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Digital – or online content – is expected to be inclusive: anyone should access it without paywall or subscription. Contrariwise, art in physical format is more valued when exclusive: with limited editions, rare means valuable. The problem about free online content or services is that the publisher – or online host – earns money by other means and that led to the infamous if-you-do-not-pay-you-are-the-product business model.
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The picture is only one step of the whole adventure 🤠 I planned most of my trips with and improved the with great features you can try for free!
Let me know what you think 😉

National Park, . Please keep it wild forever!

"Toitū te whenua" - leave the land undisturbed. Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints.

1/200s, f9, ISO 125, 51mm.

I took this before to lost myself. 😕 I walked back to my first steps and convinced myself to get a handheld GPS. 💡 Since then, I have been farther into and shared my traces online 🤠

"Do what you are going to do, and I will tell about it." - I Go Back to May 1937, Sharon Olds

Nice seeing all the flowers and budding leaves, but sometimes it's the little flashes of colour that really catch our eye.
Lichen on a tree stump, while we were scouting for and harvesting next years firewood.

A peaceful for my 200th toot! 🎉 I continue because you like and boost my toots, thank you so much! 🤗 But you'll find all my and by visiting my website:

I take to the beauty of nature, remember what happened, feel escaped while stuck home, and focus on the . What about you?

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Peace after the storm. diversity, changing weather... all I need for an exciting trip! 🤠

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A few phone snaps from my adventures in the Julian Alps. Past summer was quite a blast and an incredible journey. This winter is on hold, because of lockdown measures, but with a bit of luck I will be able to head out again soon and reach some snowy peaks. My crampons are itching already.

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