bookmarking posts
- Add a timeline to view bookmarked posts
- Add support for creating emoji reactions ( #Pleroma only)
- Add notifications for emoji reactions (Pleroma-only)
Please make sure to apply the changes in the Nginx/lighttpd/Caddy config.You can download it from

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Hope everyone is doing ok. I have my moments myself.

Here's a picture from early morning last Saturday.

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The Gurgaon night-sky these days is quite a remarkable change from what it has been all these years. One can see stars on a cloudless night and see quite a few of them to even attempt a star trail!! Just wish that such lovely views of nature came in less depressing times!!

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Hi all. Today out walking in Hanoi. Weather here was cool and cloudy. This is around Lenin Park and the government buildings close to the Mausoleum. Taken with my FujiFilm xt30 and f2 35mm prime lens. Yep! I am liking my camera again

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Today's is a Peaceful Dove. One of the smaller varieties in Australia (about half the size of a normal city pigeon).

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Looking outside from St Michael's church, Ewyas Harold, in the Golden Valley of Herefordshire.

When I made my visit, the river was up higher than normal, but luckily (as far as I am aware) no-one was affected. During the time when the photo was taken, many parts of the UK (mostly England) were struggling with rising river levels.

Off in the left hand side of the image, a Post Office is seen, not much was really in there, but there were a few bits and bobs.

Dated: 2020-02-13

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Photo of the Day 2020-03-29.
SL-ABH, Douglas DC9-32, Adria Airways, about to turn on to Runway 24 at Manchester Airport, some time between December 1991 and March 1993.

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A common Eurasian Tree Sparrow (Passer montanus) spotted at Sin Ming Drive, Singapore, on 28 March 2020.

Getting shots of it can be a bit of a challenge since they tend to fly away when you approach and you have to be close to get proper shots of this small bird. This particular bird didn't seem to mind me getting to within 2-3 metres of it.

On iNaturalist [ ].

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Photo of the Day 2020-03-25.
G-PRPH, De3 Haviland Canada DHC8-402Q, Flybe, starting its take-off run on Runway 23L at Manchester Airport, 24th November 2017.

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A female Blue Pansy (Junonia orithya) spotted at Coney Island, Singapore, on 23 March 2020.

The common name comes from the male of the species, which has blue wings. The female is usually brown in colour. This is an example of sexual dimorphism (difference between the sexes).

On iNaturalist [ ]

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After the Rain

Canon SL2/200D - Vintage Tamron SP80mm CF Lens - ISO 400 - f 4 - Exposure 1/250 Sec.

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