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David de Groot 📸 @david@photog.social

Storm coming in from the North just on sunset, means some pretty weird light in the backyard right now.


Time for again.

Hi! I'm David, but I answer to most forms of that.

By day, I work at a University Library in IT Support, but out of normal hours I work in photography (weddings, commercial, etc), or just shoot for fun (birds, nature).

I have a/cs on other instances: @dadegroot and @david where I post cooking and other things, and things pertaining to Brisbane Australia.

I shoot with Canon dSLRs (1 series) and a range of mostly L series lenses, including the rare 200/1.8L

Some photos from the Blues Arcadia, single launch last night at the Flamin' Galah in town (Brisbane, Aust).

If you love some hard hitting soulful blues, look these guys up on iTunes/Spotify/etc

In fact, here is the single on Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/bluesarcadia/re

photog.social/media/wHBjEIYM1U photog.social/media/vUCjzfz-02 photog.social/media/8tUzYP-7DP photog.social/media/9TxYqv18Vn

I might have got an early Christmas present - Canon EF 15mm f/2.8 Fisheye.
A quick test out the side of the house.


I downloaded since I figured it was about time I tried it out again.
Generally, it looks pretty good, and seems to do a reasonable job.
EXCEPT, the SVG rendering of watermarks is a bit screwed up.
Since I have Adobe Illustrator, I recreated my watermark in there, then exported to SVG. Finder, and Safari both render it correctly, Darktable gives me the attached børked version. photog.social/media/rdFOlHlxg_

Also attached, how Finder sees it: photog.social/media/hGAP1Mg3Yp

Good morrow and a happy Tuesday unto ye all! Have you eaten yet? Go and grab something to nom on. Have a glass of water. Go and stand outside and take a breath or three of fresh air. Treat yourself with a mug of your favourite brew or some chocolate or other tasty snack, or indulge in an activity you enjoy but don't make time for. Here's a free virtual hug! *hug* Go gerrem, tiger. Rawr <3

And I'm back... Haven't posted much due to being swamped with family and work shizz!

Anyhoo, quick question for the GIMPers - in Photoshop, I use the Custom Shape Tool for my watermarks - is there any way of recreating this functionality in Gimp, because if there is a way of doing it I certainly can't find it.
I prefer GIMP to PS (it seems to fit my workflow better), but this is the one thing stopping me from moving over.
Cheers! :D

First impressions of the new Lightroom offerings.

Lightroom Classic CC - pretty much the same LR we all know.

LR CC - "I do not like it, Sam I am, not with a goat, not on a boat, not in a train, or on a plane."

Very much an oversimplified obscure application with limited export options, and a non-intuitive interface. Steer clear of this monstrosity unless you edit everything on an iPad.

Just rescued this little ladybug from the bathroom where it would have surely starved to death.

It's now back outside where it belongs.


From about 20-25m up in a cherry-picker, Caloundra Music Festival on the Saturday early evening, just as a cruise ship sailed past. Glenn Hughes on stage.


So for the last four days, I've been photographing the Caloundra Music Festival. It's a big event, and you're both sad and glad it's over by the end of it.

On Saturday evening, I shot Wolfmother. They're somewhat big in Australia, and I think have made waves overseas as well.

photog.social/media/DtmfdJzfXw photog.social/media/vqwHr_B47U photog.social/media/aK7nB8Wh5G

A Green Catbird.

They're named as such, due to their call, which is similar to a cat's yowl, or sometimes a baby's cry.

Primarily a fruit eating bird (they're quite partial to many varieties of Australian figs (which aren't really figs)), they're usually difficult to spot in the tree tops as their green colouring blends in very well.