Sand textured by the footprints of hundreds of people during the day contrasts with the relative smoothness of the water.
A few people enjoy the last hour of sun on the beach.

Final day of the Caloundra Music Festival is done and dusted. The sun came back out and the weather was gorgeous.

Full set here:

After the rain cleared, Day 3 of the Caloundra Music Festival shaped up to be pretty good.
Some highlights:
Sheppard, The Living End, Dumpstaphunk and Arrested Development.

Day 2 of the Caloundra Music Festival - Some highlights.

Arrested Development, Cheap Fakes, Caiti Baker and snakes!

A few highlights from Day One of the Caloundra Music Festival.

Some Brazilian Dancers, Daryl Braithwaite, Big Sam's Funky Nation and THUMP.

My very ordinary Humpback whale photos from this morning's walk. They were a LOOONG way off shore (these are cropped to 100% zoom and shot at 800mm on a 1.3x APS-H sensor).

We're in Caloundra, this week for the Caloundra Music Festival (Fri - Mon), and this morning went for a walk along the cliffs to look for whales, and found this Eastern Reef Egret looking for its breakfast.

Danger Noodle! Do not look if you don't like snakes. Show more

Had a quite vocal morning visitor this morning. A White-throated Treecreeper. Usually these guys stay in the trees, but for some reason this one visited my perching stick (carefully placed in the back yard with easy visibility from the back door).

I heard a feint noise outside, took a peek and there he is, a fat kookaburra sitting on the clothesline surveying the back yard.

Had some morning visitors on my veranda. One female, and two male King Parrots (who seemed to be in some sort of competition for the female's attention).

I managed to sneak the back door open just enough to point a camera out and fire off a couple of bursts.

#Bird #Parrot #Photo #photography

Hilarious flying fowl failures.

These ducklings decided they wanted to be on the next tiered garden down (a drop of about 1 foot). Alas, I wasn't prepared, and didn't have a fast enough shutter speed to catch sharp shots, but they're amusing all the same.

Can't resist the ducklings, so here's another shot from today.

"Oh, Hi Mum!"

Thereโ€™s a new batch of ducklings at work!

Six adorable fluffy Australian Wood Duck ducklings less than a week old.

Here they are having a drink in a fountain.

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There are visually impaired users floating about the federverse and they deserve descriptions.

A simple description of "airplane" or "cute Kitty" is sufficient. You can do more if you like, but at least add a succinct, basic description if possible.

Crow-size papa Pileated Woodpecker and a youngster visited us yesterday. (Michigan, USA)

This juvenile female Pileated Woodpecker visited us two days ago. She's almost as large as a crow.

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