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Well, I'm here!

I'm a professional (as in, that's what I do for money, it doesn't mean I'm any good) photog in Brisbane, Australia.

I shoot mostly athletes: dancers, bodybuilders, that sort of thing. I also get some birds in my yard from time to time. ^_^

So my new camera... Gosh, it'll focus on stuff that I'd have never even attempted to capture with the old one.

New camera get!!

My Nikon D850 arrived today. I took a few sample shots out in the yard, and the total lack of noise at ISO 800 just blows my mind.

Very much looking forward to putting this thing to good use. ^_^

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Don't look too closely, there's a tiny nipple in there. Show more

Working on the website for the Pantheon Project. Here's the current state of it.

On mobile, it scrolls vertically. On desktop, it's a giant horizontal gallery.

I like how it's turning out... But I hate webdesign. Every template had flaws, but if I do it myself it's more flaws than benefits...

More numbers:

63,540 photos taken this year.

276,696 total shutter activations on my Nikon D800E.

I get a lot of hugs from models. Recently one arrived at the studio, and assumed a stance like she was about to tackle me. "Are you ready?" she asks.

I brace myself, not knowing what to expect. "Um, yes?"

And she ran and jumped at me, but when I embraced her, her body was stiff and her arms remained at her sides while she wriggled.

After a moment I set her down again, and she smiles and asks "I call it the Salmon, do you like it?"

I did!

(Very glad I didn't drop her!)

The current state of my Pantheon Project, due for release at the end of January.

I changed the way I was adding the project branding. Instead of an added, solid colour bar on one side, I'm now using a transparent logo, and this means ~80% of the finished images needed to be re-cropped, backgrounds filled in, and the logo applied.

180 photos finished so far!

May have undersold myself in a recent discussion with a governmental agency regarding photos.

They told me "Oh that sounds too cheap. I'll bump that price up before passing it on to the other department."

Please, do that, haha. 😁

This is Jorja! She's an awesome person who works hard and kicks ass.

There's more, especially if you're a Patreon supporter. Be warned though, a very definite lack of clothing at this link:

Playing in the caves with Asher a couple of days ago.

Celebrating the death of Tumblr with some scandalous female nipples.

This is Melanie, for my ongoing Pantheon Project. ^_^

It was a bit foggy the night I arrived in Japan. This is Narita station and a nearby hotel.

While in Japan last week I spent a lot of time in Yodobashi in Akihabara, drooling over things I don't need (The Fujifilm X-T3) and things I do (everything in the lighting section).

One thing that struck me was the insane difference in quality between the Aliexpress and Godox umbrellas I've been buying, and -good ones- like Suntech and PhotoPro.

I see now there's a good reason they cost three times as much. Every component and every stitch is better, stronger, smoother.


I shot 3,311 photos last night.

Pretty easy to see how my D800 camera is up to 200,000 shutter activations already. ^_^

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Recently someone took issue with a hashtag I often use, as seen here:

They indicated that it was a tag promoting one body type over another, and I disagreed. They've deleted their post, but I wanted to address the issue:

Strong not skinny is a defiant cry against everyone who thinks women should be slim, soft, and incapable.

The women I photograph work hard so they can do stuff.

Fuck skinny, be awesome instead.

This is Aurelie. ^_^

I hope to wrap up my Pantheon Project by the end of the year. This is Kristin, who was in for her second session because her first was off season, and this time she was shredded for competition. ^_^

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