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I'm a hobbyist photographer in the Los Angeles area. I mostly go for scenic , nature or architecture. I also look for funny/odd sights, and cosplay photos at comic conventions.

My main Mastodon account is @KelsonV, and I also talk about books & comics at @KelsonReads


Other photo sharing sites:

A windmill in suburbia. Apparently it was built by one of Hermosa Beach's city founders around 1900 and later moved to its present location, a small triangle of grass and trees in the corner of a grocery store lot next to Pacific Coast Highway. It's no longer functional as far as I know, except as a historical landmark.

Tonight's waxing crescent moon. It's passing in front of the Hyades star cluster right now, which I'd love to get a photo of, but the moon's just waaay too bright to capture the background stars!

In the time it took me to get a light meter reading and swap lenses on the old film camera, the light went from perfectly highlighting the flowers to leaving some of them in shadow.

Fortunately I took a shot with my phone before I started fumbling with equipment and the shadows moved, but the fake depth of field just isn't the same.

Lemons after the rain (digital). And the same lemons ~2 months earlier (film).

The potted lemon tree is still small, but it's mature enough to produce lemons. Of course, at two feet tall, it's only producing a crop of maybe five lemons a year.

One of the photos I took when we dragged out the old film camera was of this tree, so I keep coming back to it. It's joined the moon and the distant LA skyline as a standard test subject!

I made a #pinhole lens for my sony a6000 from an unused lens converter aluminum foil and masking tape to demo my students.

You don't need a 3-D printer and dedicated workshop to be a #maker :bob_ross: (although they do help if you have access to them - which I don't 😉 )

The hardest part was to center the hole really. I did a first one with multiple holes punched until I found it, then I created a second one using the first as template

#photography #photo #photographie #creativeToots

And another one today!

A circumzenith arc. Like an upside-down rainbow high above the sun, wrapping around the top of the sky. I think this is the second I've seen, but the first was only a fragment.

Taken with my phone through polarized sunglasses. Color and contrast enhanced.

Thanks to everyone who gave advice on mirrorless/DSLR cameras! I decided to go with the Sony a6000.

Here's a shot of a coral tree flower, from my first photo-walk with it, at a local botanical garden. (It's winter, but here that means we actually got rain recently.)

Waning , taken with the settings I *should* have used for the eclipse on Sunday.

I like taking photos of the moon when it's between phases (rather than full) because you get to see the most texture in it at those times.

Some recent sun displays I've seen in the last 2 weeks: An upper tangent arc (my first!), the top edges of a circumscribed and 22° circular halo, and most of a 22° circular halo (with bonus contrail shadow on the cloud layer!)

All shot on my Pixel 2 with levels adjusted.

These are all formed by reflection and refraction of light in ice crystals. (A great reference: )

Also, all seen from Los Angeles, which isn't ground level.

I went back out about an hour later to check out the view as the moon left the earth's shadow, and caught these two photos, taken about the same time with different exposures so that you can see either the lit portion of the moon, or the part that's still in the earth's shadow.

The evening was hectic, and I almost forgot about the . I had literally just put my son to bed when I remembered, "The !" We went out to see if the sky was clear.

Clouds were rushing across the sky, but for the most part, it was clear, and we had a perfect view of the looking like a dark brown chunk of rock in the sky.

(Then I spent 10 minutes fighting with camera settings while he went back to bed.)

I caught a glimpse of the trail from today's Delta 4 launch out of Vandenberg while driving, and made a beeline for the coast for a better look. I did manage to catch a clear view of the trail, though winds had already started blowing it out of shape, and stayed briefly to look at the boats on the ocean and the scenery.

Polliwog Park doubles as a flood control basin, and after 5 days of rain, it's filling up. Those two arcs out in the water? They're benches like the one at the lower left.

It's not the fullest I've seen it, though. A few years ago, it filled up to the top of the swing sets. Photos here:
No one has brought the wine glass in since yesterday, making it a bit of an informal rain gauge (and giving me a chance to frame a better photo).

Raindrops on sage, spotted while walking around in the rain today.

There were two major cloudbursts, one overnight and one mid-morning. At this point the second one had faded to a little more than a drizzle, something a bit more comfortable to walk in.

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Flowers in and out of their depth (of field).

Taken with the old Sears TLS.

I went back to the same marsh I'd visited in early December, after a few more rainstorms. The ponds had spread, covering trails I'd walked along just a few weeks earlier. Ducks and geese had arrived in force.

I could also swear I heard a frog, but I couldn't see it, and even with the weird southern California seasons, I don't think it's the right time for frogs to be out. I should've asked at the visitor center.


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