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Isn't this just a delightful little web page? (also the story is great and worth having/unlocking for everyone!)

I shouldn't buy a G4 cube to stick a hot-rodded hackintosh build into, right? That would be absurd. Right?

Sitting here on the back porch, having a beer, and I figured out how to attach all the 80/20 aluminum extrusions together for my frame fixture with materials on hand. Fuck yeah. Need the lathe to do some of the hardware, but this is a big roadblock cleared.

ended up just cutting the notches, will stream actual welding tomorrow. Setup seems ok, but I'm making stupid mistakes.

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live over at, going to do a little fitting and welding if if doesn't get too late

did a rough edit of the photos from the protest today. 70ish, will get it down to 10ish tomorrow. I don't have the energy to work up a post, so here's a sample.

This is now just an account of my cat in weird positions. (Not really).

Cat. 15mm, cropped square for insta. Photogs from an earlier era, when people payed for images, called such wide angles “annual report lens”es because you can make anything look interesting with them. It’s easy to fall into gimmick and stop creating; only the most skilled practitioners can really do good work with them. .

Can’t go to the protests so here I am practicing.
Building a better world is going to require a good deal of literal building; any cops who want to quit and learn a trade, there’s never been a better time.

Bought a lotto ticket, let’s keep this bad luck streak going. If I win I’m gonna spend it all on dismantling the police state

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In the ~25 years I’ve carried a wallet, never lost one until today. Of course it would happen when I’d taken out $800 to pay for a lathe, and not a more normal day when I have like $20.

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