Bathroom mirror selfie with the Fuji HR-U Xray film. Still learning how to tame this beast but it's coming along nicely. I need to try some other developers besides Polymax T, I think I have some pyrocat around I might try that.

Well the first test "can I get images?" passed. As for how good are the images has yet to be seen till I can make a contact print. I can tell I have scratches so I'll have to be super gentle. Xray film has emulsion on both sides so the chance of scratches is very high. Developed in PolyMax T paper developer, more testing to be done.

Just came in the mail, I'm super excited to start experimenting. I've seen fantastic images come from xray film. The great thing is that it's super cheap compared to normal 8x10 film.

Took the mini speed graphic out yesterday to try out the 150mm mamiya 645 lens. Shot some paper negatives while I wait for some film to come in. The image circle isn't large enough to cover the whole frame, especially closer to infinity focus since the lens is closer. Wide open the DOF is razor thin but gives a nice swirl in the out of focus parts. I'd say it's good portrait lens but that's about it.

Today on the workbench, I 3d printed a lens board for my baby/mini speed graphic. Using a flange from a 645 to Nikon adaptor I had laying around, I can now mount my old 150mm mamiya 645 lens. I still need to take some shots with it but so far so good.

Did a little post about my Debonair pinhole mod. I also include a link to the 3D files for those that want to print the shutter themselves.

I try to keep an iron grip on my rolls cause I'm ol' mr butter fingers over here.

Tested out a modded FPP Debonair pinhole I made. It shoots a bit wider than I was expecting as seen in the contact sheet. I'll have to 3D print the shutter with a wider opening and also a tripod mount as the Debonair doesn't have one, which is silly.

Printed on Foma Matte 8x10 paper from a Tmax 100 negative. Foma Matte might be my new favorite paper. After using Ilford Matte that left blacks as a dark grey tone. This paper nails it without the overly glossy appearance.

A few prints from a Ilford pan F roll I shot. I never liked how it scanned and thought the film was not for me but now looking at an actual darkroom print from it, wow. The to tones and clarity are amazing. Just goes to show how much is lost in a scan.

I've had a hard time liking color film before. But this summer I decided to try it out a bit more, so I bought a whole lot of #kodak Color Plus 200 film.

My local lab seems to have a really dirty process, because all the negatives I've looked through so far has been extremely dirty. Cleaned these up a bit in #gimp with the heal-tool so they look kind of okay.

#photography #mystuff

I've been neglecting posting since I've been working on putting together my darkroom (aka spare bathroom). I forgot how addictive it is, hours just fly by. I'm a bit rusty but managed to make a few prints.

Just got my order from B&H, I'm slowly converting from powder chems to concentrate. Makes life so much easier when developing my film.

Anyone design logo's? Had someone make one for my blog a while back anddd......yeah it sucks hahaha

I'd love to fix'er up, throw my cameras in the back and drive cross country on some photo adventures.

Spinning at the boardwalk. I traded a friend a roll of lomo 400 for a roll of Ilford Delta 3200 since I wanted to shoot later into the night. I want to revisit with a monopod with feet and some shoot some color. Far too many people for a tripod.

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