More #AustralianWildlife visiting the water I put out for them this week. A Pied Currawong (multiple visits), mother and joey Swamp Wallabies, a Brush Turkey and a mystery rodent.

#video #TrailCam

And here is the lens in question, being wielded by its owner.

Canon EF 800mm f/5.6L IS in all its glory.

(Shot settings: 200mm f/1.8 1/4000th at ISO 160)

In case anyone is interested, the distance to subject on the Singer, was 10.01m (with a depth of field of of just 0.05m).

Distance to subhect for the red-headed woman was 14.64m (with a depth of field of 0.11m).

Alas, not my lens, it belongs to a friend, but it's definitely awesome.

Don't let anyone tell you an 800mm f/5.6 lens isn't a portrait lens :)

Canon EF 800/5.6L IS on a Canon EOS 1DX.

Many (esp. Australians), saw the appalling video of a wombat being stoned to death by a South Australian Police Officer. The Wombat Awareness Organisation of South Australia runs a sanctuary and rehabilitation centre for wombats, and has put a call out for donations.
If you've got a few spare dollars, flick some here:

to help feed and care for wombats suffering in the drought.

King Parrots were back again today. Once again, the male stayed on the veranda railing, and in fact turned up first, and called the female in, who spent her time eating on the feeder before they both flew off.

The King Parrots came back this afternoon, and because Kara's Cat has gone home, I could open the door and get clearer shots.

Look at this spiny boy!

A nice healthy looking echidna caught on my camera trap last night around half midnight.

#video #echidna #monotreme #AustralianWildlife #nature

This morning's birdfeeder visitors.

Australian King Parrots. The female spent all the time on the feeder and the male fluttered about eating the scraps she dropped.

The photos are pretty ordinary, since we have my daughter's cat here, and thus I couldn't open the back door, therefore they are shot through dirty windows instead.

I'm still sick, and therefore at home, but there was a golden lining on that cloud today. While getting my lunch ready, I looked outside, and to my surprise, there was a Swamp Wallaby in the backyard feeding on lantana and native grasses (the only green things left).

This is what I was hoping to attract with the bird feeder! A female King Parrot dropped by this afternoon.

I'm trialling a new anti-rodent shield on the pole to hopefully discourage the agile little bugger from eating all the bird seed.

I left the pointing at the bird feeder for most of the weekend.

I now know who's been eating the birdseed overnight, and am heartened to see our microbats are still about.

Had a new visitor the property today, a female Paradise Riflebird.

They're fairly common up on Mt Glorious (about 2km as the bird flies), but I've never seen them around home. It might be a sign of how dry everything is at the moment that they're expanding their territory.

On the way back to the car this arvo, I came across an Australasian Darter who'd bitten off more than it could chew. It was valiantly trying to swallow a fish that clearly was never going to fit, but it was amusing watching it try.

Then, below the Conifer Knoll carpark, on the soccer field, I spied the duckling family, so went down to join them and try to get some more photos of ducklings.

I came across another duck family this afternoon leaving work. This one consisted of 6 fairly new ducklings and two fairly laid back parents (usually Papa duck will hiss and run at anyone close, but this one didn't mind me being about 3.5-4m away).

Birds around the yard this arvo. Still blowing a gale out there, so a lot of the birds aren't out in the open, but I found some Sulphur-crested Cockatoos, Crimson Rosellas, and a Little Wattlebird.

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