HQ trip photo dump #2: landscapes and such. The flight path going north over the Central Valley is filled with fascinating infrastructural objects: the 5, the aqueduct, power stations, etc. Also these wild borders between desert and green, fertile land.

oh, and cherry mx blue switches, of course. gotta have that click.

took some doing, but i'm typing this on my new mostly wireless atreus62. @adafruit@twitter.com feather, @ProfetKeyboards@twitter.com pcb and case, and one 30ga bodge wire to get me the extra pin. Need to add a battery and switch, and it'll be completely wireless.

If you’re working with the @adafruit@twitter.com M0 blue fruit, and need one more GPIO, pin 22 on the SAMD is unused. Bodge on 30ga or smaller wire, modify the board file to add one GPIO (it’s already in the variant.cpp, just need to increment PINS_COUNT and NUM_DIGITAL_PINS in variant.h).

While @TheOnlinePhotog@twitter.com is recovering from eye surgery, he’s re-running a really great series on iconic photographs. This one I thought was especially timely: theonlinephotographer.typepad.

90% of the way done. Need steel for the clamshell bit, and to put the zipper pulls in. Thinking about a blog post, “Generalizing the EDC2,” about how I designed this one (and the several other bags I’ve made in this vein).

I can’t be the only person that thinks “This one goes to 11” whenever a post gets exactly 11 likes, right?

In case anyone was wondering how the new Leica is working out.

Easy adjust camera strap. Wish I had some kind of swivels, but it’ll do for now.

This last paragraph is perhaps the perfect ending to a failed quest. (Bonus: that map!) @robinsloan@twitter.com

Found some white velcro to go with the liner of this new bag. This one is for me, but I’m taking commissions starting mid-July.

Looking at the  monitor stand, I can see why it costs eleventy-hundred dollars. What I don’t understand is why they didn’t do something way cooler for cheaper. Extruded triangular trusses or something.

Sometimes, the body just says “Enough already.” (My ankle, in this case).

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