What a lovely collection of great of by The Atlantic. It's probably the most captivating part of USA for me though might be responsible for that.

Would love to get there at some point, as soon as you get rid of child murdering clowns that is😅


Went to an statue garden here in .
What a lovely tour! The lady there was very excited to tell us about Thai sex culture and how important it is to celebrate human bodies and sexuality.

The sprinkles turned on and I got this cool with tiny rainbow. Kinda fitting 😁🌈

When I poop I like to create fake album covers from random photos on my phone 😅

My morning reading spot has some great opportunities. Maybe I'll take my dslr there next time 🤔

You know this instance is doing something right when your home and local time lines are almost identical!

The smog has been pretty awful here lately but this new coffee spot in the middle of the jungle makes it a bit better

50 best photos of 2019 picked by new atlas.com!
A lot of them are a bit over edited for my taste but I found a favorite nevertheless!


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Been shopping around for a new phone and settled on Samsung's galaxy which is super comfy and packs a really lovely camera.

I kinda wanted a telephoto lense but nothing that I liked carried one. That being said wide angle is much exciting!

So far I'm really happy with it. Here's a sunset from my balcony.

Today I retire my old buddy 😔
Unfortunately the drop from the 6th floor was too much for it. It was by far the best pocket camera I've had - huewei p20 pro.

Any recommendations that rock a great camera?

It was around 11 am and it seems to be kinda stuck in this little overgrown area near my new condo. Probably did some hunting during the night time and now it's hoping around trees and looks a bit scared.
After half an hour it found an escape route and flew towards a nearby mountain. Hope to see it come back!
First time I got an owl on camera here in Thailand though according to locals they aren't that rare.
Fun fact: there's an alphabet letter named after an owl in Thai: ฮ which stands for H.

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Got a buddy today creepily staring at me at my new place.
Thinking. Planning. Scheming.

Anyone knows any gimmick or plugins that are fun to mess around like for ?

Pic related.

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