Maybe a bit of explanation why I am looking for it too.
1. My old camera is so old that the quality of photos went really down and it needs a lot of light to work.
2. As photography went from my priority to a side hobby I no longer like carrying dslr with me anywhere as it's too big and heavy which results in me not making photos at all for long years now.
3. I need something to always have with me that will enable creative ways of recording pictures, light, mood... I like taking macros too.

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Hey everyone I have a . Looking for a new camera. I'd like it to be as compact as it can be so it's always easy to carry it with me but I want it to give me as much freedom as possible too as I'm used to work on manual with my old dslr. It can't be super expensive too unfortunately.

What are the possibilities? If you have any model in mind where it is on these tree sliders (big-small, expensive-cheap, pro-dumby)?

A Jupiter Vista from Juno

Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/SwRI/MSSS; Processing & License: Kevin M. Gill; #APoD

Morning everyone. Bright sky here today but I uploaded three dark sky photos in contrast here:

This one may be my personal fav.

#photography #phonephotography #sky #clouds

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