This is an image of the Chukar Partridge shot in Ladakh. In Indian and Pakistani culture this bird symbolises intense, often unrequited love and is thought to be in love with the moon and gazes at it constantly.

"When I beheld thy face mournful, lady, I wandered restlessly o'er the world, Thy face is like the moon, and my heart like the chakor" - translated from a Bengali song, have no idea which one or how popular.

Happily curled up on the chair when the youngest son started making kissy noises behind me.

200mm f/2 iso6400 1/100th sec, bounced flash.

200mm f/1.8 with a 12mm extension tube to defeat the minimum focus distance, doesn't leave a lot of depth of field ;-)

Red Sun over Canefields.

Northern NSW is full of smoke from bushfires, as such the sun took on a very red hue. Just before it disappeared behind invisible clouds, I captured this shot over canefields.

The King Parrots were back on the feeder this morning, at one stage, both of them, with a Brush Turkey on the veranda railing looking on.

By the time I got the big camera out, the female was feeding while the male kept guard.

I haven't been well enough to get out and take photos of the forest and wye this autumn beyond the pond, so here's some favourites from last year.
Including the perfect shot of Tintern Abbey I'd been wanting to get for years! °

Our resident Brush Turkey (also known colloquially as a Bush Turkey), has discovered my new bird feeder. It spent a lot of time scratching around at the base, but then jumped up to eat the seed (the two regular Currawongs had already cleared out the sultanas).

Four hours early for but here are four photos of a Black-faced Monarch that really didn't work, but would have been pretty good if they had.

Somewhat older today. A reconstruction of a Muttaburrasaurus skeleton in the Queensland Museum.

I found the three ducklings again this afternoon while doing a bird count. One of them had clearly been bitten on the leg by an ant and kept stopping to try to soothe it.

Also. a coot trying to look majestic in the late afternoon sun.

More #AustralianWildlife visiting the water I put out for them this week. A Pied Currawong (multiple visits), mother and joey Swamp Wallabies, a Brush Turkey and a mystery rodent.

#video #TrailCam

And here is the lens in question, being wielded by its owner.

Canon EF 800mm f/5.6L IS in all its glory.

(Shot settings: 200mm f/1.8 1/4000th at ISO 160)

In case anyone is interested, the distance to subject on the Singer, was 10.01m (with a depth of field of of just 0.05m).

Distance to subhect for the red-headed woman was 14.64m (with a depth of field of 0.11m).

Alas, not my lens, it belongs to a friend, but it's definitely awesome.

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