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When purposefully mishearing song lyrics gave me a new name for rpg characters:

In the song "bigmouth strikes again" by The Smiths, there is the line
"Now I know how Joan of Arc felt."

I had that song stuck in my head for a few days and at some point I tried to interpret the line as
"Now I know <name of a person>"
I tried to turn the phonetics of the rest into a name and I ended up with

Hauchon of Arkfeld

First name sounds Spanish, but the last name could be German or Danish... 😄

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Okay, since my HDR was more popular, than I expected, here's one of the top three photos I ever shot!
This one was shot in the north of on the .

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Die Originale waren etwas langweilig, also hab ich der Kreativität mal freien lauf gelassen 🤩 📸 🌷 💐 #photography

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Sometimes, photos of Earth can look so beautiful you don't even believe the images are from this planet. Count these pics of the Svalbard Satellite Station among that group. It sits just 745 miles from the North Pole:
📸: Reuben Wu


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#Neuhier Ich lade gern zum Perspektivwechsel ein. Für viele sind die geparkten Autos wie Bäume in der Stadt oder Teil der Bebauung, sie werden nicht mehr hinterfragt. Wiederum andere auf dem Land hinterfragen ihre Autoabhängigkeit nicht. Aber was ist, wenn ich nicht mehr fahren kann, darf - kein Geld für ein Auto habe. Dieses Sharepic hat viel angeregt und aufgeregt :)

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@deBaer Das Problem hab ich mit den meisten Unfragen auf dem Gebiet.
"Die Maßnahmen sind..."
"Genau richtig"? Nein.
"zu hart"? Nicht für 87% der Wirtschaft.
"zu locker"? Nicht im privaten Bereich.

Deshalb will ich von der hart-locker-Dichotomie weg. Die verhindert nur, dass man endlich über Fragen nach "wirksam", "strategisch" oder "verhältnismäßig" spricht. Und v.a. verhindert sie, dass Menschen über Einschränkungen am Arbeitsplatz sprechen. Denn das war mit "hart" noch nie gemeint.

I found out that has a builtin function to add a frame around an image! That is soo nice :D

I should have gotten long ago! Instead I looked at the price tags for lenses and cried 🤦‍♂️

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There's a garden with Japanese flowering cherries in a neighbouring village. They're in full bloom. Happy Easter to all of you who celebrate. #sakura #hanami

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please read if you have an old smartwatch you don't want anymore :boost_ok: 

hey uh

if anybody has like an old smartwatch they don't want anymore

especially if it's one of the ones on this page

(but even if it's not)

i could really use it

i used to have a galaxy watch that really helped me manage my ADHD and such

then my asshole abusive parents stole it

i've tried using a day planner but i just can't bring myself to use it consistently

having what basically amounts to a heads-up display for life on my wrist was just... perfect in every way

it made everything so much easier

so yeah if anyone has a spare smartwatch they could send my way i'd be eternally grateful and it would really help me get my shit together

my only criteria is it has to work with a samsung/android phone since that's what i have lol

please boost! :boost_ok:

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April 2015, six years ago, when I'd been colouring through an adult colouring book and decided to have a go at drawing my own things for colouring. My hand was cramping after drawing that tiny little pot. Six years later, I'm a little bit better :)

The great thing about shops compared to online services: I tried rewinding a film in the Rollei 35S that my girlfriends sometimes uses and heard a strange noise. After that the rewinding felt strange and I suspected I had torn off the film. So I took it to the photo store that handles my development and showed them the camera. They took it to the dark room and extracted the film. Problem solved :) *yay*

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Dresses and skirts with pockets.

Boost if you agree.

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Here's your reminder that the whole idea of a personal carbon footprint was a targeted BP media campaign in 2005 and it worked so well that it seems like we've all forgotten this


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Upcoming Instagram changes warn users to accept activity tracking to "Help keep Instagram free of charge" 🙄 #deleteInstagram

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til: der persönliche CO2-fußabdruck war eine 100 millionen dollar teure PR-kampagne von BP, einem ölkonzern, um die verantwortung für den klimawandel von unternehmen auf konsument:innen abzuschieben.


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Sajan Rai is an artist who draws surreal illustrations with a distinctive style, mixing modern subjects, 1950s colours and an Asian aesthetic. You can follow at:

➡️ @sajan

Rai's website is at

#SajanRai #Sjn #Art #Artist #Artists #Illustration #Illustrator

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