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David de Groot @david

Whoohoo! Got some radio telescopes with the milky way.


This is part of the Australian Compact Telescope Array, at Narrabri, NSW.

Very excited to have captured a photo of one of these guys.

It's a Splendid fairy-wren. While we get Superb fairy-wren's at home, these guys don't come that far north or east, and are so much prettier.


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@katebowles It's pretty good, for sure, although possibly better without the outrageous winds ;-)

We visited the Living Desert Sculpture Garden this afternoon. It's about 5km or so north of Broken Hill. I was hoping to be able to stay until after dark for some milky way shots, but the gates close at 18:30 which meant that wasn't going to happen.
Also, it was very exposed and blowing 35-40kph winds.

The sculptures themselves were built by Intl artists in 1993 for a Sculpture Symposium and are situated on a small hill with 360ΒΊ views.


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@kemonine problem is, I tend to delete those.

@kemonine maybe, but there's no point posting those ;-)

@Sebastian Sick? Damn, I'd have been devastated if that were me.

Kangaroos in the desert not far from Silverton.

We took a side track, on my daughter's advice (turned out it didn't go anywhere except past these roos).

#Photography #Marsupial #Desert #Outback


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Another shot of the echidna we encountered on the edge of the Mundi Mundi Plains this afternoon. A decent sized fellow, who didn't seem to be too bothered about our presence, and wandered right past me as I sat on the rocks taking photos.

#Monotreme #Photography #Outback #Desert


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Later, we found a spot in the desert to catch the sunset.


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Today's adventure saw us on the edge of the Mundi Mundi Plain in outback New South Wales. A vast expanse of red dirt and salt bush, and this little fellow, an Echidna.


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@Algot yeah it takes about 3-4 hours to drive across it at 110kph. Walking would be a bad idea.

I present to you, the Hay Plains. Possibly the most boring landscape you will ever see.

Tonight I made it a point to get a halfway decent shot of the moon despite the clouds.

Thanks go to @eylul for getting me to think about it πŸ˜‰


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Leaden Flycatcher on my clothesline just now. Seems to be less worried about humans than some other birds around here.


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Just some eucalyptus flowers shot from my veranda.

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@kemonine Tiny jumping spiders are cool though. Esp. the Peacock spiders.

Yeah, my wife deals with the spiders, I take care of the snakes.

@kemonine neat! And yes, big fan of animals, pretty much all of them (except spiders, not a big fan of spiders).

@kemonine A mate of mine in Sydney lost his photo mojo for a while, didn't shoot for about 2 years! Back into it now though.