London Eye reflecting in the pond in St James Park.

Taken with my Nikon D3100 digital SLR, 4 second shutter, and using the bridge as a tripod.

This is unedited straight from the camera. Once I saw the reflection in the water I had to try and get a shot.

Looking down Ryde Pier.

I love the effect on how the pier roadway and train track goes out over the sea.

Got another film roll back.
This time from a small trip I did to the Isle of Wight post season a few weeks back.

Film is Lomography 100.

Should say travel theme, but as it’s been faved and boosted now can’t delete it.

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Keeping with the trace theme with boats moored up in .

I love to go exploring there at the weekend, a bit away from the tourists too.

Camera is Praktica MTL3 and Film is Ilford HP5 Plus.

Haven’t been active here for a while… Sorry :-) To make up for it, I got the film back from Oxford adventures in July (Needed to finish a roll).

Here is the Headington Shark, a monument to one guys long fight with a local councils planning department.

Something I’ve wanted to make a pilgrimage to for a long time.

Film is Ilford HP5 Plus ISO 400.

Long time no post! :-)
Have been shooting some film again, though had a camera accident and the film got exposed on the roll. Theres a Red overcast on the images I’m trying to eliminate. Which one do people think is better?

Last little bit from my second film shoot.

Looking up at Brighton Clocktower.

I Love the blue overcast tones, I think this is the effect of the Apollo film. Going to have to try this out some more, to try and replicate.

Praktica MTL 3 and Dubblefilm Apollo.

Apologies been busy with other work things, have a bunch of photos to process, included two nice walks out to Seven Sisters and another around Devils Dyke.

Some Street captures with the old film Camera around .

Camera is Praktica MTL3 and film is Dubblefilm Apollo.

It has an overcast effect which I think might be part of the tint from the film. It’s also a little underexposed as trying to understand the light meter.

Just got a second bunch of film photos developed. This time using Dubblefilm Apollo.

Did have a bit of a problem as the film snapped during the rewind, and teared the film. Looks like I lost 7 frames.

Heres a sample, its from the London the Brighton Mini run, when they arrived at Brighton Beach.

Part of Film Experiments Batch 002.

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