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mundane self portraits, no eye contact 

When I see other photographers describe models with body hair as "all natural" my first thought is "somebody is barely containing a fetish."

ModelMayhem: where month-old messages from beautiful European models travelling through my area go to die. (Especially models with higher than average rates)

And basically, you can either sit on a hill and look bored, or you can stand on it and look like you conjured the fucking sun out of the sky. So, like, maybe do the cool one.

An amateur model I worked with once kept complaining that the poses I was directing were too unrealistic, because "nobody would do that outside!" and I told her that there is an element of unreality, fantasy, and even surrealism in any kind of art. The act of documenting a moment isolates it from its context, which is impossible in "real" nature. We apply narratives to even the most realist genres of art, how "real" the narrative is, can differ wildly.

Not to poop on anyone’s lunch, but these three things really jump out in terms of distinguishing between “artistic nude-in-nature” photography, vs. “Naturist photography.”

An eye for these artistic elements vs. merely documenting the fact of nudity in nature.

3 things that make for bad outdoor model photos:

1. Deep focus. A shallower focus helps distinguish between subject and surroundings.

2. Backlighting and/or flat lighting. Avoid the blown-out whites and too-dark darks. Better to under-expose and fix in post than to over-expose and lose a model's face in a blinding white void.

3. Framing. Besides subject, consider the role background plays in contributing to framing. Obey the rule of thirds until you learn how to break it properly.


Toronto. October 12th, 2017.
That feel when you’re running out of backlog to post, and need to do more shoots, or the mayor of insta-town will declare you dead.

model: instagram.com/carmenvictoriabe

not that I'm complaining, but it feels weird to be the only person on this instance consistently posting nudes...

On one hand, of course I want them to fight the censorship. On the other hand, breaking the rules *even harder* doesn't seem like a viable method, vs. boycott/activism. Tumblr censored. Tumblr users left. Tumblr is in its death throes.

Is instagram so powerful, so big, such a hydra, that it cannot be killed?

Not to mention the more important, but less advertised, fact that instagram *also* disallows advertising sexual services, which includes selling nudes, manyvids, onlyfans etc... Which nobody bothers to adhere to either.

I'm like, "hey, instragram is not at home to mr. nipple. - why not try mastodon or pixelfed?" and their reaction is "my fanbase is on instagram!"

Not if you keep *losing* them, because you can't comply with the TOS...

I don't get this inclination, when I spot models getting their accounts taken down on instagram, their response, upon reinstatement, is to *escalate* their degree of failure to comply with the TOS (and subsequently get another take-down) instead of finding some viable alternative.

Resuming my project to scan all the family albums... guh. This is going to take time. And hard drives.

I am unnecessarily offended by ads for fish-eye lenses, like I would ever want such a thing.

@pixelfed any chance of getting a drag'n'drop interface? It'd save some hassle when uploading from desktop!

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