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@Jondor @Mopsi @itdm5j21 - an exercise for digital shooters:

Replace your 64GB SD card with a older 4 - 16MB card and shoot as if you were using film with limited exposures...

With all the talking I almost forget to share an image too on occasion. Here I liked the contrast of the single white tree against the dark background..

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I developed my first roll of film in upwards of 10 years. Tomorrow I'm going to try my my hand in printing.

For now you can have a look at digital photos of the negatives

#film #photography #mastoart

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Again, I'm sensing we have in common similar thoughts on social-media(personal websites inclusive). What is that expression.... It's a popularity contest! And not talking here about the photos either.
'' accepted, naturally. 📷👍😎

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These balustrades make for such interesting shadows. Direct sun shadows angling down, and reflected sun, from the river, angling up.

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Today on the workbench, I 3d printed a lens board for my baby/mini speed graphic. Using a flange from a 645 to Nikon adaptor I had laying around, I can now mount my old 150mm mamiya 645 lens. I still need to take some shots with it but so far so good.

In the days of yore we made photograms by putting stuff on photographic paper in the darkroom, expose it to light and develop it.
Nowadays we don't need those chemicals anymore as you can do exactly the same using a filmscanner... Light shines from above through the object and the result is alike.

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@Matt @filmhotdog
Just to show off my pinhole contraption and some of the results made with it on a Minolta dynax 7D. For a-mount only! For the right price it can be yours.. ! ;-D

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ayes, the last photo under which I see is from 8 hours ago. Before that time things seemed to work for showing images from other instances.

The vpn version also shows photos from other instances which I also don't see on my column. So it's not only the images from my own instance (photog) which I don't see.

it the last photo with bird was on my home column, the local timeline and in the federated timeline. After the reload they are all gone as if this was just some local javascript thing.

Searching in the or tags they don't show up either.

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