self portrait.

Toronto. July 18th, 2019.
I've been known to lay down the occasional thirst-tarp; gathering your engagement like recycled, shredded blue plastic sheets gather rain in your dad's driveway.

... cw for hairy nipples?

Instagram be like “hey, welcome back after not posting for two weeks! Could we interest you in another shadowban for daring to use hashtags, and trying to reach an audience organically using the tools at your disposal?”

Old deviantart accounts, from long-inactive photographers i once followed, are a weird time capsule of “big name” freelance models i still dream of working with, at the starts of their careers.

It feels weird to encourage people to go outside and get freckles on my behalf, but I suppose I can just encourage people to get some sun for their own benefit, and *reap the rewards*...

sweet golly, the number of attempts at photo editing I have lost today because Photoshop CC 2019 crashed, and its AutoRecover function *will not work* is ... more than 3.

The difference - in my mind - being that glamour models don't have a wide-range of emotive expression, because their bread and butter is catering to a particular gaze and cultural scheme, in which I have no interest, aesthetically.

Sure feels like there's a dearth of art models in this city, and a surplus of "glamour" models. I'm really only interested in one of those.

The more space I have to write alt-text image descriptions, the better. I am writing novel descriptions in there, and I'm always self-conscious about going over a character limit, when there are a thousand words required to say a picture.

@pixelfed is it just me, or is there no way to see a federated timeline for pixelfed instances?

“Pose her in ways that de-emphasize her body, and highlight her face”

Oh, you mean that you think fat bodies are unappealing, in terms of photography.

I follow.

“Accentuate her hourglass figure by putting her hand on her hip!”

What if she hasn’t got an hourglass figure? What if she’s not just “above average weight”?

‪Resources on posing larger women for modelling shoots are simultaneously body positive in a performative way, and fatphobic in a fatphobic way.‬

desire winds.

Toronto. December 18th, 2017.
It occurred to me that these photos were taken nearly a year before tumblr banned nudity, no matter the artistic merit, and I lost friends, followers, and the ability to express myself fully.


CW for eye contact.
It's been a while since I took any self portraits. I was looking in the mirror in the bathroom, and thought, "okay, today can be a day for that."

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