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Nice trip up to Marin and walk in the woods with

"Since everyone is disposable, the system holds the threat of forcibly delinking anyone at any time, in a context where alternatives are foreclosed in advance, so that forcible delinking entails desocialisation – leading to an absurd non-choice between desocialised inclusion and desocialised exclusion."

From 2014 but still a banger:

Home Depot is out of anything resembling a filter mask or an hvac filter. I saw a guy examining vacuum cleaner bags, too.

So, this bag. It totally works. Room for a 13” laptop, small camera system, travel gear, etc. It’s one of the most complicated sewing projects I’ve done. Totally worth it. Blog post soon (probably on talking about all the fun details. .

Half of the triglides I need to make. The commercial ones always seem to break.

Action shot. Figured out some stuff that it needs and also some things I need to fix, but overall I really like it.

tired: using a box cutter to open a box
wired: using keys to open a box
inspired: grabbing the closest bare pcb to open a box

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