Another entry in the competition in which I'm not allowed to participate.. ;)
The subject here was "light"

Red fruits

My wife and daughter do a little weekly competition who makes the nicest photo with their phone. The last subject was "Red". I'm not allowed to participate, but they can't stop me from giving it a go anyhow ;-) So this is my go at the subject!

Ok, one last one... ;) There were some thin clouds though, which can be seen somewhat.

And now for something completely different..
Just checking noise at ISO 4000, I came up with this odd couple which, as an image I liked and no noise to be seen!

The moon was a little bigger today and after the first shot I remembered I had a 2x teleconverter laying around. So thisone is with a 600mm. And tomorrow the nice weather is over.. so back to the usual subjects..;)

Inspired by @youcantoo I can too! ;-) The moon was just in front of my window so I gave it a shot with an old 300mm bearcan, an a mount to e-mount converter and my A7III.

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