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Well, I'm here!

I'm a professional (as in, that's what I do for money, it doesn't mean I'm any good) photog in Brisbane, Australia.

I shoot mostly athletes: dancers, bodybuilders, that sort of thing. I also get some birds in my yard from time to time. ^_^

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Seems like everyone is posting amazing photos lately. Consider following these great photographers!




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Fallen leaves in Gunma prefecture.

We don't get an autumn season like this in Australia. I was surprised how much I missed it.

It was beautiful. 50% of my Japan photos are of trees and leaves. =)

NFGphoto PURE is the label under which I do my athletic nude photography. I don't get paid for it, except by the beautiful people who support me on Patreon.

Please consider signing up to see more of Mel. ^__^

Yesterday was a shit day, and by the end of it I was really feeling low.

But I managed to put together a Patreon post of 20 images featuring a girl who worked seven long years to get where she is, and it's some of my best work.

This is Kacey. ^__^

For my beautiful Patreon supporters, a gallery of wax and featuring Mel. =D

If you like your covered in maybe check it out. ;)

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Sometimes you do a shoot and get some images that just demand a new watermark. Skully got the black light treatment for this photo of Melanie. =D

#strongwomen #nude #blacklight #fluorescent

A couple of weeks ago a whole lot of us silly people got up at 3am and trekked up to the Sunshine Coast in Queensland and set up an aerials rig, and took photos as the sun rose.

Exhausting, but fun. =)

I do most of my shooting (like, 97%) with a Nikon 50mm F1.8 D lens. It's old and cheap but I've never been dissatisfied with its results.

But after buying the Sigma 14mm and marveling at its sharpness, I'm ready to consider that the Nikon isn't the best for me anymore... And so I'll be picking up a Sigma Art 50mm F1.4 soon. =D

This is Katana, taken with the Nikon 50mm:

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If you're into strong bodies, @Pure is all about the glory of the strong human body.

Censored by instagram! 😆

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This was the first image that made me think of separating the athletic nudes from my normal photography. Shortly after this session, Pure was born. =) #strongwomen #nude #blackandwhite #aerials
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I just posted a bunch of photos for Patreon supporters, from a recent shoot with Katana.

There'll be more to come. =)

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