Murmurations and, nearby, a murder of crows.
The birds are getting ready to flock off before the winter.

Canada's "labour shortage".... 

When you employers figure out how to pay your workers a wage that is worth their labour, then you probably will no longer have a "labour shortage".

Interesting conversations around me yesterday about facebook: ethics transparency, actions and accountability....
Then we had almost the exact same conversation about the catholic church.
...It sounds like it's a good time to get out of both of those eff'd up institutions. ...while holding them to account.

harvest time. It's not just squash, peppers and tomatoes.....
cut. hang. dry. trim. cure.

The CCCB says words to "acknowledge the suffering" of the Indigenous peoples of this land... and that's about it.
Fu@k the catholic church.


Anyone who can see how Conservatives have "governed" at a provincial level (Alberta, Saskatchewan, etc) has no good reason to want that kind of leadership federally.
The cons don't even want Ontario's Premier to speak until the federal election is over! ....because Ford's a big lying doofus who will lose them votes by speaking.

Only a fool could trust O'Toole.

quebec bill 21.opinion 

To anyone with any loose grasp of the language, Quebec's Bill 21 is definitely a bigoted, racist bill.
That is not a debate among rational people.

Whether Quebecers want this bill and the racism and bigotry that will follow is another issue.

Also: the "fleurs-de-lis" symbol that populates many many many public places in quebec, including their flag, IS A RELIGIOUS SYMBOL (catholic) and therefore- according to the bill- should not be displayed by people in public places.

Kenny was always this awful..... 

This is the incompetence I have come to expect from conservatives in general. It costs lives.

I made some blueberry-apple and some tomato-apple jelly, using the appropriate recipe books.

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