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Kelson Vibber

Hello Mastodon,

[EN] An old photo (summer 2015), from the south of Neringa, Lithuania.

[FR]Une vieille photo (été 2015), prise au sud de Neringa, en Lithuanie.

This is a Bontebok. They used to be common in South Africa, but were killed prolifically as pests and reduced to a wild population of just 17. Thanks to one farmer who kept a herd on his land for pleasure, the population is now being rebuilt.

Amateur photographer w/ a love for life and travel. Road-tripped across the U.S. and caught this gem at Yosemite National Park

Hello! I'm still exploring after first setting up on I'm not a professional photographer, but I've been a hobbyist forever. I live in the Los Angeles area & mostly post scenic photos, architecture, things I find amusing, and comic conventions.

I can also be found at and as well as my blog at