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the future regrets to inform you that distribution will become increasingly uneven, and may withdraw from some regions (with apologies to

Relatedly, “cascade failure” is both a thing that can keep me up at night, and a good name for a metal band.

day 22 of the quarintine. living room has a permanent night club ambience. time has lost its meaning. i am ever closer to killing god

The moon, as clear as I’ve ever seen it, from my back porch. Bonus: Venus, also bright and high in the sky, with one of the bright starts of the Pleiades in the background. 4” reflector, 10mm eyepiece.

some good info on chloroquine here: (don't miss the last paragraph, addressing our current situation)

My week as a senior engineer: I wrote four lines of untested code. It would have been less, but I ran out of time.

Trader Joe’s, Emeryville CA. What’s out is out, but there’s still plenty of food.

brought up one of the good keyboards to do work on the blog, have done none so far. at least I can type loudly and annoy

(This cut is fine, just irritated from all the hand washing and inconvenient placement)

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(CW: cut, marginally gross bodies) Pro tip: if you have a cut you’re worried about infection, getting red around the margins, draw a circle around it with sharpie. You can tell if the red is getting closer to the mark day over day and needs medical attention.

Fucking hell, we owe it to ourselves to be better than this.

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There are heavy storms, right now, in Egypt. . A child has died. There are actual news images of the storm, that tell the real story. But no. The most viral bullshit is what we get, as if we as humans have no responsibility at all to any idea of truth.

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It took me 60 whole seconds of reverse image search and google to find the original on shutterstock, and another 10 seconds once I had his name to find the photographer's blog post about how exactly he added the lightning in photoshop. Can we please not do this any more?

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