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Well, I'm here!

I'm a professional (as in, that's what I do for money, it doesn't mean I'm any good) photog in Brisbane, Australia.

I shoot mostly athletes: dancers, bodybuilders, that sort of thing. I also get some birds in my yard from time to time. ^_^

If you're a patreon supporter, you're in for a bendy treat. I've just posted a gallery with some discussion of my fisheye lens, why I love it and why it's so much work.

Maybe read up on it if you're keen. =)

So I've started a new thing.

The strength and beauty of the pure human body. ^__^

Currently just an instagram, but more to come:

I just spent a thousand dollars for more hard drive space. 45TB already and I'm adding 16 more.

The last three years are backed up to two additional drives, everything older is backed up to one additional drive.

The cost doesn't matter much, compared to losing years worth of photos.

Bendy_Elle came volunteered to help with a project I'm working on, but I was so blown away by her flexibility I totally forgot to shoot the project images. 😢

She'll be coming back though, I'll give it another try.

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I had all the instructors from a Gold Coast pole studio in for a photo shoot a few days ago, and they're spectacular human beings. Great fun to work with, and very photogenic. Also talented. ^__^

It rained the other day, and this tiny 3cm flower collected a tiny amount of water.

And when the sun hits it just right, a tiny world is revealed.

I was out biking today, and a few guys were doing this large drop.

I grabbed my rarely used backup backup camera, and it was configured all wrong. Fuck knows what I was doing with it last! And I think buttons got bumped while it was rattling around on the floor of the car.

Anyway, I shot this guy doing cool things at ISO 25,000 on an old Olympus E-M1, and...

It's a confetti festival, if I'm being honest. This is the best I could do.

These two pole dancers are the same colour. Hard to believe, isn't it?

It's called Munker's Illusion, where one area's colour is influenced by adjacent areas. It's quite amazing how persistent the effect is!

I'm trying to break away from 'as is' studio shots and apply a little creativity to my images... But it's difficult. I am a technician, not an artist.

But I quite like this colour treatment of a photo from last weekend.

This is Kirsty in the NFGstudio. ^__^

The same large client I complained about yesterday told me today that they didn't like the photos I took of a local park, because it didn't look like their example photos.

That's right, an old park covered in dead grass during a drought is not as pretty as a freshly laid lawn in a new park.

Also, I am sorry I couldn't get golden sunrise light in a swamp in a quarry in a gully.


A large client emailed me recently, saying they weren't totally happy with some shots from a recent production in a local park.

Part of the brief included some multi-layer composited scenes.

But when they requested the final list of images, no composites were requested, so I didn't send them any.

so... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

And then they said "the sky is too dramatic and competes with the foreground"

...They SPECIFICALLY asked me to not produce a white sky. Fuck OFF.

A new client was in the studio recently, and asked for some lighting I wasn't wholly enthusiastic about.

There's a fine line between shooting to the client's vision and arguing for what you're certain is better...

And if I ever figure out where that line is, I'll be sure to let you know. ^__^

I put out a call for dancers and decided Skully needed a bit of a tweak.

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