A pair of Red-browed Finches that popped up on the bird feeder this afternoon to clean up anything the parrots hadn't eaten. Luckily for them, I'd just put out new seed.

Critters spotted around the University of Queensland today (I had to work this morning (saturday) due to staff computer rollouts).

A corella striking a pose in the morning light, a Tawny Frogmouth asleep in a teatree, an Eastern Waterdragon really loving his branch, and a Bin Chicken (Australian White Ibis) on a park chair.

A veritable explosion of King Parrots on the veranda this morning (four in total, one female, two adult males and a juvenile male).

Pepsรฌ the pussycat is beside himself with excitement, but is safely inside behind a security door.

Female King Parrot, on my veranda bird feeder.

This shot was a bit of an experiment. I shot if from the corner of the house, on the 1DMkIV, with a 400/5.6L and 2x TC.
800mm optical focal length with a 1.3x crop sensor for a total effective field of view equivalent to 1040mm.
Shot on a tripod, and manually focused.

The female King Parrot is back for breakfast this morning. This time, I used a Canon EF 400mm f/5.6L on a Canon EOS 1DMkIV.

Another photo from the big camera today. Processed it all moody like. :D


Nikon D7000, Tamron 18-400mm, processed in Darktable.

One of the big camera pics from the hike today!


Nikon D7000, Tamron f18-400, processed in Darktable.

The KIng Parrots were back on the feeder this morning. Well ok, the female King Parrot was back on the feeder. The male tends to sit on the house gutter above, keeping watch.

200mm f/2.2 iso3200 1/400th & 1/1000th

This is an image of the Chukar Partridge shot in Ladakh. In Indian and Pakistani culture this bird symbolises intense, often unrequited love and is thought to be in love with the moon and gazes at it constantly.

"When I beheld thy face mournful, lady, I wandered restlessly o'er the world, Thy face is like the moon, and my heart like the chakor" - translated from a Bengali song, have no idea which one or how popular.

Happily curled up on the chair when the youngest son started making kissy noises behind me.

200mm f/2 iso6400 1/100th sec, bounced flash.

200mm f/1.8 with a 12mm extension tube to defeat the minimum focus distance, doesn't leave a lot of depth of field ;-)

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