Some photos of my backyard seasonal creek shot just now. We’ve had a bit over 400mm of rain in the last 4 days or so.

With all the rain we're having the birds are mostly in hiding. Except this Lewin's Honeyeater, who has been quite busy foraging.

On Tuesday I found the pair of Tawny Frogmouths that live in the Great Court at UQ. Today, when I had a camera on me, I found them again, in the same tree and on the same branch. They clearly like it there.

Vengo dal soleggiato Queensland, Australia e facevo riprese professionali, ma ora faccio solo lavori occasionali se sembrano interessanti (o sono per la famiglia).

Insegnavo fotografia e organizzavo workshop e safari e sono un utente Canon dSLR.

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Suppongo che dovrei rilasciare una nuova visto che la nostra piccola comunità ora ha così tanti nuovi membri.

Ciao a tutti, sono David (anche se rispondo praticamente a tutto). Questo è il mio account di fotografia. L'altro mio account di chat / / è @dadegroot

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2/2 Ich komme aus dem sonnigen Queensland, Australien, und habe früher professionell fotografiert, aber jetzt mache ich nur noch gelegentlich Aufträge, wenn es interessant aussieht (oder für die Familie ist).

Früher habe ich Fotografie unterrichtet, Workshops und Safaris geleitet und bin ein Canon dSLR-Benutzer.

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Ich denke, ich sollte eine neue schreiben, da unsere kleine Gemeinschaft jetzt so viele neue Mitglieder hat.

Hallo zusammen, ich bin David (obwohl ich auf so ziemlich alles antworte). Dies ist mein Fotografie-Account. Mein anderer Account zum Plaudern / / ist @dadegroot


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I suppose I should drop a new since out little community now has so many new members.

Hi All, I'm David (although I answer to just about anything). This is my photography account. My other chatty / / account is @dadegroot

I am from sunny Queensland, Australia and used to shoot professionally, but now only do the odd job if it looks interesting (or is for family).

I used to teach photography as well as run workshops and safaris and am a Canon dSLR user.

We found this wonderful long-eared # owl next to a small road in the Po delta in # italy

In Italien im Podelta sass diese wundervolle direkt an Strassenrand.

My local King Parrots are visiting for some seed :)

Male (pictured) out the back on the feeder, and the female is on the front veranda.

Still browsing older photos - this time a friendly Crimson Rosella at Bunya Mountains (about 4 hours drive west of here), in August of 2020.

Happened to be browsing some photos from a couple of years ago and came across this one I shot out past Winton ("The Outback") in 2020 while Queensland was still relatively safe from Covid.

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