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😅 We almost forgot to publish the about page, and we added some links to related sites like! #fediverseInfo

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Last year I made good use of my 60mm macro lens by shooting Cherry Blossoms.
There are a few parks in Lima that are filled with these gorgeous trees.

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Heute die Portion Glück gehabt, wenn auch stark gecropped. Für ein ca. 40 Jahre altes Zoom-Objektiv nicht schlecht, oder?

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Even this turkey can't take its eyes off of a turkey wandering around downtown Boston.

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👋 Hello new followers!

✨ We are an ethical alternative to Instagram!

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Troglodyte mignon (France, dépt Vienne, nikon d5600, sigma 150-600 mm, 04/22).

Sharing a old lizard photo. The species in question Is called a Bocage´s Wall Lizard it´s the same photo on my mastodon banner

Species Info:

Hello I´m Ghastly and welcome to my mastodon account. A place where I showcase my photos.

I post about: Insects, Birds, Cats, and more.
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All those years studying Ecology in college and what am I doing?
Writting stuff on the internet I suppose

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