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By the way...
Are there some kind of public photo , where you can develop film and make prints?
I'm thinking of something like a place that has the hardware and possibly sells the chemicals...

I'm specifically looking for a place in Brussels 😅

Chatted with @Vyllibh and @54ward about some BW photos earlier and it made me wanted post a couple of mine.

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#Alternatives #Adobe

Stole this from twitter then forgot the acct I stole it from. Anyways here's a useful stolen graphic if you're looking for Adobe alternatives👇🏽

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From my ride on the weekend.

Phone shot, tweaked in and monochrome and brown tint overlayed.

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I am a photographer from Poland (sorry for my poor English). Photography is worth more than a thousand words. As a part of the welcome I will show one photo.

My website (under construction):

My photo profiles:

The photo is my property. All rights reserved. Copyright (c) PMM.

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'Pin Points of White Light'

Nikon D700/800iso/Tokina [AT-X PRO] 100mm-f2.8-D. f10@1/400s.


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'Reckless in Red'

So, moving on some from 'Simply a little Sunday afternoon fun in the garden.'

Nikon D700/400iso/Tokina [AT-X PRO] 100mm-f2.8-D. f7.1@1/200s.


What are your thoughts on this? I have no issue with cloning generally but that is a significant portion of the image to clone. Should Nat Geo have told people about the cloning?


I hereby call this one "Big rock against a stormy sky" I realize its vague but it just rolls off the tongue 😁 jk

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Did I mention I also do streetphotography? Mostly while on vacation as my hometown is rather boring in this aspect.
For the results I use my instagram account:


The "streetwise" used to be a separate website, but this is easier.. and as more or less all photo's are made on my phone.. Enjoy!

Which photo editor do you use? I love darktable. It took me a while to get the hang of the algorithms after using lightroom for a few years but I have a great love for it now.

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First time on Mastodon.

This shot is from Sunrise in Alberta Canada during the height of summer (jk)

Taken with a Nikon D800 and I think the 24mm F2.8D lens

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