About an hour of ambient sounds by my little backyard creek.

Features flowing water, cicadas, the odd bird, etc.


#Summer #SoundScape #Creek #Water

A Once in a Lifetime Event........ Comet Leonard

Beginning Dec. 14, the comet will be viewable in the night sky and for a few days, no instruments will be needed to see it. Lunsford said it will appear next to Venus, and viewers will notice the comet in between the horizon and Venus right after sunset on Dec. 17. In the early hours of Dec. 18, Leonard will be 2.6 million miles away from Venus.

@david Singapore also has then, but I haven't gone to look for them yet.

Here are some excellent luminous fungi shots by local macro photographer, Nicky Bay.


Another successful frog hunt tonight. I located this wee chap on the veranda.

But while out in the yard, I also found some luminous fungi growing on a stump. It's the first time I've come across glowing mushrooms before.

Look at this glorious friend.

A Red-eyed Treefrog (Litoria Chloris). One of about 3 - 4 spotted in my backyard in the rain, calling away happily.

The King Parrots were back on the weekend, after a bit of an hiatus (mostly, I presume, because I had two weeks in the office and thus wasn't feeding them).

#bird #KingParrot #AustralianWildlife #nature #photo

The Variegated Fairywrens were quite active this morning because of the presence of a young Pied Currawong.

There were several males flitting between branches and calling, like this fellow.

For comparison, here is what my front yard sounds like this morning. The constant Bell Miner calls make up a lot of the sounds, but there are a range of other birds including Lorikeets, Magpies, Doves/Pigeons and probably a King Parrot or two, and of course Cicadas.

Sounds from my front yard this evening. Night insects and frogs mostly.

Went for a wander down the driveway and in the backyard to record some frogs for the project.

I happened to actually see a frog this time (Green Tree frog), and of course a Cane Toad (damned pests that they are), and a moderately large snail.

The frog/toad were shot under the light of a red torch, whereas the snail I used a white torch.

Spider (but cute) 

Found this tiny tiny jumping spider of some sort on the bark of a tree on my driveway.

I caught up with the Great Court Tawny Frogmouth family at UQ today. The chicks were both awake and very interested in me.

I stumbled across the "Staff House" Bush Stone-curlews today and noticed they have a chick (looks to be a couple of weeks old). Their camouflage doesn't work so well on green grass ;-)

Finally got around to ID'ing some of the shorebirds I saw in Cairns.

This one is a Gull-billed Tern. (Gelochelidon nilotica)

Tonights (partial) Lunar Eclipse, from South East Queensland, where it was already in eclipse as the moon rose just after sunset.

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