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[EN] From my archives, a postcard from Byblos (Jbeil in arabic), known to be the more ancient port in the world.

[FR] Dans mes archives, une carte postale de Byblos (Jbeil en arabe), connu comme étant le plus vieux port au monde.

جبيل ‎#

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Hello,! I'm a designer, VFX artist and programmer based out of LAX and NYC. Commercial work by day, generative art and music by night :)

Really digging the community on this platform, and very glad to be here 😎

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Let's All Welcome @craigtozzi to the community Show more

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I may be quiet but I regularly read the Local Timeline and check my e-mail.

I'm here for you guys if anything pops up.

Don't hesitate to report bad users/instances.

Don't hesitate to ask questions.

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Got some film scans back on Friday but haven’t gotten around to posting them until now. Pentax PZ-10 camera with Kodak Color Plus 200 iso film

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@Beanux 👆

Thought you might be interested in a few of these

Just added a number of custom emoji's for your enjoyment :)





@bea Any chance you can respond to this toot with the trans heart emoji? I'd like to copy it to this instance

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I guess .social is having issues?

Oh well - to the alt account! Here, have a cormorant wing. ^.^

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I think this is the first photo I want to try to submit to galleries. I'm nervous it's not good enough though ;w;

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