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Okay, since my HDR was more popular, than I expected, here's one of the top three photos I ever shot!
This one was shot in the north of on the .

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Shot of my brother grabbing some air on our ride tonight.
I really need a faster lens for night stuff, I'm starting to push it now I think.
Panasonic G85, 12-60@14mm (28mm FF-equiv), f/4.0, 1/30, ISO 3200
#Photography #MTB #fatbike #Night
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Hot take: Lord of the dance is irish capoeira.

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We see cyberpunk as humans having augmentations - but really cyberpunk would be *not* having augmentations in a world where most people do.

Because cyberpunk is rejecting the norm of letting big corps and the powerful few control your life.

Just like today where the _most_ cyberpunk people are those using Tor, coreboot, turning off the TPM, disabling WiFi and blowing open closed source firmware.
Not people with Google Glass & and an Internet connected toaster/car/watch.

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I had to turn today days old to find out that rsync has not only --progress (which is file-based), but also --info=progress2, which is based on total transfer volume.

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RT @gretathunberg
Incredible pictures as Australia’s gathering for the #climatestrike
This is the huge crowd building up in Sydney.
Australia is setting the standard!
Its bedtime in New please share as many pictures as you can as the strikes move across Asia to Europe and Africa!

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Please pay attention to the propaganda! Do not applaud people surviving in this dystopia! Instead burn down the dystopia!

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On the way back to the car this arvo, I came across an Australasian Darter who'd bitten off more than it could chew. It was valiantly trying to swallow a fish that clearly was never going to fit, but it was amusing watching it try.

Then, below the Conifer Knoll carpark, on the soccer field, I spied the duckling family, so went down to join them and try to get some more photos of ducklings.

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i will fight anyone who says you need to buy an expensive camera to do real photography

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I did my first star trek commission/instance art for @guinan ! is also where I set up my first mastodon profile, so feels extra special
#mastoart #commission #startrek

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Der scope resolution operator (in vielen Sprachen "::") heißt auf Deutsch anscheinend "Gültigkeitsoperator". Das habe ich zuerst als "Gleichgültigkeitsoperator" gelesen und eigentlich ist das eine gute Idee.

Ich präsentiere den Gleichgültigkeitsoperator:



5 mod 2 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 0

("einfach mal Fünfe gerade sein lassen")

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a couple of months ago there was quite a windy afternoon and I wanted to take pictures of windswept trees and dramatic cloudstructures. This din't really work out but I like this picture nevertheless

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anruf von der bank. "wir haben ungewöhnliche aktivitäten auf ihrem konto gesehen. waren sie das?" - "ähm. wie wahrscheinlich wäre es, dass ein hacker steuern ans finanzamt überweist?" - "ah ja ok"

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Unpopular opinion:
8K Television is a waste of resources (in almost all scenarios).

Except you wanna sit inside the TV screen (literally!).

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I had to fact-check something¹, and ran into this delightful article from 1998.

¹ It was a Buffy episode. Shut up.

It's getting interesting. 40 minutes time to change trains were planned. Now I'm at 4 and there's still some distance to cover...

In Brussels there are metro lines that are served by tram trains. It is called pre metro.

I guess it must collect enough exp to evolve into a proper metro train... 😄

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Oh hey it's that time again! inprnt is offering free worldwide shipping on orders over $25! I've gone ahead and added an extra 10% discount with code Y8HEKZ on top of that to make it worth it!

Signal boosting appreciated!

#fediart #mastoart

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