Upper Lakes
These lakes are probably one of the most photographed subjects in this area. But this view is not that common. The large busses can't stop at that point and you have to walk a little bit...😉

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I've gifted me a new fisheye lens and took it for a test drive last weekend.. here some of the results :D

There are things, you really don't expect while travelling through . Farming of water oxes is one of these things...

This guy was a perfect model and showed his impressive body from all sides. Don't know, if he was angry or just interested. 🙂

No promotion... I'm still a non-commercial photographer. 😉

Just my car while I was waiting for the sundown on top of a dune at

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Biete Minolta Altglas Objektive an. Passen per Adapter an viele Systemkameras.

2 von 5 sind verkauft.

Bleiben noch 3.

Wäre nett wenn ihr das hier boosten/teilen würdet. Vielen Dank!


Weekend was time! 🙂

All shots were taken with the and my new 100-400mm at ~250-400mm.

I think, it's a useful combo for 😀 👍

Orthetrum cancellatum or black-tailed skimmer
A first image with my new 100-400mm at 400mm.

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Hat jemand Lust mir bei einem kleinen inklusiven Projekt zu helfen? Vielleicht sogar Lehrer/innen aus einer Grundschule? Ich würde gerne mit den von mir begleiteten Menschen kleine Schautafeln mit Vogelsteckbriefen für eine Art Lehrpfad bauen. Die Fotos stammen von unseren Aussengrundstücken. Was fehlt sind kurze Steckbriefe zu den Vögeln. Ich könnte das stellvertretend für unsere Betreuten selbst machen, aber eine Kooperation fände ich viel spannender.

Gerne boosten.
Bei Interesse DM.

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New lens for and arrived yesterday! The sharpness is incredible and I'm really excited of the first results! ☺️ Can't wait to stroll through the woods...

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seen on our trip to . No chance to get closer... Next time with a longer lens...

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