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When I leave the house I pretty much always have a knife on my person. Lots of other people I know do too.

We’re senior managers, chefs, software developers, and designers. We’re VPs, directors, baristas, and artists.

We are not a threat to society. A knife is a tool. Having a knife in the car is not a reason to be shot by police.

Fuck the police saying it is. They’re making excuses for murder.

Can anyone explain to me why newspapers are stuck on this e-edition thing? both the @latimes and @EastBayTimes send me daily borderline unreadable emails, with no links to stories. I have to open the stupid e-edition, which is a slow PDF in a shitty proprietary reader.

Thanks @Smogranch for the kick in the ass (via his youtube vids) to actually get to printing. I've got a similar edit going from the NYC stuff last fall, but found myself looking at these and wanted to do something with them.

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Anyway, the count is at 240 photos from the rough edit. Process from here is to cut out the obvious chaff (doubles, things that don't shine) and make work prints. Sequence and cut more. Get to anywhere from 30-100 images (60 is a sweet spot) and do layout. Print on Blurb.

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2) The tech for post-processing the raw files is a _lot_ better. A lens that I hated and got rid of basically as soon as I got back in the spring can actually look ok with a little slider twiddling.

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1) I used to shoot a lot more, but I also had a way higher percentage of 'technical misses'. Blown exposure, bad focus. I do that less now, but I think I should probably shoot more. Some of the best photos are well past the point where a reasonable person would have stopped

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Working on maybe a photo book about fall of 2006, the semester I was in Brazil. Small edition, maybe just one for me. Two things stuck out, editing all those photos:

Isn't this just a delightful little web page? (also the story is great and worth having/unlocking for everyone!)

I shouldn't buy a G4 cube to stick a hot-rodded hackintosh build into, right? That would be absurd. Right?

Sitting here on the back porch, having a beer, and I figured out how to attach all the 80/20 aluminum extrusions together for my frame fixture with materials on hand. Fuck yeah. Need the lathe to do some of the hardware, but this is a big roadblock cleared.

ended up just cutting the notches, will stream actual welding tomorrow. Setup seems ok, but I'm making stupid mistakes.

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live over at, going to do a little fitting and welding if if doesn't get too late

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