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Kelson Vibber

Testing out the new phone's camera on a bee. It has an option to add a second or so of video to still shots when it detects movement, which I figured I'd try out as well.

The three winners of tonight's lightning shooting exercise at the beach. :) The last one is a photomerge of two photos. ISO 100, f-stop was 4 and shutter speed was 25s.

Looking back through my oldest Instagram photos, I'm struck by just how awful phone cameras used to be.

I mean, yeah, I remembered flip phone cameras were terrible, but even early smartphones couldn't handle situations we expect them to now. Got to remember filters were introduced to compensate for the grain, gloom & fuzz.

Thought I had a great view of these stalks and dried-out flowers at a seasonal marsh, but the lens flare...

The actual good photos from my hike are on Flickr, if you're interested:

Naturally-screened city.

In the distance: buildings along Los Angeles' Wilshire Blvd as seen from the hills of Kenneth Hahn Park, an island of open space in the middle of the suburban sprawl.

Two views of a rainbow during a rainstorm a few days ago (first of the season for southern California).

SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launch from Vandenberg, seen above the Los Angeles area early this evening. The bright spot at the left moved across the sky, trailing a shell of vapor that continued to catch the sunlight for at least 10 minutes after the rocket and booster stage were no longer visible.

The hour grows late, and Los Angeles rises out of the palm trees, preparing for another night. 😉

Seriously, though, I was trying out different settings on a camera with a good zoom lens.

2017. Istanbul. Turkey. This is first look at the series of test shots using the 135mm lens. Single frame edit, before seeing if it is worth to stack some of these from this batch.

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Disinterested Seagull: "What, there's a sunset behind me? Nah, can't make me look!"

Last Sunday, after a hectic afternoon running errands through Christmas shopping crowds, I went out to the Manhattan Beach Pier to watch the waves and relax. This seagull seemed to have the "relax" part down already.

Groot reminds us: is critical to internet freedom & we should call Congress TODAY.

The FCC votes Thurs. to kill the only thing keeping your cable/phone co. from blocking competition, burying news they don't like, & shaking down startups.

Unless you trust your cable co. to have your interests at heart, go to & remind the FCC they work for you, not Verizon/Comcast.

Amazing what Groot can fit into 3 words, isn't it?