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Does it bother anyone else how PC hardware has started to look like sports cars? All brutal and aggressive. Black and silver and sleek and angled. Where are the companies that build an RTX card in a silly color? These cards have bigger cooling than any before. So much space to be creative on.
Check this Geforce 4 ti card in GOLD. Of course it's kinda crappy but it is FUNNY!
Honestly, I think this is toxic masculinity. Hardware has to be hard and brutal and no fun.

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When purposefully mishearing song lyrics gave me a new name for rpg characters:

In the song "bigmouth strikes again" by The Smiths, there is the line
"Now I know how Joan of Arc felt."

I had that song stuck in my head for a few days and at some point I tried to interpret the line as
"Now I know <name of a person>"
I tried to turn the phonetics of the rest into a name and I ended up with

Hauchon of Arkfeld

First name sounds Spanish, but the last name could be German or Danish... 😄

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Okay, since my HDR was more popular, than I expected, here's one of the top three photos I ever shot!
This one was shot in the north of on the .

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AI art, photorealistic stone portals 

Falling back on some old favourite prompts in MidJourney.

"an ornately engraved eldritch stone archway standing on a mountain of black rock and lava, leading to a lush green misty forest, photorealistic, DLSR, octane render, 8k, cinematic lighting"

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Time to ban Viagra. Because if pregnancy is "god´s will", then so is your limp dick.

Bette Midler

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"Christian #Lindner klingt derzeit wie der Sprecher eines Automobil-Branchenverbands. Er ist Symptom für ein gewaltiges Problem der deutschen Politik: Man hört weiterhin zu oft auf Leute von gestern."
Ach @ChrisStoecker war in meinem Gehirn und Herz <3

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It isn't public domain, but it should be:

Defying Hitler, by Sebastian Haffner

It isn't about what people did back then to fight -- there are amazing books for that, too.

This one is a memoir about how it felt to see what was being lost, and also what was coming.

Free PDF:

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Power's out so I drew this. An hour and a half of skulls, flowers, and tiny circles XD

I'll scan it later if anyone wants to colour it.

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DallE-2 AI-generated art, illuminated manuscript with marginalia 

Nailed it, mostly

The prompt was:

"An ancient illuminated manuscript with ornate insular uncial calligraphy and marginalia of knights riding snails"


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I've gifted me a new fisheye lens and took it for a test drive last weekend.. here some of the results :D

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Found this to be quite useful.
I'll post the complete text in the thread below once I get some time.
(Or if anyone wants to do it, be my guest :blobpeek:)

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doctor who fans: "it's implausible for everyone on Earth to just forget about the various Dalek invasions or things like the entire planet being moved"

me: *the only person wearing a mask in a crowded supermarket*

cw mental health 

Does anyone know that small sense of dread, when they haven't slept enough, or badly? I'll spend the first half of the day with my mind making up scenarios of something in my life going horribly wrong and how miserable I'll be, when that happens. 🤦‍♂️

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Der Thermobecher, der im Winter Euren Kaffee warm hält, eignet sich gerade übrigens hervorragend für Kaltgetränke mit Eiswürfeln. 🤗

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The thing about large language models like GPT-3 and Lambda describing the experience of being self-aware is they can also describe the experience of being a squirrel.

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While that one cures, I added the trench run and got capacitive touch working in the studs.

You know how they say pidgeons suck at building nests? I have these two in front of my office window trying to have their nest in a balcony flower pot. 😄 The female keeps sitting down, trying out the nest, while the male keeps bringing long twigs and randomly dopping them in the pot...

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