Itโ€™s duckling season at work again, and this morning I found a group of four just near the parking station I park in.

These are Australian Wood Ducks.

The Stella eagle at Warwick Castle when we were there in 2013. Shot with a 35mm lens, as that's what I had on the camera when we stumbled across the bird show.

Bush Stone-Curlews at work this morning. There are two sets living close to each other. This one is part of a group of five, and there is a separate couple nearby.

This afternoon's critters. A resting (but suspicious) Bush Stone-Curlew, and a Brisbane River short-neck turtle on a rock.

Pelican and Little Black Cormorants in front of a fountain on the lake in the late afternoon light.

#bird #birb #nature #photography #photo #fountain
Sulphur Crested Cockatoo with cycad fruit.

While watching some grey kangaroos, I glanced up and saw this cockatoo having a lovely feed on a cycad fruit segment.

#bird #AustralianWildlife #CarnarvonGorge

Off on a small road trip today, out to Jondaryan Woolshed.

It's an historical woolshed, and they're having an open day today featuring lots of "Olde Worlde" things.

Looking up at some of the walls of #CarnarvonGorge. A keen rock climber might be able to get up them, but for most of us, they're completely impassable.

#photo #photography
Striated Pardalote not far from the campsite at Takarakka Bush Resort, #CarnarvonGorge. This tiny bird has a relatively loud Peep Peep call whose frequency makes it hard to locate.
They typically nest in embankments, making a burrow in the dirt.

#bird #AustralianWildlife #photo #photography
Some experimental #photography while at Ward's Canyon, in the #CarnarvonGorge National Park.

I zoomed the lens while exposing. i.e. this effect is entirely in camera. Camera was on a tripod in order to keep the centre still when zooming.

#photo #experimental
Better hop to it!

This amorous Grey Kangaroo was bounding after a female who had spurned his advances by hopping away.

We watched for a while (as you do), before leaving them to sort it out between them.

#photo #photography #AustralianWildlife #Kangaroo #macropod #CarnarvonGorge
Who doesn't love a kookaburra ?

(Snakes, snakes don't love kookaburras, but conversely, kookaburras love snakes).

#bird #photo #photography #AustralianWildlife #CarnarvonGorge
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