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David de Groot 📸 @david@photog.social

Hmmm, mastodon.social seems to be having issues at the moment.

And then there's the most popular images on flickr. These two have wracked up about 50,000 views each, but have not resulted in any sales at all.



However, my most sold image is this t-shirt (also available as a sticker): redbubble.com/people/dadegroot

I haven't made much money out of it, sells every now and then, just ticking over in the background.

Recent talk of best selling images / stock led me to look at some of the images I've sold over the years. By far the one that's brought in the most amount of money was this one: photog.social/media/KZOoC4hTTa

A single 64 sec exposure, showing an F-111 "Dump and Burn" flyover, and the opening fireworks from the 2008 Brisbane Riverfire festival.

Travel Dinosaur didn't want to miss out on the by the creek this afternoon.


Reasons not to have an Harley, the chrome footpegs scrape when you lean on a corner.

I heard this guy coming and waited until he came around the corner before shooting.


Queen Mary Falls, with a small rainbow.

We took our guests from Sydney, John & Einat, down to the Queen Mary Falls circuit on the 28th of Dec. We visited Daggs Falls, and then Queen Mary Falls. This is a 3.2second exposure using an 8 stop ND400 filter.


Yesterday afternoon, John and I took a trip up to Mt Mee and we came across this funky windswept tree and some curious cows, so we stopped for some photos. Here is one of them.


Impromptu lens testing.

200/1.8L at f/1.8 and f/2 compared to the 200/2.0L at f/2.

Also both 200's with a Canon EF 2x Extender (for 400mm) at f/4.

The difference is pretty much undetectable. Quite happy that my 1993 built 200/1.8L stacks up with a 2017 built 200/2L.

photog.social/media/pIVFe7IOlK photog.social/media/Co7IlwFLID photog.social/media/seyyJ4tdNb

We went out and shot Brisbane's most iconic bridge last night, but from a different location than previously, this time down on the riverwalk (a walkway in the river itself). I processed up two different versions, one in B&W and the other in colour.

photog.social/media/p7sKkQVnTn photog.social/media/CxkXb9PxiR

I have a friend visiting from Sydney and he brought his 200mm f/2L IS with him, so of course we had to do a group photo with my 200mm f/1.8L (on the left).


After failing to see any of the Geminid Meteor Shower on Wed night due to cloud cover, I went out last night (from 9:30pm to 11pm) and managed to capture five decent meteors!

Alas, having to go to work the next day meant that was as late as I could stay out.


Storm coming in from the North just on sunset, means some pretty weird light in the backyard right now.


Time for again.

Hi! I'm David, but I answer to most forms of that.

By day, I work at a University Library in IT Support, but out of normal hours I work in photography (weddings, commercial, etc), or just shoot for fun (birds, nature).

I have a/cs on other instances: @dadegroot and @david where I post cooking and other things, and things pertaining to Brisbane Australia.

I shoot with Canon dSLRs (1 series) and a range of mostly L series lenses, including the rare 200/1.8L