cold truth.

Toronto. May 28th, 2019.
Stand next to an open door and feel a freezing wind. But do not go out into it. Just remember what it’s like to feel cold from the comfort and safety of your wide open doorway. Embrace that new relationship with physical sensation.


I wonder if when I am repelled by photos with skin retouching I consider excessive, that those photographers see my photos and are repelled by how little of it that I do.

Officially got more engagement with my most recent photopost on pixelfed than i did on instagram. Weird life is weirdening.

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I heard a rumor that landlords can actually survive being bisected. looking for human subjects to test this hypothesis on

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Isn’t there a mastodon instance for creative writers floating around somewhere? Literally asking for a friend

I won't post it, but I found a kind of weird picture I took ages ago of a snail hanging out next to a spider in its web on a leaf. I'd like to think they're buddies, but I suspect the spider had other plans.

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anyone knows a fediverse instance that caters to #CreativeWriting and #GenreFiction?

boost for reach plz, I'm trying to find my people.

No pressure (or incentive) to buy, but if you're hurtin' for some weird, somewhat darkly humorous holiday tunes, my two-man band once put out an album of those on bandcamp that you can stream.

I would describe the sound as "rusty, but with snow on it"

A thing that particularly makes me sad about my early days of photography is how unfortunate it is that I took a lot of photos that might otherwise have been great in front of wrinkled dorm-room bedsheets, dorm-room closets, dorm-room cinderblock walls, and on filthy dorm-room carpets covered in my junk.

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I can’t be the only photographer who has incredible anxiety about whether the model actually *likes* the images they’ve chosen to promote from their shoots.

there isn't a good answer for this, I legitimately do not remember why.

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five points to whomever can figure out why I tagged hundreds of my photos from 2000-2005 with "HAMMABAMMA" in lightroom...

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