This feels inappropes, but Jen Psaki, whitehouse press secretery, is beautiful, and i want to take her picture.

You folk with the confidence and audacity to regularly post selfies on masto are wonderful and life-giving fountains of good-face.

Thought for a second that i’d like it if more people commented on my photoposts, and then someone said something icky. I didn’t want ickies, guys.

Masto can have this weird gif I made, because I have nowhere else to put it.

Listen, I don't think it undermines my integrity as an artist that I would just like to know what everyone looks like naked.

okay, but what specifically happened to cause a huge influx of users overnight?

window voids.

Toronto. October 16th, 2021.
Dreaming of looking out of windows to see white voids, and instead seeing sky and buildings. These days we have are trash.



Toronto. October 16th, 2021.
I struggled a lot with these photos, because I wasn't used to the space (or lack thereof), so I was dealing with natural light and really close quarters. But I like nicole's freckles.


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