I DID watch it...
I thought it would be fucked up...
I "misunderestimated" (appropriate throwback) just how majorly fucked up it would be.....
I let my 9 and 11 yr old children watch it.... and they, too, were disgusted in their own way.

...now reading up on how to prepare for when a neighbouring country has a major civil war..... Anyone not republican is welcome up here.... but please take a few down before you come up........ ?

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It's completely obvious to me why republicans are anti-abortion......

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Keep an eye on your ballot and vote in person if you have to.

This kind of work should never have been sourced out to private vendors, which is a Trump/Republican goal for every important public service we have. #NewYork #MailVoting #ProtectTheVote

Numerous New Yorkers reported Monday that they’d received mixed-up return envelopes, which would invalidate their votes if they tried to mail them in:

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@NickFury @MariaHill from outside looking in: it is the people who can (still) support him that are far more scary than the man himself. They will still be there after the election, either way it goes.... and they are not ok.
What'cha gonna do?

Shoutout to FPTP electoral systems, giving 330 million people TWO choices for leadership and a stacked deck.
Not that different where I come from.

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Trump has sucked the oxygen out of the Republican Party's messaging. It's almost impossible to know what other Republicans actually stand for ... except that they all fearfully stand behind the ever-changing Trump.

I just heard a kid say, "I'm rubber and you're glue so whatever you say bounces off of me and sticks to you."
Could be a future president.... I'm gonna skip the "debates". ;)

Republican senators promise that if the election is fair in favor of dems they will not make trouble.......
Anybody believing that.........?

Seems like they're quietly backing the 66.6% theory......

As the second wave sweeps Ontario, our Premier has a huge and confusing plan to not lockdown again.... Guess we'll just have to watch and see how that experiment plays out.
Ontario's Premier says he cannot tell everyone his WHOLE PLAN right now, b/c it would confuse our little minds.....

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welp, now we wait to find out if there is a federal electron this fall.

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