Feels pretty ludicrous that I have to manually save PSDs of my photo edits every few minutes because photoshop's autorecover feature refuses to work, and the app crashes with a frequency I would never have expected of an Adobe product in 2019.

In before the snide “it’s because you’re not interesting, and trashy” responses i won’t get, but imagined.

I don’t know how these photographer-model friendships i hear about happen. For me, it’s typically just two hours of art and conversation, and then it’s two or three months of staring at the pores on their face, and never really speaking again.

Seems pretty stupid that only 40 people will see my posts on instagram, but 100 strangers who don’t follow me will see the same post if it’s in my stories.

I don’t want my work to be limited by something so devoid of meaning as "the gaze" - stereotypically male gaze or not.

I’m male. I can’t always help that, but I want more for my work than to just take and share photos of women, where the only message I can drag out of it is “I expect you to look at me. I expect to be seen.”

Not to neg on my own work, but, like, I get so little joy from working with models who don’t see or make a line between art modelling and “glamour modelling.”

I want to be able to imbue a photo with meaning, based on subtle emotions I see in it. If the model just throws sexualized poses, and constantly looks into the camera, there isn’t much subtlety.

Acknowledging an audience naturally involves the audience!

@admin hey, any chance we could up the character count on alt-text/image descriptions to something more like 500?
Mine keep getting cut off. :(

self portraits.

Toronto. September 26th, 2019.
Doing this thing where now and then, I take staged self-portraits of me doing mundane crap around my apartment... like absorbing instagram likes.

See also also: does the fact that nobody asks to buy prints from me reveal more about a general disinterest in owning prints of my work, or a failure on my part to announce that i would totally make prints available for sale if there was a demand for it?

The very idea that i might have a client who would pay me to take their picture is so unlikely in my eyes that i can’t see it as anything but laughable that someone would suggest it was possible.

On that subject, i have had to unfollow everybody who does photography for money on social media, because their constant advertising irritates me because i am envious of their ability to make that money, and repulsed by advertisement in general.

See also, if you are not willing to constantly sell yourself, nobody will know you are for sale. And if you abhor the concept of *being* for sale, you are in cognitive dissonance with your need for money.

So, the reason i gave up on using patreon for my photography is that:

1. i am not a capitalist
2. i can’t justify spending even more time editing than i already do
3. any income from it would not sufficiently offset the cost of regularly hiring models for content.

(I use it for music instead).

I feel like I've been followed by a bunch of what I assume are porn bots based on pawoo lately.

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mundane self portraits, no eye contact 

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