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Pro tip: if, at any point in your life, you find yourself wanting to say "I'm the least racist person in this room," just stop talking.

best wishes re debate 

Yeah, so trump is a dangerous idiot... and if you can still support him, I hope you get punched in the head. ...the other guy might buy you some time to fix yer shit. ;)

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Ontario MP for Renfrew-Nipissing-Pembroke, east of Ottawa, seen here- during a pandemic- not wearing a mask or social distancing. This image from local conservative propaganda that folks find in their mail.
This entrenched, career MP didn't show up to debates during the last election... thinks pot-smokers cause climate change.... and yet locals voted her in anyway, as they have for decades.....sigh.


rcmp are now doing heavy pr and damage control- as is the federal government- to cover their asses for having done nothing about the terrorizing of the Mi'kmaq fisheries over the past months.

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The story being missed here in Canada about Commercial fishermen viciously attacking the Mi'kmaq fishery, is that Canada's police, the RCMP are watching it happen and are NOT arresting the commercial fishermen committing these crimes.
If it were The Mi'kmaq People burning buildings, intimidating people, burning cars... the RCMP would be bashing heads and making arrests. ....They haven't even charged a settler yet.
It's pathetic colonial racism.
That's the news.


The kinds of "professionals" that do trades jobs in my region are a living reason to DIY.
Haven't met one yet that does a half decent job On Time... or one that knows how to use basic communication skills.
..and I can't talk or type slow enough for them to figure it out.
I have a two-year-old plumbing job needs doing asap..... I have to source professionals from over an hour away if i want someone to actually show up... and it'll cost me.
Tradespeople in my valley SUUUUUUCK.

settlers terrorize, confine people, burn vehicles..... RCMP watches and does nothing.

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The failure of the Ontario government in Canada to lock down weeks ago- because "economy"- has inevitably led to a growing burden and threat to our health systems.... again.
Last week the government changed the way testing is done, to reflect LESS infections than are actually happening in real life.
The People of Ontario are clearly NOT the Ontario governments first priority.

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