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Crow-size papa Pileated Woodpecker and a youngster visited us yesterday. (Michigan, USA)

This juvenile female Pileated Woodpecker visited us two days ago. She's almost as large as a crow.

When your 2nd "holds" your other camera for you while you take the shot...

One wedding, done and dusted. 8:30am to 10pm, log day, and an 11 hour drive home tomorrow.

Busy packing camera kit, charging batteries and ironing shirts ready to drive 10 hours south tomorrow to shoot a wedding the day after.

Despite the lacklustre effort on the , I also got these pair of shots. A 5 shot panorama of the pre-dawn colours in the Western Sky (technically, there's a blood moon in there, but you can't see it for the haze), and a tree trunk with bokeh.

Screwed up a bit this morning and didn't come home with anything particularly good. One fairly ordinary shot of the eclipse in totality, and one partial eclipse plus Mars.

Still, it was good to watch it with my eyes, and I met several other lunatics up in the wee hours to see it.

Total Lunar eclipse tomorrow morning in Australia. I plan to get up early, go for a drive to the nearest place I can see the western horizon from, and shoot a few frames.

Mutawintji National Park, NNE of Broken Hill, in Outback New South Wales, Australia.

iPhone panorama, as I was only carrying one camera with a 200mm lens on it and didn't feel like doing a handheld 20+ image panorama ;-)

Masked Lapwing chicks again today at the University of Queensland. They weren't very interested in having their photos taken, but I still managed to get off a couple of half decent ones.

Three bird shots from yesterday.

A Masked Lapwing hen with four chicks under her in the gutter.
A Masked Lapwing chick, next to a pinoak seedpod in the gutter.
(we herded all the chicks out of the gutter and on to the footpath as they couldn't seem to get themselves up there).
And a Grey crowned Babbler I spied in the afternoon in bad light.

@krita HELP! All my menus are in Dutch. It would seem language selection is being made based on external IP address geolocation, which is daft. How do I change it back to English ?
Krita 4.1.0 on MacOS 10.13.5

Ah the joys of large storage arrays at home. Replacing 2Tb disks in one of my RAID arrays with 4Tb disks (as the array is full). Waiting 4 hours for the array to rebuild before I can replace the last disk.

As per usual shooting corporate execs (or in this case University execs), 15-30mins setup, shot precisely two photos, then 15-30mins pull-down.

My makeshift โ€œstudioโ€ for todayโ€™s shoot.

It's that time of year again, History Alive is on this coming weekend. A re-enactment event encompassing 2,000 years of history.


Bristol F2B (replica) being chased by a Fokker DR-1 (replica) in Red Baron colours.

The F2B was one of Australia's first military aircraft and used in both fighter and bomber configurations.

Canon 1DMkIV + EF 400/5.6L + 1.4xTC. 1/400th f/8 iso 250.