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濃霧の狭間 目覚める色彩


I think, you can't get more out of one . And to be honest, I just had to sit and wait for this moment.
A turkish marriage throwing roses all around, the two girls resting at the waterside and the Alster-Fountain producing a rainbow. Life is beautiful! 😍

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Helsinki was founded at the delta of river Vantaa in 1550. The area is called Vanhakaupunki wich would roughly translate to "Old town". Here lies and old power and water plant with its damn and waterfall dating from 1876. During the dark months of autumn and winter the waterfall is lit with strong LED lights. The colors change as I have witnessed it being red and blue.

I took this shot with my trusty Mamiya C220 with the 80mm f2.8 on Lomography Color 800. f8 and about 6s.

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All hands up!
I love the boy with his arms wide open! 😍 I really enjoyed spending half an hour just watching the guy and the children. This picture is one of my favourites of that scene. 😊

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Something from earlier this year. We still had lockdown than and were looking for unknown places in the neighbourhood. This was a really nice one! And just around the corner...

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