Made a new smaller pinhole and I'm a lot happier with what I'm getting now. Went from a .35 to a .30 such a small change made a big difference.

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Made a contact print of this shot. I forgot that in pinhole close is not close enough 😅 it looks like I was 10 feet further back then I actually was.

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Took the 4x5 pinhole out for it's first test spin today, after a week of designing,printing and glueing it together. Gotta make a simple quality of life change on on it and try a smaller pinhole as the photo's came out a bit to soft and outta focus. Which is funny to say for a pinhole.

Little by little my 4x5 is coming together for worldwide pinhole day. Due to my small 3D printer bed I'm having to glue and epoxy more then I wanted too, it's taking a lot longer to make. 😅

Don't forget folks "Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day" is April 28, so get your pinholes ready. I'm currently designing and 3D printing a 4x5 camera for the 28th.

Picked up this fantastic book off Evilbay for a fiver. Really showed me some great ways to approach certain techniques in the darkroom. Bonus it came with an ad stuffed in it for Little Caesar's big big pizza from '93 which I remember as a time for large pizza's like dominos big foot and pizza hut had a similar sized pizza.

A little film stock up before the warm weather hits into full effect. Missing is my favorite Ilford Pan F but prices are up right now on Ilford films. Normally get Pan F for less then $5 USD a roll but right now it's sitting at $6.09 USD. I'm more of a Fomapan guy anyways 😄.

I was surprised by the lack of mods out there for the holga, atleast ones that you could 3d print yourself. I started making a few like filter holder, mini grip, viewfinder helper and half frame mask. I'll share them once I've put them through some test and worked out any kinks.

New episode of "Analog Talk Podcast" interviews the gentlemen who started "film supply club" a great place to get film cheap for those heavy shooters. 📷

Finally got a Holga, taking it out for a spin today. Hopefully I don't get any light leaks. 😄📷

Contact print from yesterday. Fujifilm HR-U Xray film developed in Rodinal 1:100 for an hour/stand. Negatives came out super dense but had the best tonal range I've ever gotten from Xray film.

Pretty happy with my two prints from today. Loving the Ilford matte fiber paper, though it's hard to tell which side is the emulsion side even by touch 😅

Just developed a roll of fomapan 400 shot at 100 due to it being very sunny yesterday, even for my pinhole. Couldn't find times for 400 @ 100 so I had to wing it. 1:100 for 1 hour stand developed with rodinal. Negs came out nice and so did the contact sheet I made. Gonna make a print next and see where it goes.

Trying out Rodinal for the first time, gonna see what all the hype is about. Heard it's great with Xray film and litho so we'll see.

Glad to see the "Film Photo Geeks" podcast has come back for a new season. If you haven't yet add them to your podcast list.

Always great to see new videos being put out about the darkroom. Big props to Roger over at "Shoot film like a boss" for the great content. 📷

Said farewell to my bulk loading kit, it's going to a better home. Truly wish we could bulk load 120 for those times you wanna go a full 220.

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