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Ah the joys of large storage arrays at home. Replacing 2Tb disks in one of my RAID arrays with 4Tb disks (as the array is full). Waiting 4 hours for the array to rebuild before I can replace the last disk.

As per usual shooting corporate execs (or in this case University execs), 15-30mins setup, shot precisely two photos, then 15-30mins pull-down.

My makeshift โ€œstudioโ€ for todayโ€™s shoot.

It's that time of year again, History Alive is on this coming weekend. A re-enactment event encompassing 2,000 years of history.


Bristol F2B (replica) being chased by a Fokker DR-1 (replica) in Red Baron colours.

The F2B was one of Australia's first military aircraft and used in both fighter and bomber configurations.

Canon 1DMkIV + EF 400/5.6L + 1.4xTC. 1/400th f/8 iso 250.

America's answer to the Spitfire, the P-51D Mustang.

Another slowish pan shot (1/125th sec).

This plane was offering joy flights, so the guy in the back seat paid $1,250 for the privilege of going up in her for maybe 10-15 mins in the air.

I've created a pixelfed account because it's always good to get in early on these things (if for no other reason than I can have my name as a username): pixelfed.social/david

Not sure what I'll do with it yet, but it's there.

Gotta love a shiny silver plane in a brooding sky in the afternoon light.

T-6 Harvard doing an aerobatics show at the Red Thunder on the weekend.

Classic Aircraft Corp. Model YMF, taking off at the Red Thunder
400mm f/10 1/80th sec. ISO 100.

This aircraft was offering joy flights and did a pretty decent trade on the day I was there. It can see two passengers in the front position, with the pilot behind.

Another shot from Red Thunder. This is a Nanchung CJ-6 (a Chinese copy of a Russian Yak-52), taking off.

Part of a series of shots I did attempting stupidly slow shutter speed panning.

This one was 1/60th sec at 400mm f/9.

Canon EOS 1Dx + Canon EF 200mm f/1.8L & Canon 2x TC.

Went to a small air-show today and took Dad and my brother along. 'twas a good day out and I have a lot of images to go through, but here's one of a small mishap when the pilot mis-judged the corner while taxiing. The plane was fine, and the pilot quickly corrected to avoid a tip-over.

Fokker DR-1 replica.

Went out with Dad tonight to shoot some stars.

The first three shots are all with my 200mm f/1.8 lens. The fourth one is a 7 shot vertical pano using a 35mm f/1.4 lens. The wider view of the Milky way core, is a three shot 200mm pano.

Shot a new medieval festival yesterday at Bunjurga Winery. Still quite small (being the first year), but I think it has a lot of potential.

One of my long time re-enactor friends wanted a full length photo of her period accurate costume, and lacking a decent background, I dropped in a quick and dirty replacement this morning.

Far from perfect, but I think it works "enough" for the purpose.

Tonight's full moon as it appears in Australia.

Canon 1D MkIV, 400/5.6L + 2x TC (800mm focal length on an APS-H 1.3x sensor), cropped by a third in post.

Gah! Damn bird. So I have the occasional Pale-headed Rosella come to visit. They are notoriously flighty (unlike their Crimson brethren). I just saw one in the backyard. I grabbed the camera, whacked a 2x teleconverter on it, and approached the back door. It looked up, and flew off before I was even within arms reach of the door!

This is why this species of is my nemesis.

One autumn weekend I decided to put my new tent in use. Packed my gear and drove to a nearby coastal nature reserve. After the well slept night I woke up to enjoy my morning coffee watching this view. Good times!

Welcome Swallow, yawning (although it looks like it's a Shouty Bird).

Saw him sitting on the wire while I was out on the veranda, so I went back inside and grabbed a camera.

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If you know any or types on witches.town please direct them our way.

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Next month is the beginning of the airshow season around these parts. Looking forward to shooting some more planes in action.

P-51D Mustang at the Caboolture airfield.