I can’t watch my model friends go live on instagram or tiktok because i get too disgusted by their followers’ comments.

interminable waiting.

Toronto. July 25th, 2018.
Forgot to post this last week, too, so you get double posties again.
Your boy likes red hair.

model: instagram.com/julesk.model

maintain a void.

Toronto. October 12th, 2017.
Keep your voids the same. Don't let them change. Imagine what more they could take from you if they were even a little different.

model: instagram.com/carmenvictoriabe

water your voids.

Toronto. April 22nd, 2017.
Encourage void growth. Water your voids. What does five years mean? Ask the void.

model: miniature-minx

that feel when I spend 15 minutes messing with the colour tones on an image to get them just right, and then go back up a level to compare, and it looks *exactly the same*.

At which point, I will spend the rest of my life trying to recognize when that's happened, and then to do it again as many times as I can.

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There was once a time when i had "ideas" for photography - concepts and goofy things with sets and costumes. I love seeing that when it's done well, but I think I kind of grew out of it, for both budget reasons and because I got sick of contrivances and pretense. I just want to express a very specific vibe in a very specific way, as directly as possible, and everything I do is practice until I manage to express it perfectly.

why can't I stop cropping everything in 4x5? Why is this happening to me?

when waiting for the AI to finish processing is the most time-consuming part of photo-processing...

I sometimes wonder if a photographer really loves the under-exposed look, or if their monitor is just uncalibrated...

at war.

Toronto. March 26th, 2016.
When I shot this, my entire apartment was in shambles because I thought I had bed bugs. Turned out I had hives.

Model: instagram.com/lyndsiealguire

this photo may once have had a name.

Toronto. September 29th, 2016.
In the long long ago, I worked with people who made me feel excited about my own work.

model: instagram.com/kyotocatnip

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