and what have i done?

Toronto. December 18th, 2017.
We did take photos in different lighting on this shoot, but I have been so excited about the moments like this, because there's so much narrative depth hidden in the unsubtle blast of a box-fan.

model: nakedpersephone

Anybody round here got leads on decent (but cheapish) online print-shops that don't have a policy against nudity? I wanna get some of my own art on my own walls, for once.

Besides the white-knighty, self-congratulatory appeal of working with diverse bodies in model photography, the reason I shoot with all body types is because the shape, size, or colour of a given body is pretty irrelevant to what I’m trying to achieve.

That said, having a body is a prerequisite, I guess...

It’s still going to take a lot to convince me that black and white photography isn’t wasting a colourful world.

Here's a public patreon post, with my 2018 year in review - told in photos.

go figure, it's mostly about my life with my fiancée, but whatever. Photography!

A little before and after.
This past summer, I scanned photos from a bunch of family photo albums. Of course, I couldn't just let them be dusty, scratchy, and retaining those green-tinged fades.

So, I've been spending a great deal of spare time doing dust/scratch cleanup and adjusting exposure and colour in post. What I marvel at most is how much can actually be done to get them looking true to life.

Anyway, here's me in Christmas of 1988.

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If you're the kind of person who finds the holidays emotionally stressful, and kinda wish you could bury yourself in the snow piling in your driveway, or angrily beat your fist on the turkey in front of your in-laws, I have written an album of original christmas songs, just for you.


model: carmen victoria

Toronto. October 12th, 2017.

There's some kind of elegance to rinse and repeat.

see thread for links

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The world is not yet ready for the selling power of the fashion-tiddy.

I don't suppose we've got a way to embed links in text around here? I feel awkward only crediting the models in my photos by name, without linking to their placey-sites!


model: MayTheStars

Toronto. June 19th, 2018.

A portrait of a friend of mine, who visited in June during Pride week, and we had a really quick photo session, after a somewhat emotional conversation.

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