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Well, I'm here!

I'm a professional (as in, that's what I do for money, it doesn't mean I'm any good) photog in Brisbane, Australia.

I shoot mostly athletes: dancers, bodybuilders, that sort of thing. I also get some birds in my yard from time to time. ^_^

Shooting has begun on the second Pantheon Project. I'm really excited about the images, I think they're a lot better than the first Project. 😁

From a while back, this part of an ongoing side effort to my main photography, called PURE. It's all about the beauty of a strong human body. 💪😊

Haven't been doing much shooting lately, covid has taken a giant chunk out of my photography business and drive. Life has almost returned to normal in Australia, but I'm still not feeling very creative.

This is Mel from a few months ago. 😁

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So I just checked instagram for the first time in a while and... I had 100 notifications waiting. That's the first time that's happened. Turns out 100 is the maximum. A recent photo had 326 likes on it, and... That's about 240 more than anything I shared for the past year or two. Wow.

That's Amanda and she's awesome.

#strongwomen #aerials #instagram #aerialsilks #circus #cirque

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The second of two PURE galleries just went up. The beauty of the human body in movement:

It might not be a bad time to be a Patreon supporter. =)

I just posted a gallery of images for NFGphoto PURE, featuring a tremendously talented and strong circus performer.

It might not be a bad time to be a Patreon supporter. =)

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This is Amanda, whose request for a pink background was absolutely the best thing to do. =)

#pole #poledancer #poledancing #pink #highheels #strongwomen

I'm doing a lot of what I think is my best work under the NFGphoto PURE brand. It features nothing but strong bodies doing what they do.

Maybe check it out and give it a follow if you like beautiful strong nudes in your feed. ^__^


Thom Hogan is a smart guy. In today's blog post he talks a bit about how your digital camera generates colour and how and why the saturation and contrast differ. Good reading.

I love when I'm zoomed in and editing hard, fixing a thousand tiny flaws on the studio floor, and I'm done! Zoom out and...

I spent half an hour on a 20cm patch of floor and haha there's 98% of the scene left untouched.

It's too easy to get into the zone and lose track of where I am.

Also white floors are the worst. 😁

I'm very happy with this shot.

This is Amanda. She's a wonderful person, and she's worked really hard to get where she is.

I've got some great stuff coming up this month, it might not be a bad time to check out the NFGphoto Patreon. ^__^

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This one's going back a few years, to a shoot with a girl who happened to have a fox skull in her collection of cool things. =)

Cool skull damask pattern used with permission.
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This is a reprocessed image from 10 years ago, one of the very first great photos of the last decade, and the very first print I ever sold.

I just finished a ten year retrospective gallery, featuring all my favourite images (over 300 of them!) from 2010 until 2019.

Have a look, if that's your jam:

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