We went mad and walked 15km yesterday.

But on the bright side, saw some amazing Aboriginal art, and great scenery too.

Today was a quiet day around the camp. We saw a few birds, walked about 5-6km and saw both of the known monotremes, echidna and platypus.

Photography wise, no flash was allowed, so these were shot using the guides red spotlight, and at iso 51200, f/1.8 and about 1/200 to 1/300th sec

We did a night tour with Australian Nature Guides last night and saw heaps of glider possums. We even saw two Greater Gliders gliding (they donโ€™t do that much because like koalas they feed on gum leaves and need to conserve energy) and many Yellow-belly gliders gliding (they are omnivorous).

Twas freezing outside but well worth it.


These guys are a communal bird. One breeding pair maintains a flock of helpers who all help raise the chicks, maintain the nest, etc.

Theyโ€™re quite comical to watch too.

Some highlights from our Carnavon Gorge adventure so far.

A platypus, a wallaby with joey, a Rakali and an Azure Kingfisher.

Car is mostly packed, off on an outback adventure tomorrow, hoping to photograph some amazing scenery and lots of wildlife. :)

I *should* have been processing photos from the weekend today (History Alive), but after doing a quick initial cull (9.4% culled, not a bad hit rate), I ran some errands, did some shopping, baked some nut bars for the camping trip, prepared the pie filling for the pie I'm baking tomorrow, made a small pavlova from the leftover egg whites, and am now making dinner.

Maybe it should be called photo procrastination, rather than photo processing.

Basic product shot lighting:

Move you product away from the backdrop.
Light backdrop with bright consistent colour lights. You can place a shield between them and the product to avoid spill.
Then light your product independently. Use more power (or less distance) on one than the other to accentuate shape. Using umbrellas helps reduce unwanted shadows but arenโ€™t essential.
Zoom in with your lens to keep shadows out of frame.
You can use any lights provided the same colour.

Hey! There's a squirrel at the bottom of the left most column where the mastodon usually is on photog.social !

Had to walk over to another branch for work today and took the camera along. Saw a lot of turtles and a Rainbow Lorikeet exiting its hollow.

Errin. (Grey Heron)

#Photography #birb

Nikon D7000, Tamron 18-400mm, processed in Adobe Lightroom.

Lockheed L-749A Super Constellation. The b&w photo is one my Grandfather took at airport in 1951. It's the plane they immigrated to Australia on.

The colour photo is the same model of aircraft, but not the same plane. I shot it at the Avalon Airshow in 2017. I believe it's the last flying Constellation in Australia.

More BirdLife from around the UQ Lakes this morning.

A young Little Corella calling for food.
An Australasian Darter sunning itself.
And a Australian Wood duck drake standing by the lake.

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