went to yosemite with @Sophista_h@twitter.com @schofield@twitter.com and @Fungal_Love@twitter.com last weekend: matt.pictures/2019/09/13/yosem

Just like email bankruptcy, if you were expecting photos from me of a thing, feel free to send me a note via any means of communication you feel appropriate. (Note that I don't have paying clients and if I did they'd already have their pictures)

You heard it here first: I'm declaring photo-bankruptcy, and starting over with whatever is in my cameras right now. The backlog is too much.

Tried to write down some feelings about Robert Frank and came out with a disconnected mess. We lost a titan today. tinyletter.com/photomattmills/

I don't know anybody in NYC that happens to need house-sitting or have a spare room the 11th-18th of October, do I?

Daytime/Nightime. Good Birthday. Beers with good people, got to walk around a little, road tripped to the sierras. Can’t complain.

I hope that someday I can take as much joy in simple skills as Jacques Pepin does in this video (with infinite patience for his interviewer): youtube.com/watch?v=JMA2SqaDgG

Spent the last several weeks working on just my laptop, and lemme tell you coming back to a 30" 4k is really nice. Makes me wish, just a little, that I had two of them...

New lens who dis? Voightlander 35mm f/1.4, cropped vertical, wide open.

The outline covered the first little bit about gear, and had a sentence at the end suggesting I say something about bags; the last 6 paragraphs just kind of ambushed me

Sat down to write a small newsletter update (with an outline!) and now I’m edging over 1000 words with another 300 still in my head. Is this what being a writer is like?

Did several pieces of adulting I've been putting off (that involved talking on the phone, my least favorite thing). May reward myself with pizza.

Just finished @MaryRobinette@twitter.com’s The Calculating Stars. Inhaled it in one sitting. You don’t need me to tell you it’s good since it just won a Hugo, but damn it’s good.

Have I threatened to do this before? runyourown.social/ once I have symmetrical gigabit fiber I’ll have no excuse not to stick a raspberry pi next to the router and do the thing.

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