I looked outside just now and saw a very bright "star" to the NNE.

Took a quick photo at 400mm focal length, and took a peek on the computer. It's Jupiter and 4 of its moons.

I heard the Brown Goshawk this morning just after getting out of bed, and watched it do things in its nest for about 5 mins before heading out again. Managed to get this launch shot (the next frame was a better "in flight" shot, but missed the focus.

Update on the nest, it isn't a Pacific Baza nest, but rather the Brown Goshawks are nesting there.

I head soft calling so went to investigate and there was a Goshawk attending the nest, and then taking flight when done.

Saw it again this arvo. Paid more attention to the call. It is definitely a Brown Goshawk, NOT a Collared Sparrowhawk.

(they're very similar, but for size and call mostly).

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Pretty sure this is a Collared Sparrowhawk. There's a pair of them hanging around my property at the moment. The calls definitely seem to be that of the sparrowhawk, rather than the larger, but nearly identical Brown Goshawk.

No wonder the birds around here have been a little subdued of late. Between a visiting Collared Sparrowhawk, and now a nesting Pacific Baza, I dare say they think the skies are a bit dangerous right now.

I wonder about my local community sometimes.

Did the author miss a word ("wash"), or are they only after dogs on the move?

I once shot the Queen. Admittedly, sniped from a distance.

Royal Visit, Brisbane, Australia, Oct 2011.

Farm under the Milky Way.

I went out to shoot meteors last night, and wasn't very successful on that front, but did get a reasonable Milky Way shot.

The King Parrots came to visit this afternoon, approx 6-8 of them (hard to tell when they're squabbling and constantly flying between seed piles).

Anyway, here's a male and female that stayed still long enough to photograph.

Our friendly magpie was back today, foraging for worms and bugs in the backyard, with a new friend, a Pied Currawong.

They seemed to get along ok together.

More Restless Flycatcher. It appears, he's not stealing bugs from the spiderwebs, but stealing the spiders themselves!

A Restless Flycatcher, slightly damp, on the powerline to our house. He visits around this time of year to feast on any bugs the spiders catch and leave in their webs.

and by full day coverage, I mean full day. I was shooting from approx 9:30am until around 11pm.

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Cull done: 502 deliverables (some are sequences). Pretty standard for a full day wedding coverage.

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There was an unexpected gate-crasher at the wedding, just as we were waiting for the bride's party to arrive, this large Black Swan sauntered over and stood near the groomsmen.

Clearly, it knew it was a black-tie occasion and decided it was dressed for the occasion.

Big day, 1,589 photos over two cameras, but this wedding is a wrap.

* corrected original post with the correct count, now that I'm awake and home again.

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