considering how mastodon works, it is super strange to me when people manage to find and favourite ancient toots of mine, with older photos. I mean, thanks, and good for you. But where did you find me?

the effort required to successfully migrate a lightroom catalogue of more than 50,000 photos from one drive to another is... significantly greater than the effort required to just drag and drop in windows explorer. :(

faint marks.

Toronto. July 25th, 2018.
I have been neglecting sharing photos here for the past few weeks, because keeping everything updated requires more effort than I have energy for. But I miss taking photos of freckly people.


self portraits.

Toronto. June 12th, 2021.
Kind of deconstructing my lazy shirt-and-tie self portraits by trying to capture the exhaustion and dissociation involved in just doing things™️ in 2021. Shed the smirk-and-exhale that barely masks the sense of dread about a culture that is collapsing in on itself. Anyway it’s thursday and death is inevitable.

any photoshop scripting wizards out there who can help me with a thing, with the awareness that I don't know much of any scripting languages yet?

what do you mean, "real?"

Toronto. May 5th, 2018.
Here it is, a photo, to prove I exist. For the robots to record in the annals, when the humans are just bone dust that their once-servants now sweep into a central vacuum system.


for a platform where individual posts are referred to as "toots" the dearth of meta fart jokes here is disappointing.

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i love listening to a song on headphones for the first time and sometimes it sounds like a totally different song or i hear different noises it makes me really happy

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