Spider macro photo 

Recently moved to a house high up the jungle mountain - lots of opportunities to pull out my macro lense 😅

This six spotted jumping pretends to be a because it's absolutely harmless to anyone but tiny other insects. Adorable!

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Shots of the Common Waxbill (Estrilda astrild), adult and juveniles, spotted feeding at Kranji Marshes, Singapore, on 23 May 2021. They weren't too concerned about me getting close to take these shots.

The Common Waxbill is native to south of the Sahara, Africa. They were probably introduced here via the bird trade.

On iNaturalist [ inaturalist.org/observations/7 ]

Sunsets on south part of my island! This little island is called shark Island and is called this way because of blacktip sharks that are often found there.

However my favorite bit is that it starts glowing during sunsets, especially when it's slightly overcast - you get views like this!

Rainy season is starting on my little island. These little guys are popping up everywhere!
They are surprisingly chill - though it's often their own demise as they tend to chill at the wrong places like roads 😬

I've tried to put a little flower on its head for some shots but it didn't enjoy that and hopped away 😅

Bluespotted Ribbontail Ray!

Most common ray in the gulf of Thailand. Nevertheless it's adorable and always pleasant to see because of those exotic blue spots.

During the day they hide under the rocks like these and at nights they go for the shallows to hunt for all sorts of small critters in groups!

Despite having a sharp, venomous barb they are super shy and will squiggle away quickly if you get too close!

Fun fact: the diving sign for stingrays is 🖕

Scrambled Egg Nudibranch

They are probably the most common nudibranches in my area but they're still a pleasant find!
They are extremely poisonous for fish and crustacians.

Weird that it's called "scrambled egg" when it looks more like an omlet 🤔

If you come on to it from behind all you can see is little eyes poking out from the shell 😆

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Hermit Crab Chilling Next to some anemone.

Learning more about and the camera. Seems like flash is enough to capture some nice shots in depths of 20 meters or so if the water is quite clear - especially for close ups!

The 200$ housing actually held up the 30 meter depth perfectly fine!

First deep dive with my underwater camera! 5am wake up was tough - let's hope we can snap some good ones!

I'm rather new to diving so I'm just enjoying the activity itself and finding critters to take photos off while my girl has hundreds of dives so the camera in hands is a good refresher for her! 😁

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First underwater shots by my girlfriend!

Finally my cam hausing has arrived and it's rather decent! We took a shallow beach dive to test it out. Still learning, especially about photo cleanup in 😬

I ordered a underwater housing for my camera from aliexpress a month ago. They kept providing me with fake tracking codes 4 times in a row for a month until finally they shipped it (?) 🤣

This is the first time I see this sort of "scam" - points for creativity I guess 😅

Inb4 comments that I should invest into proper hausing - there really aren't any options in my country and afaik that's a good one there.

Got my entry underwater camera set up but the housing is not here yet. Look who popped in for some macro practice shots? 🦗 😌

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Hey guys, anyone knows any good resources how to take better female portraits and photos in general? My girlfriend says I'm a bad human photographer... and she might be right 😅

What a lovely collection of great of by The Atlantic. It's probably the most captivating part of USA for me though might be responsible for that.

Would love to get there at some point, as soon as you get rid of child murdering clowns that is😅


Went to an statue garden here in .
What a lovely tour! The lady there was very excited to tell us about Thai sex culture and how important it is to celebrate human bodies and sexuality.

The sprinkles turned on and I got this cool with tiny rainbow. Kinda fitting 😁🌈

When I poop I like to create fake album covers from random photos on my phone 😅

My morning reading spot has some great opportunities. Maybe I'll take my dslr there next time 🤔

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