I had a late shift today, and had to take the youngest son to the train station before work, so I stopped off down the road at the creek in a couple of spots, to take some running water photos. It's been a while since the creek had sufficient water in it to be photographic, and a few days since the last rain, so the water is clear again.
I should try to make more time to wander down there more often.

This is a terrible photo, but it was the only one I could get of this Wompoo Fruit Dove that was in a tree beside my house the other morning.

@david Unrelated, but here's an interesting article I read about native Aussie cockatoos and corellas acting as natural invasive weed eaters.


Little Corellas on campus this afternoon. They are an absolute hoot to watch if you have the time. They'll roll around on their backs playing with dried leaves, squabble amongst each other, flap or hop around. So much character.

I also came across this Purple Swamphen chick (and mother). This chick is only a few days old, but check out the size of those feet!

This morning, I looked out the back door, and spied a mother and older joey pair of Red-necked Wallabies in the backyard (yes, we need to mow).

The mother is the one standing up as far as I can tell, with the Joey near the ferns.

Some Sulphur-crested Cockatoos from the other morning on the veranda.

They are quite intelligent birds, and show a lot of character. If they didn't turn up in large numbers and weren't destructive when bored, they'd be lovely to have around.

The Rainbow Lorikeets have been visiting lately. Some of my eucalypts must be flowering, as they are predominantly nectar feeding parrots.

Gah, that's what you get for typing one-handed with a bird feeding out of the other one - it's not a Crimson Rosella, it's a King Parrot.

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The more adult one still isnโ€™t as confident feeding from my hand as the green one, but heโ€™s getting there.

Happy water droplet fun times this afternoon :) Natural light in front of a window, no flash, water bottle with two holes in filled with water and purple ink, balanced between two stacks of boxes over a glass dish of water filled to the brim with green ink and glitter in it. ^.^

ISO 5000-ish, F16, 1/1600s . Nikon Z6, Tamron f2.8 90mm, processed in Darktable. #Photography

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