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Hi, I'm Kelson (he/him), a hobbyist photographer in the Los Angeles area. I tend to shoot , & , and occasionally cosplay. Lately I've been taking a lot of nature photos for and posting some of the better ones here & on Flickr (

I also have a general account on Wandering Shop (@KelsonV) & more casual photos on Pixelfed (@KelsonV).

Meanwhile, in the more curated parts of the gardens...

(The sphere in the distance is a sculpture by Doris Sung called "Fuller," inspired by Buckminster Fuller. I always think of it as the buckyball.)

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Some wildlife I spotted on a hike today. It was really nice in the shade, but it was also very hilly, and uncomfortably warm in the sun. I ended up staggering back to the car at the end.

The yellow and black bird is some sort of oriole. The black and white one is a black phoebe. I think the rabbit is a desert cottontail.

After the Celebration (alc) 

Someone left behind evidence of a curbside pick-me-up last night.

I took the photo in a hurry and didn't frame it very well, so when I got home I started trying different crops and looks to see if I could make it pop a bit better.

Today I spotted some of the feral parakeets that live in the suburbs around here. I hear them squawking as they fly overhead almost daily, but it's been a while since I've seen them, and even longer since I've seen them close enough and still enough to photograph!

While out walking today I found three of them perched on a cable up above the street. After a minute or two, one of them flew over to the top section of a nearby palm tree.

Some spotted at a park. There's a corner that's landscaped with plants that are a bit better suited for more birds and butterflies than the usual giant lawn with a few trees, and I've seen bluebirds, phoebes, towhees and others in the area.

I'm not sure if they're female or juvenile (only adult males are bright bright blue), but you can see the blue on their wings...and how well their bodies blend in with the ground.

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Another COVID-19 Circuit Breaker in Singapore observation. A Javan Munia (Lonchura leucogastroides) seen picking at some vines near the home, probably looking for nesting material on 27 May.

The Javan Munia was introduced into Singapore, probably from the bird trade, or as escaped pets.

On iNaturalist [ ].

Some spotted over the last few days:

A monarch that nicely paused on the grass with its wings open, long enough to catch a clear photo.

A swallowtail that I sort of caught in flight, at a distance. It's very low-resolution, but it's also clearly identifiable!

A cabbage white that I was able to catch with a zoom lens.

I need to be better about watching gsoc projects of my favorite programs.

Not only the @Krita android port is slowly becoming a reality but also there is a gsoc to integrate the amazing #mypaint brushes to #krita :)

By the way if you have an android tablet and want to help this amazing #FLOSS/#FOSS tool up you can install the experimental android version and report bugs. :)

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Story about a landscape photo that went viral not just because it's incredible, but because setting it as the wallpaper on Android phones caused them to break due to a bug in how the system handles color spaces.

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