A pizza without cheese.... Doh! 🍪. Kids are kinda cute when it come to ironic humour. Don't you think! And I'm gone now. 😴

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"Amazon made an $11.2bn profit in 2018 but paid no federal tax"

This is the second year in a row that #Amazon has paid no taxes. Inexcusable.


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A plant variety that has been produced in cultivation by selective breeding. Cultivars are usually designated in the style Taxus baccata ‘Variegata’.
See also variety (sense 2)

1920s: blend of cultivate and variety.


The Sumo Citrus™ orange, a non GMO cultivar of the mandarin from Japan is recently available from California growers.

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KJ at the Sap House

From upstate NY over a year ago (!) during my friends wedding. KJ was just chilling in the door of a barn, and the light was just wonderful!


#photography #artwithopensource #FreeSoftware #gimp #rawtherapee

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Since the year 2002 I have been using #Gnu/Linux, #freebsd, #openbsd, #firefox, #transmission, #urxvt,#rofi,#i3,#gcc suite,#emacs,#vim,#Oo.org,#libreoffice,#ublock plugin, #noscript plugin, #CyanogenMod, #lineage and many other FLOSS. I would take this opportunity to thank one and all involved in all these projects and many more which keep all the above things to come into a cohesive integrate. Salute to everybody for keeping my experience with FLOSS such a successful one.

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Edited versions of previous sample images (first w/ 3x converter lens + crop, second without), as a demo of a usable aesthetic I could get out of this setup - since edges are soft, amping up clarity and contrast to emphasize what center sharpness there is.
Not the aesthetic I wanted, but it could be cool in some situations.

A big thank you to everyone in the fediverse who are engaging with me and my work/photography.
I'm not , unfortunately, up to getting out, nor to managing to photograph anything, today.
However, your kind generosity and spirit of giving & sharing is oxygen a plenty. Keep supporting one another and the fediverse as best you can. 📷👍😎

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Thank you for boosting @itdm5j21

It's great to be able to find new people to follow by seeing their work recognized by other people.

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@itdm5j21 Scenery like this is the main reason why I want to go to the UK again. It's so tranquil and beautiful!

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Consistent 'problem' I'm having w/ ricoh GR is that the dof is way narrower than I expect it to be, so I frequently don't get focus quite where I wanted it to be. I need to find a way to have focus assist always be on. Also I need to remember to switch it into macro mode more often, because without being in macro mode it can't focus very close at all.
Not actually problems so much as I just need to get better at using the thing...

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OK I'm giving in to the urge to post this...I found the lighting in this photo pretty great ☀

Pulau Pangkor, Malaysia

Fuji gear/x-t n or nn:
Do they make their stuff to work with GNU/Linux, BSD, FOSS etc. or similar?
I mean is that 'Windows' OS still even around!
Does one have Fuji with only win/ps? 📷👍😎

'Driftwood & Debris'

Driftwood and debris collects around this warning sign. The black nylon rope blows gently in the wind.

'Three Crows'

The Crows seem to prefer the cream coloured house, avoiding the red building altogether.

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