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Hi, I'm Kelson (he/him), a hobbyist photographer in the Los Angeles area. I tend to shoot , & , and occasionally cosplay. Lately I've been taking a lot of nature photos for and posting some of the better ones here & on Flickr (

I also have a general account on Wandering Shop ( & more casual photos on Pixelfed (

This picture was pure luck... The crossed our patio just a few meters above and i was ready to shoot with my because of doing some 😀

Green and purple flowers at a botanical garden. I can't remember what the plants are, but the purple puffballs appear to be mimosas.

A friend's garden at sunset in oversaturated insta-colours. This may not be exactly how it looked, but rather like it felt to sit there.
#florespondence #photography

A , photographed using the classic technique of desperately following it with the camera and clicking the shutter when I hope it's pointing vaguely in the right direction to at least catch it in frame and it probably won't be in focus anyway but with luck it'll at least be identifiable and...hey, not bad!

(Otherwise I've basically given up trying to actually aim at butterflies when they're flying.)

Today we went to Pico de la Nieves. This little guy and his friends were waiting for us at the top.

This is the same place that proclaimed "We missed some of you!" when they reopened after the winter pandemic surge shutdown.

I think they've mostly been doing "patio" dining in the parking lot, but inside gathering spots have been slowly reopening over the last month or so as case rates plummet in California and vaccination rates climb.

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Rather minimalist ir-landscapes which might look good as wallpapers. Different hues and compositions. Have fun. #wallpaper #photography #infrared

Guess who got another old camera converted to infrared and can now do 700 AND 550nm? Damn, that red leaf effect is powerful, even if a bit tricky to optimize in post-editing... #infrared #photography

Yesterday I finally did a hike that I had on my bucket list for ages. Five peaks (1,948, 2,216, 2,262, 2,308 and 1,914 meters), 850 meters of ascent, 1,350 meters of descent on just under 17 kilometers of distance.

#hiking #outdoors #landscape #alps #austria #styria #photography #landscapephotography #nature #nikon
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