More oldies
1. The setting next to the
2. View over the meadow near
3. The meadow near the Lakes
4. The meadow near with the windmill in the distance

Some oldies from my photographical adventures
1. Groundfog in the polder
2. The above the road
3. House, tree and animal
4. at the Lakes

Wat aanvankelijk de bedoeling was om de Reeuwijkse Plassen rond te rijden, mondde uit in een rit wat verder weg.
Zo ging ik van de Reeuwijkse Plassen via Driebruggen, Waarder, Woerden, Linschoten, langs Montfoort en Benschop, bij Jaarsveld de Lekdijk op.
Even rondgekeken daar en dan langs de Lek naar Schoonhoven.
Via de Vlist en Haastrecht kwam ik dan weer terug in Gouda.
Het was een rustige avond met een hele mooie schemering. Later kwam de volle maan erbij.
@GoudseRonald @Hardlopertje

The weather forecast said also the temperature would go down to 9 degrees Celsius, so I packed my winter jacket with me along my tripod.
And off I went.
I cycled 109 kilometres in 8 and a half hours.

The twilight lasted till midnight and it started again at about 3 o'clock.
The weather forecast said a light breeze from different directions, so cycling wouldn't be too tiresome.
And what a night it was. Not much traffic on my route and some photographing could be done in the middle of the road.
I had brought a lot to eat and drink, so there was no worry about that.

pictures from 2017. Part 2 - Scotlandland
1. The Isle of Ornsay with the from the Isle of . The mainland of Scotland in the background
2. The Eas Mor Waterfall on the Isle of Skye
3. The most westerly lighthouse on Skye, Neist Point
4. Fairy Pools. Actually a streaming river with a lot of cascade waterfalls.

Some pictures of North from 2016.
1. Dunstanburgh Castle with a native onlooker
2. The lighthouse of St. Abb's National Nature Reserve in South
3. View on the border hills between and
4. Sycamore Gap in Hadrian's Wall in the South of

This afternoon I cycled along the river to the city of where I had a splendid view to the highway bridge near . After that, I had a ride along the river to and back home. Around 60 km in 3 hrs.

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