should have been "not quite..." but fixing it can't be done without deleting and reposting.. oh well..;)

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My first post on Mastedon (2 Jan 19) where I asked myself if this community would fit me.

Guess that now, some two years later, I can conclude that it does fit nicely.

Thanks to all the other nice ppl here!

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Lonely trees
Seen while walking on the "sallandse heuvelrug", a national park in the Netherlands.

The presentation with the white border I shamelessly copied from @matthieu as I liked it a lot.

Poppy 2021,
For me, this one is different due to the colour. It's like a sunbeam did hit the centre of the flower.


Testing a new lens, the Sony FE 50mm/2.8 macro. Regretfully it was getting somewhat dark already so almost all images were moved but this one!

Don't you have a 50mm lens? Why do you want a macro version? He asked... As an answer, I did send back this image. Quickly made, handheld and actually with not nearly enough light. But oh well... Quickly processed with Darktable, it came out quite nice although it's not very original. ;)

Yesteryear's beauty

Trying out a Minolta AF 50/macro lens. I like the results for now but will try some more joyful images later on..;)

Out of my window 27/03/2021

Taken with an M42 Asahi Pentax 50mm F/1.8 on a full-frame sensor.

Out of my window 16/03/2021

Taken with a M42 Asahi Pentax 50mm F/1.8 on a full frame sensor.

Out of my window

After the storm, the sky broke open.

Taken with a M42 Asahi Pentax 50mm F/1.8 on a full frame sensor.

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