From a trip back in 2016, a shot of the Eiffel Tower. The park / garden that usually features was being renovated so this shot is from a bridge over the Seine.

Ha’Penny Bridge, Dublin.
I love the way it arches over the River Liffey.
Taken on a Dublin trip in 2017.

A shot of Brighton’s Palace Pier, now back under its original name. Editors in Snapseed.

Heres a Black and White Zoom Burst with the West Pier. I love the Zoom Burst effect that draws the eye into the center.

Hello, my on
I'm a Brighton based photographer (and web developer by day). I'm looking to develop my photography practice more.

This is the West Pier in , taken on a 1 second exposure. I'm currently researching what filters I need to create long exposure photographs.

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