Would you go to an abusive ex's house with gifts and prayers, asking them to apologize to you for their past behaviour and hoping that they might one day come back in to your house to make that apology?

Not I.

.....Why do the victims of a genocidal catholic faith go to dance and bring their gifts for a pope in his own house, and ask them for apologies? ....for something the catholic church CLEARLy is not even remotely sorry for...?

It's just more abuse.

randomly promoting awesome permaculture artists.... The Future of Food. 

roe v wade language 

Fuck anyone who wants ot reverse reovwade. We have problems from THIS century that a christo-fascist "supreme" court of 'murica can't even get their heads around.
You wanna reverse that freedom and that right? Fuck you too.


If you followed the BC story of Sumas Lake reclaiming it's floodplains this past November, evidently it hasn't led to much in the way of learning anything from our mistakes elsewhere in Canada.

For the record, something that "used to be" a "floodplain" STILL IS! just isn't flooding right now.

DON'T DEVELOP FLOODPLAINS!!! Don't live on them. Don't try to "move" them.......


With the end of mandates, many many people are now infected with covid in my region. Staff shortages at hospitals and schools are causing problems now.
Governments have washed their hands of measuring or counting.

In evidence of our regression, Canada seems to be having a debate about the viability of masking again.... wtf.

Anecdotally: EVERY woman I know who is infected has experienced harder, longer symptoms. Three or more times longer/worse than the men I know whom are infected.


...many many people talking about friends, family, or co-workers getting covid in the past couple of days in my rural region.
Here we go.

Keeping an eye on hospitalisation.

..just listened to the pope say pretty nothing words to the Indigenous delegations who came to the vatican this week.
Yesterday delegates got to tour a "museum" at the vatican where objects stolen from their ancestors are on display..... No, the vatican did not offer to return the things that they stole.
It's all very disgusting.

Organizers say a convoy will be doing a slow-roll through the city of Ottawa today.... get your eggs ready.
Balloons full of fish fertilizer are also acceptable.

In spite of expressing solidarity against russia's war on the Ukraine, and then telling the world that they were "pulling out" of russia, McDonald's brand is still selling at locations across russia.

THAT's Classy.

(Don't eat that crap.)

"If he wants to apologize and wants forgiveness as a representative of the Church, he can come to us and pay for the repatriation of the little children that were never returned to the parents."

"Over a hundred and fifty years of historical trauma experiences from residential schools will not be wiped out with a few apologetic words…I'm sorry we got caught."

convoy supporters.... 

Convoy protests cost Canada well over 3 billion dollars last month.

There are some genuine nutbags living around me.
This pic is from a fry place (The Chip Pit) where the ultra-religious supported the convoy and cheered on confederate flags and the insurrection against Canada's government.

lol, stop in for the "freedom fries" and stay for a bilious christo-fascist right-wing-garbage experience.

Hearing about the many many incidents of racism towards POC fleeing the Ukraine.... pathetic.

Pileated Woodpecker is spending a few hours a day working on the dead wood in my maple trees.

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