Deep griping.. 

Our principles of mass extractions, productions, consumptions have strained the resources of an entire planet.
Incredibly, "we" (earthlings) have figured this out and have designed a magnificently complex array of methodologies to explain/communicate this fact.
Even more incredibly, "we" just will not stop extracting, producing, and consuming in tangible ways that will "actually" end this pattern of destruction. I am going to go shake my fist at extended contrails.....

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Since nothing going on right now, story ( and some background:

Toronto's shelter system is perennially underfunded, above capacity, and unsafe, and the actually affordable/supportive housing supply is dwindling. since the pandemic started, many ppl have taken to living outside in tents instead. The City has responded by cracking down on encampments, suing a maker of tiny shelters, etc. +

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the pope is garbage... 

If you have to ASK this unchrist-like opulent church just to acknowledge their role in Canada's genocide, that is already beyond offensive. The fact the the church will not respond appropriately is disgusting.

And then I remember that this is the piece of shit church that took 400 years to "forgive" Galileo for implying that the earth wasn't the centre of the universe......

There is NO WAY that this church or this pope are "followers of christ."

A goldfinch is collecting the soft pappus inside the purple flowers of the field thistle

The currants, raspberries, peas are all producing. It's a great time of year to graze in the yard.

Last week...
It got a little hot here at the edge of the "heat dome" but nothing like the west.
My region has been hit with Gypsy Moth cater-pocalypse. Many trees are trying to grow a second round of leaves now. Thankfully, they did not hit the maples in my yard too badly.

until accountability: 

I will be blocking catholics like I block fascists.

Canadian Navy gives middle finger to sexual assault victims while simultaneously messaging the "old boys club" that the navy will never change. 

a little broken today... 

sad... angry...
the Catholic church knew and knows.
the RCMP knew and knows.
the Canadian government knew and knows.

The genocide has been exposed.

the church holds back the documents that could tell the story.
the RCMP says not a thing.
the government sends it's platitudes and it pittance.

But really... what will the colonizers DO.... Now....?

Show me.

tv shows that degrade humanity.... 

A profoundly stupid alcoholic with the power to create a nuclear incident whose ineptitude burdens his wife and permanently scars his daughter, whilst he occasionally physically assaults his son through strangulation......
Apu is also a lousy stereotype.
They all are.


This is the action of a party that wants to cling to power and think that narrowing the scope of the debate during the election will push more voters their way.... and it might.
Doug Ford is disgusting.
He should never have been elected in the first place.
...when you can't win on skills or merit, you join the conservative party.

tiny little spider.macro lens 

beautiful little guy... about a half centimetre.

A young red fox casually emerges from the the side of the road to see what the photographer was doing, before heading back in to the cool grass.


Premier François Legault has lashed out at media and politicians:

“I saw certain editorials, certain commentaries in the rest of Canada that tried to create a link between what happened in London and Law 21,” Legault said.
He went on to assure Canadians that Bill21 is an entirely different kind of racism and bigotry.

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