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Okay, since my HDR was more popular, than I expected, here's one of the top three photos I ever shot!
This one was shot in the north of on the .

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Today's illustrated Haiku! Did this one last night quite quickly, after labouring for ages on one that I'm probably never gonna put up.
#mastoart #illustration #haiku #poem #poetry

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Stardew Valley is such a great game because there's no wrong way to play it.

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How does film age? I have two rolls of Plus that expired in 2008... Is it worth finding out, or can I just throw it away and save the development chemicals?

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An other day, an other photo. And for some reason I like to show a "bit different" images here.

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Bathroom mirror selfie with the Fuji HR-U Xray film. Still learning how to tame this beast but it's coming along nicely. I need to try some other developers besides Polymax T, I think I have some pyrocat around I might try that.

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My niece, who is 12, and at that age thinks I'm probably the uncoolest person in the world (not that I'm arguing that point) just asked me why I'm so good at taking pictures.

Honestly, that means more to me than any likes or comments anyone else could ever give.

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Just came in the mail, I'm super excited to start experimenting. I've seen fantastic images come from xray film. The great thing is that it's super cheap compared to normal 8x10 film.

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Looking up at the treetops.

From my trip to a woodlot in Milton, ON. Shot with Rokinon 7.5mm fisheye.

These two photos are of my girlfriend.
The first image is with minor posing, while the second one is more or less a snapshot.
I don't think you can call it a snapshot if you have to focus manually and it takes you 10 seconds to shoot a photo... 😅

The first three pictures are from Freiburg im Breisgau. The fourth is from München Hauptbahnhof shortly before my departure to Freiburg.


After all that talk about analog photography, here are a couple of photos I took recently.
All of them are on Ilford FP5+ ISO400.

These two are from the Ruhrgebiet.

@Jondor, @itdm5j21, the first one is the picture, where I think I'd have gained something by doing a bracket. Maybe a darker version with more sky would have been better...

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A question about film: How do I best remove waterstains that remained after drying my developed film?

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My friends are in a band and they want to put my photos on their album cover.
This is my suggested preliminary design

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Got my lightbox today. Not fancy, but just wanted to try it out.

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