any photoshop scripting wizards out there who can help me with a thing, with the awareness that I don't know much of any scripting languages yet?

what do you mean, "real?"

Toronto. May 5th, 2018.
Here it is, a photo, to prove I exist. For the robots to record in the annals, when the humans are just bone dust that their once-servants now sweep into a central vacuum system.


for a platform where individual posts are referred to as "toots" the dearth of meta fart jokes here is disappointing.

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i love listening to a song on headphones for the first time and sometimes it sounds like a totally different song or i hear different noises it makes me really happy

Half the time, what I imagine is follower-growth is just the same person, following me from a new instance every week. Are y'all just getting banned from everywhere you go?

I keep seeing people talking about NFTs, and thinking "can this just be one of those dumb dark-web bullshit things I don't ever have to actually wrap my head around?"

cold truth.

Toronto. May 28th, 2019.
Stand next to an open door and feel a freezing wind. But do not go out into it. Just remember what it’s like to feel cold from the comfort and safety of your wide open doorway. Embrace that new relationship with physical sensation.


I wonder if when I am repelled by photos with skin retouching I consider excessive, that those photographers see my photos and are repelled by how little of it that I do.

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