More BirdLife from around the UQ Lakes this morning.

A young Little Corella calling for food.
An Australasian Darter sunning itself.
And a Australian Wood duck drake standing by the lake.

There's something mesmerising about watching fire.

This one was in my pizza oven yesterday.

I was a guest of Blues Arcadia at their album launch last night and shot the show for them.

Lighting wasn't bright (shot at ISO 25600 all night), but it looked good in person.

And then he moved to the clothesline in the backyard for a while. While a bit of sunlight is nice, it does make capturing all the details a bit tricky in such a high contrast bird.

I wandered out on to the veranda a few minutes ago, and there was a handsome Laughing Kookaburra on the structure that holds the pipes that feed our water tanks.

He sat there a long time, looking around for breakfast, and stopping to have a vigorous preen.

Todayโ€™s lake inhabitant photos are brought to you by a turtle on a log and a Australasian Darter chick in a nest.

More water birds on the lake this morning. An Australasian Darter, drying its wings, and an Australian Pelican.

Why head out to Winton ? Well there's the arid scenery, but more importantly, The Australian Age of Dinosaurs museum and Stampede.

As for Carnavon, it's an oasis filled with amazing wildlife and a rich Indigenous history. Also, amazingly clear skies lacking in light pollution. Basically a photographer's paradise.

I started planning a big trip for the winter months to "The Outback". Only mad people and foreigners go out there in Summer ;-)

Looks like it'll be about 3,400km of driving taking in Carnavon Gorge, and Winton (with some side trips around the place).

Still very early in the planning phase, seeing if it's possible from a funds perspective. Whole trip will be about 2 weeks with the bulk of the driving over 4 days (one to Carnavon, one to Winton, one back to Roma and one back home).

A couple of birds enjoying the morning sun by the lake at UQ this morning. An Australasian Darter, and a Australian White Ibis (or Bin Chicken as it is colloquially known)

Six years ago today: Where we see a lot of snow in the north of England (Lakes District), visit the Castlecragg Stone Circle (in the snow), visit Wroxeter Roman City, and then end up in Bath.
Yes, we did drive the length of England in one day, and sight-see on the way. It really is quite a small country. (we were under time constraints with the car due back in London in a few days). #photo #photography #travel #UK #England
Six years ago today:

We found ourselves at Housesteads Roman Fort, on Hadrian's Wall.
After that, we crossed into Scotland, and ended up in Crammond, Edinburgh where on a wee walk we overlooked Crammond Isle.
Six years ago today:
Fountains Abbey is a massive Abbey complex near Ripon in North Yorkshire. Previously run by the Cisternian Monks, the site was closed by Henry VIII's dissolution of the monesteries after his break from the Catholic Church.
After the dissolution, the lead from the roof was reclaimed by the crown which was the beginning of its downfall in to ruins.

This shot was taken with a GoPro Hero3 Black and then the distortion corrected in photoshop manually.
Six years ago today, we were in York, England. Traipsing around the old quarter and having a grand old time of it.
Pictured is the Clifford's Tower, part of the old Motte and Bailey castle.
My daughter's kitten, Pepsรฌ
(although frankly, he seems to answer to Kitty more often than not). #cat #kitten

The Avalon Intl Airshow is on again this year (started today), but I have not made the 1,738km drive down there this time.

Instead, here's a photo of a Douglas DC-3 "Dakota" from the last Avalon airshow two years ago.

Brisbane and the Story Bridge at dusk, Dec 2017.

Shot from the river walk that leads from the Howard Smith Wharfs to Sydney St, Newfarm.
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