Crimson Rosellas in the back yard today. Some of the longer grass is seeding, and they always like a bit of fresh grass seed.

This morning the female King Parrot is monopolising the seed, so the male is posing on the veranda railing talking to her, and looking quizzically at me.

Sulphur-crested Cockatoos are notoriously mischievous and destructive when they are bored, as such we usually scare them off the bird feeder in case they should start to destroy the house.
However, they’ve now learnt to be quiet. I still hear them cracking the seed with their beaks though.

The King Parrots popped in this morning for a feed and then came back in the afternoon, but were scarred off the feeder by a Currawong, so they went around the front and called to me until I put a plate of seed out.

We had to pop down to the parcel locker to collect a parcel and decided to go at night (less people). Turns out this was a most excellent plan as we encountered this Echidna on our driveway.

Today's is a Peaceful Dove. One of the smaller varieties in Australia (about half the size of a normal city pigeon).

The King Parrots popped back just now, but there was no seed, so the Male (red one) whistled at me and waited until I put seed out, whereby the female (green one) joined him. They're both happily crunching seed right now.

Portrait of a seed thief.

I put seed out for my local King Parrots, but the Sulphur-crested Cockatoos have now discovered it and are regular visitors.

I wouldn't mind so much, but they are messy eaters and have a habit of being destructive when bored.

This Australasian Darter was having quite the time with its breakfast this morning. It dropped the fish back in the lake at least twice while i was watching and then had to swim around trying to find it again, only to find it couldn’t quite swallow it whole.

Took the dog to the beach. It was lovely and quiet. Passed four people about 15 feet away. That's Venus over on the right :)

Wet ducks today. I spied them in the lake and then they got out right near me. :)

Alas, they seem to have lost one of the brood (down to 7 instead of the regular 8).

Found the duckling family this morning and being next to a concrete path, I could get down to their level.

Mind you, as they can’t read, they haven’t got the social distancing memo.

Tired of all the doom and gloom about at the moment ?

Here are some grazing ducklings instead!

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