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The link below heads to a really good break down of Mastodon, the UI and more. It's a really good starting point for some of the non-obvious aspects of Mastodon.

It was put together by @noelle and we thank them very much for keeping it up to date for all this time.

Let's All Welcome @toxicashcloud to the community 

Welcome @toxicashcloud!

Welcome to, a growing community of photographers. If you're into photography you've found the right instance. Our benevolent @ambassador is on a mission to create a great space for photographers.

Photographers also use and heavily to surface content across the federverse.

There is also a great intro guide at explaining Mastodon's quirks.

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Happy Boxing Day, everyone!

These are my last lot of photos from my October trek around Skye, which saddens me.

First, some photos from the Sleat peninsula, where we got rained on. A LOT.

Loads more photos here if you're bored 👍

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I felt like being in a magical wood, with the sun filtering through the branches. The only inhabitant is this man, invisible and fragile to the most, but to me expressing the uttermost dignity.

Fine art print
Fomabrom variant 112 matt
Developed in Neutol NE
🎞️ Kodak TMax 400

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An observation from August 2020. A Yellow Peach Moth (Conogethes punctiferalis) spotted at Kranji Marshes, Singapore.

The larvae of these moths live in fruits and are considered pests.

On iNaturlalist [ ].


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Time for this photographer to hit the hay. Christmas Eve is almost over, so Merry Christmas from Down Under.

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My coworker decided he needed an up close and personal meeting about sharing food.

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An observation from June 2020. Grammodes geometrica, a moth spotted while walking at Coney Island, Singapore. One of those lucky sightings: if I had looked elsewhere while walking past that spot, I would have missed it.

On iNaturalist [ ].


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I always like it when you can actually see the green in the post-sunset sky.

Jupiter and Saturn (the night before the conjunction) are barely visible in the upper left.

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I see the skyline differently now than I used to. From roofs I look out across other sites, all of them with people working to build things that will never benefit them outside of the paycheck they'll receive. In many ways it feels like those paychecks are the only reason we keep developing. We don't need any more of these buildings... many of them will be flooded in a few short decades. But we need to work.

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Spent way too much time over the weekend staring at the exhaust from the neighbour's chimney playing with the ridge of mount calisio.

The weather forecast says I'll probably spend even more of it in the coming days

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