Reupload. The picture was a bit crooked

Its been a while since my last toot but I just didn't have anything worth sharing. Fortunately that changed today

I found that Vase and decided to play around with a flashlight and long exposures. Turns out, creating "smoke" with a flashlight isn't the easiest thing I've done. Took me quite a few attempts.

if you have any criticism or advice. I would love to hear it

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Ok ok ok. In Germany there is this thing called Studentenfutter. The Internet says in english its Scroggin or Gorp. But these sound like words nobody is using. Anyhow. Its a mix thats supposed to consist of Raisins, Hazelnuts, Walnuts and Cashews.

It feels like that in recent years the percentage of Para nuts in those mixes keeps rising. And now I wan't somebody to blame it on. Who likes Para nuts?
So, I present to you a conpletely unbiased poll

The perspective is a bit unfortunate. The farther side of those utility poles makes it look a bit fuzzy

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I think I'm going to have to try this again with better lighting; there's a couple of other compositions I need to try around that bridge also.
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a couple of months ago there was quite a windy afternoon and I wanted to take pictures of windswept trees and dramatic cloudstructures. This din't really work out but I like this picture nevertheless

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Hi again!

This last week I've been visiting London, very beautiful city with lots of places to practice photography.

The first one that I'd like to share with you is the underground 🚇

After several tries I achieved (more or less) the effect that I wanted using low shutter speeds :)

Canon EOS 200D
18-55mm @ 55mm
ISO 1600

CC BY-SA 3.0

Edited with

Next week I'll go on a two week trip in the Brecon Beacons Nationalpark.
And here the piece of equipement I can't decide whether to hope I'll need it (because I made it and I want to use it) or to hope I don't need it ( would mean no bad weather). My DIY camera raincover! Tried and tested in my in-house leak-testing-facility (I.e. my shower)

I'm looking for people to hike a segment of the Cambrian Way in Wales with (preferably from southern germany, since I'd like to meet you before our trip. Otherwise skype is fine too).
I plan on a two week long trip with a couple break days at nice spots to take photos and enjoy the landscape. I would start in cardiff (except you have another idea)

The whole thing is a bit on short notice since I wanted to leave around August 26th.

If you're interested, let me know!

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Red and White Gladiolus after the Rain

Canon SL2/200D - Canon 18-135mm Lens - ISO 800


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