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Hi, I'm Kelson (he/him), a hobbyist photographer in the Los Angeles area. I tend to shoot , & , and occasionally cosplay. Lately I've been taking a lot of nature photos for and posting some of the better ones here & on Flickr (

I also have a general account on Wandering Shop (@KelsonV) & more casual photos on Pixelfed (@KelsonV).

Hello! New work, AND a new area. Welcome to Grizedale Forest.

There’s so much more to explore of the forest, but we aimed for the summit of Carron Crag and BOY the views there are crackin’!

Loads more photos here, if you’re bored and fancy a nosey -> 👍

A sliver of the Moon

Canon SL2 - Sigma 100-55mm Lens - ISO 800 - f/8 - Exposure 1/50 Sec


Sometimes, photos of Earth can look so beautiful you don't even believe the images are from this planet. Count these pics of the Svalbard Satellite Station among that group. It sits just 745 miles from the North Pole:
📸: Reuben Wu


An outdoor mall extension completed in 2020. Which wasn't exactly ideal timing.

The courtyard was at least someplace they could set up chairs and signs reminding you to keep your distance. I saw a few people walking through on their way to somewhere else (like I was), and could hear an exercise class running in the parking structure next door.

Who knew a hawk could be a ?

Spotted in a park. Probably a Cooper's Hawk.

I heard a lot of chirping from this tree, and saw a cluster that looks like it could be a nest near where this hawk was standing guard. It just kind of looked around the whole time even as I walked past the tree. If it was standing guard, it must have been able to tell I wasn't a threat.

Statue of Ramona Quimby, one of several inspired by Beverly Cleary characters in Grant Park in Portland, Oregon. Photo from a trip in 2013.

TBH, though, Atlas Obscura got better photos than I did:

A red-tailed hawk spotted along the bike path today. It flew up to an electrical transmission tower, perched there for a minute or two, then took off again while I was trying to catch a photo.

The first photo shows the dam, which is little more than a stone wall. A sluice gate in the centre controls the water level.

The second photo is taken from the dam, and is looking up the lochan, in the opposite direction. A section of the "easy" path is shown in the foreground. I managed to choose a moment without strollers.


#photo #photography #Highlands #Scotland #Outdoors

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