hoping the vague hint'o'nip is on this side of the threshold of "Sensitive"...

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Every time I see someone talk about getting a wide angle/fish-eye lens, I think "why?!" and then remember that some people take photos of things other than people.

weird thing I noticed: it's as though my camera settings changed during a period of depression to match it, and - maybe it's just the memories associated with them - I can kinda feel the gloom in them.

I would like to *not* be murdered, if that isn't clear enough.

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i'm always very meticulous about metatagging and geotagging my photos, but I often wonder if one day, someone will come and murder me.

approaching acceptance of the fact that I will never achieve a level of "fame" in photography that it becomes a money-making endeavour instead of a money pit that I love.

Okay, can someone explain to me what Funkwhale is/does in simpler terms than their own dang website? I still can't figure out if it's like a mass-music piracy platform, or a defederated soundcloud-alike, or what.

It makes me sad that I follow a bunch of swell people on this account, but I do most of my clever toots over on @Hatebunny@kitty.town and they have blocked all the instances in the world, so nobody will ever find me and my clever toots.

I've reached a point in my photography career where I no longer feel like I'm picking gold out of dung, but like... the straightest piece of wood out of a pile of 2x4's.

Gettin' real tired of this tension between paying professional models to get professional quality photos, and having people actually be excited by my work and excited to work with me.


Toronto. June 17th, 2019.
I don’t know what 2020 holds, but the events of 2018 made me choose to spend a bit more of 2019 on work that I didn’t have to censor. It was a time.

model: instagram.com/loraciraptor

aw shit, it's thursday. I'd better dig up something to post...

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