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Not sure what's up with Kwin though. Crashing every other day on Debian Stretch.

I should apologize to all the good folks behind Thunderbird email client. Surely one of the best offers around. Just frustrated with crashes and bugs lately. I'm giving the binary a try. Go 💟

Thanks Thunderbird email client. Lost all my local emails after crash. Uninstalled this piece of crap program. Trying kmail.

Just having one of those days where I really hate linux and the whole Debian Stretch +KDE ecosystem. Kwin ,Thunderbird and Mozilla ESR crash for months now. Attempts to migrate email w Kmail..fails (hitting a bug in kmail). You can't even have a wallpaper properly scaled in qt5.7 (bug in qt for the past 2 yrs) need to wait to qt5.9. That requires Debian unstable. (Debian stretch +KDE Stable...not so stable and buggy)

Pontiac Laurentian. Port Stanley, Ontario.

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Another view of Huascarán. Near Llanganuco Lagoon. Added map and approx direction of picture.

An improved version of an old post. Huascarán peaks part 2.

The Pastoruri Glacier has lost 15.5% of its mass and 22% of its size in the last 35 yrs. One of the few glaciers left in the tropical areas of S. America. Located at 5250m. From

Detached section of Pastoruri Glacier. Downsized to UHD.

. Flying to Cusco, crossing the white Cordillera.

It's been a while. I'll start a long long thread about . No part. order for now. Just pics 😊

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Harry Potter and the Cruelty of Neoliberal Economics

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