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Well, I'm here!

I'm a professional (as in, that's what I do for money, it doesn't mean I'm any good) photog in Brisbane, Australia.

I shoot mostly athletes: dancers, bodybuilders, that sort of thing. I also get some birds in my yard from time to time. ^_^

The same large client I complained about yesterday told me today that they didn't like the photos I took of a local park, because it didn't look like their example photos.

That's right, an old park covered in dead grass during a drought is not as pretty as a freshly laid lawn in a new park.

Also, I am sorry I couldn't get golden sunrise light in a swamp in a quarry in a gully.


A large client emailed me recently, saying they weren't totally happy with some shots from a recent production in a local park.

Part of the brief included some multi-layer composited scenes.

But when they requested the final list of images, no composites were requested, so I didn't send them any.

so... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

And then they said "the sky is too dramatic and competes with the foreground"

...They SPECIFICALLY asked me to not produce a white sky. Fuck OFF.

A new client was in the studio recently, and asked for some lighting I wasn't wholly enthusiastic about.

There's a fine line between shooting to the client's vision and arguing for what you're certain is better...

And if I ever figure out where that line is, I'll be sure to let you know. ^__^

I put out a call for dancers and decided Skully needed a bit of a tweak.

If you were silly enough to support NFGphoto on Patreon (a site that allows individuals to support artists with a monthly subscription), you'd get access to a blog so good it has 31 paid subscribers!

Check out all these amazing posts $2 gets you!

You could add to that total! If you were also silly. ;)

I just posted a Before & After analysis from a session with Aurelie a few days ago. There were a lot of tweaks made to this image!

Patreons of all levels can view the whole thing, but here's a preview!

When I set out to create the Pantheon Project, one thing I never considered was that people might be reluctant to share it because of all the nudity. "Oh hey, naked bodies, don't need my family and coworkers seeing THAT..."

Most of the participants are proud of being in the Project, but even they admit they haven't shared it.

I wouldn't have done it differently, but I'd have been more ready for this reception.

it's an awesome thing to have done. ^__^

I made three posts with over 35 images for my Patreon supporters today. Most are available at the $2 level.

If you like ballet, pole dancing, or rope tying, maybe have a look! =D

Going through some photos from a client shoot last year. This is Ashleigh!

She's a professional, full-time circus performer currently touring with a small group out of Melbourne.

And she's totally awesome. =D

Trying something new in the studio.

I've wanted to shoot more dancers for a long time, and finally found a volunteer. She's a ballet instructor from Brisbane, and I regularly work with one of her students, who connected us.

We had a great first session. =)

It's finished. Ten months in the making. Thirty hard working bodies, 200 (ish) photos.

The Pantheon Project

It's totally OK if you share it around. ;)

Also, um, it's probably NSFW.

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I finished shooting the Pantheon Project this morning.

Nearly 250 images of the strongest bodies, shot over 10 months.

I hope to have the galleries released next week. I'm really excited to finish this.

I recently purchased a Nikon D850 camera, and I ordered an XQD card.
It arrived in the mail this morning, along with a Sony QDA-SB1 USB-3 reader.

The reader only works with cards marked [USB], and I suspected it was a simple adaptor, without any logic of its own.

I opened it, and was proven correct: the card has its own USB controller, so this reader won't work with any card not marked [USB].

The XQD spec is a bit of a mess.

I'm only a few weeks away from finally releasing my Pantheon Project to the world.

Ten months in the making, celebrating thirty strong bodies, with over two hundred photos.

Please look forward to it. ^_^

Been shooting for a client, getting up at dawn and visiting local parks.

This is a beautiful, out-of-the-way spot that really shows off the rare green of Australia.

This is a two-shot panorama, shot hand-held. It sewed together pretty well. =)

I've been working on my Pantheon Project. It's going to launch in the first week of February, with luck. I've got 3 girls left to shoot and ~180 images left to put into galleries.

Here's a preview of the galleries so far. =D

So my new camera... Gosh, it'll focus on stuff that I'd have never even attempted to capture with the old one.

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