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David de Groot 📸 @david@photog.social

Just rescued this little ladybug from the bathroom where it would have surely starved to death.

It's now back outside where it belongs.


From about 20-25m up in a cherry-picker, Caloundra Music Festival on the Saturday early evening, just as a cruise ship sailed past. Glenn Hughes on stage.


I got photographed at the Caloundra Music Festival on Monday (in the rain).


So for the last four days, I've been photographing the Caloundra Music Festival. It's a big event, and you're both sad and glad it's over by the end of it.

On Saturday evening, I shot Wolfmother. They're somewhat big in Australia, and I think have made waves overseas as well.

photog.social/media/DtmfdJzfXw photog.social/media/vqwHr_B47U photog.social/media/aK7nB8Wh5G

A Green Catbird.

They're named as such, due to their call, which is similar to a cat's yowl, or sometimes a baby's cry.

Primarily a fruit eating bird (they're quite partial to many varieties of Australian figs (which aren't really figs)), they're usually difficult to spot in the tree tops as their green colouring blends in very well.


The Sturt Desert Pea.

This ground covering bush is common in outback and desert areas of Australia. Named after the explorer Charles Sturt, it is an iconic symbol of the desert.

(NB: not actually a pea, and you shouldn't attempt to eat it).


More backyard birds.

Same Forest Kingfisher as before, this time on top of the clothes line, and a Bell Miner (coloq. Bellbird).

photog.social/media/E3H1TSr8bV photog.social/media/olLL10DydF

Spring has definitely returned, as has our resident Forest Kingfishers. Here is one of them happily perched on the perching stick I erected in the back yard (right outside our back door).

From here, birds can survey the backyard looking for prey (in this guys case, grubs, beetles, slow-moving flies or bees, the odd worm).


Spotted just now on my clothesline in the backyard - a Laughing Kookaburra (not currently laughing, rather, looking for breakfast).


Previous photo in context.
Shot from Mt Ainslie, in Canberra, looking down across the War Memorial, Old and New Parliament Houses.


The Australian Capital, Canberra.

In the foreground, The National War Memorial.

Just across the lake, the Old Parliament House.

and beyond that, "New" Parliament House.