Grey Fantail as seen from my veranda on the weekend. These delightful little birds catch insects on the wing and very active.
They also, as their name suggests, fan their tales for various reasons, sometimes to display a warning, sometimes in courting, and I suspect sometimes because they just want to look fabulous.

Met this Tiny Turkey today. Itโ€™s an immature Brush Turkey.

Apparently his name is Steve.

I put some seed out about 10 mins ago and with the collection of adult King Parrots that came to visit, were these two young males, just changing in to their adult plumage.

The young start off mostly green like the females, but eventually the males change to have red heads and belly and beak.

We went for a wander after looking at the art installation, and since I was there, I shot the Story Bridge as well.

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We went out to town tonight as there was an art installation in the Botanic Gardens that looked interesting. Here are a couple of shots (I didn't take a lot).

Itโ€™s quite cool this morning (for SE Qld) but that didnโ€™t stop this male King Parrot from waiting on the back veranda railing for me to put the seed out.

Adding to the small bird count this morning, is this Peaceful Dove. One of two tiny dove species that live in Australia (the other being the Diamond Dove that lives further west).

These guys grow to 19-24cm (beak to tail).

And yes, that is a sulphur-crested cockatoo in the tree behind it.

Look who was pipping loudly on my clothesline this morning. A Striated Pardalote.

These guys make a loud "cheep .... cheep cheep" call so are easily identified, but not always easy to spot (the call itself being one of those that is difficult to locate, and they're very small).

I have four rainbow lorikeets, three sulphur crested cockatoos and two king parrots on the back veranda but canโ€™t open the door to photograph them as the lorikeets and cockatoos are skittish and will fly off.

Four of the six s that visited today, including the female that eats from my hand (pictured on the bird feeder).

We had several visits today. Clearly I'm a soft touch.

A couple of "big camera" shots of our little backyard creek in full flow.

I used the 17-40 f/4 lens for these, something I'd not used in a while. It's still probably one of the most ordinary L series lenses Canon makes. Does the job at that price point, but isn't amazing.

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