canadian conservatives of old.... 

When stephen harper says this:

but he's really this:

he's actually just a populist bigot who almost wrecked Canada. don't need a prick like stephen "praying" for you.

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local timeline.some love 

I just wanted to send some gratitude out to all of the cool folks I see on my local timeline here.
You are all disembodied strangers who are a part of my daily routine.
Your photos, stories, lives, as you share them..... keep being awesome. Thanks.


I'm not hearing enough about how decades of the FOX network has contributed to the melting of logic, reasoning, & the republican mind. Seems like a pretty big bad player in all this bs.


anti-maskers, spreaders: go to the back of the line.
THAT's how Cdn hospitals should be planning for when beds get scarce.

winter morning 

It's mid-winter. Soft snows are falling in the early morn.
In years past we normally see over a foot or two of snow at this time of year. Might be starting now.....

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Pretty grotesque racism 

"In 1946, the committee considered opening investigations into the Ku Klux Klan, but decided against doing so, prompting white supremacist committee member John E. Rankin (D-Miss.) to remark, 'After all, the KKK is an old American institution.'"

Instead they focused on investigating communists and the WPA. It was two decades before they investigated the Klan

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Well, it took a long time, but Doug Ford has actually said something that isn't profoundly rhetorical and fos......for once.
Hindsight is of little comfort for millions......

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Thunder Bay police can claim a rich legacy of utter racism and bigotry towards Indigenous People.
Here's the latest in a series of easily accessible stories about how terrible Thunder Bay police have been.
Next they will call another toothless inquiry which will take months or years and lead to nothing.....

USA, you can impeach but... 

I'm not hearing enough accountability in general from the fascist insurrection party.....
Conan better start sharpening that sword......


Do ya know what a "partial lockdown" is?
It's NOT a fu@kin Lockdown, that's what it is.

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Anyone who thinks that what we in Ontario have been doing for the last few months resembles anything like an actual "lockdown"... is probably part of the problem.
Ontario is about to get bad. It was obvious weeks ago this was coming..... we failed. doug ford failed.

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If Republicans want healing, every single one must rebuke the Trump lies as a minimum first step.


Impressive leadership in Ontario these days...
Cases have been increasingly climbing for months... the numbers were starting to look bad loong ago...
A few days ago our illustrious Premier of Ontario agreed it looks bad and sounded the alarm.
He's been on tv talking about the numbers, and how desperately bad the modelling looks.....
He's still mulling over what to do about it.........
Our premier and his elitist buddies don't manage covid.... Covid manages them.

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Canadian radio comedy.political.funny 

A Canadian comedy/news quiz radio (and also a tv) show.
Excellent Cdn Radio. 27mins.

"Because News" from January 8, 2021.

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us pol concerns.... 

Dumpin trump is not nearly enough.
There are hundreds of other players in offices responsible for this insurrection. They must be removed from power now.
This should not be a time for ANY republican to speak of ethics, or even to speak. shut them down.

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