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Looks like a new round of may be in order:

I'm a hobbyist photographer in the Los Angeles area. I mostly go for scenic , nature or architecture. I also look for funny/odd sights, and cosplay photos at comic conventions.

I'm trying to balance several Mastodon IDs by theme. @kelsonv for general & techie stuff @KelsonV for books/scifi/fantasy/comics/fandom


First post at . Very basic so far, but it works. Looking forward to seeing how it shapes up!

Some sort of purple flowers on the unmaintained greenbelt beneath a set of transmission lines. A lot of it is more of a brown belt this time of year, but I think this section gets water seeping over from neighboring yards.

Double halo in the sky. The 22° halo around the sun is really bright and clear, and not that unusual even in Los Angeles. The circumhorizon arc below it, while faint, is also the longest I've ever seen. I've seen a couple of fragments before, some really bright:

It's cool to be able to get pictures of these with my phone. There was a time I'd run to get a camera & hope it wouldn't fade first.

Saturation enhanced. It's really hazy!

I mentioned earlier that I have been making art, just not being good about documenting it.

Here is one of the #humanalgorithms pieces that got done earlier this year.

#artwithopensource and #linuxartists as #darktable is still my editing software of choice for processing these photographs and #ubuntustudio the operating system they are done in.

images CC by-SA

#art #mastoart #abstractart #creativetoots #painting #traditionalart

This is a park at the top of a hill rising up from the Pacific Ocean. Today there were a zillion crows riding the air currents and occasionally alighting on the fence that separates the park from the steep drop-off.

I liked the idea that the crow might be bristling at the prohibition. But I miss the old signs they used to have on the fence. They had a bit more personality.

Cherry blossoms at the South Coast Botanic Garden. The whole park is curated, with some parts arranged to seem wild(ish) and others, like this one, more garden-like.

Happy everyone! Let's cherish our beautiful planet with its wonderful creatures and fight to protect it.

This is promising: SmugMug has bought Flickr & plans to "maintain Flickr as a standalone community of amateur and professional photographers and give the long neglected service the focus and resources it deserves." (quote from article)

Now I don't have to worry about Verizon shutting it down!

Wispy sundog fragment (colors enhanced). The colors were really easy to see through my polarized sunglasses, but just faded into the glare without them. My phone barely caught it, but the info was there once I stretched the saturation.

Just received a roll of Fuji Provia 100 slide back from my local lab. Example from that roll here. Love the colors, and Provia scans very easily.

Update: I drove by it again, and this time stopped to look. There's a signature: on the last section: Jacque Dupuy 2018, Mural Executed by

Murals in progress on what used to be the featureless gray walls of an apartment complex. The aviation theme on two of them is due to this being Aviation Blvd.

Composition brought to you by the angle I could take a photo out the car window before the light turned green. 😁

Got a follow-up alert that the fire's been put out. The word "small" was included, which is a good sign. Next time I hike there, I'll have to ask about it.

Finally, Instagram will allow you to download an archive of your account. We'll have to wait to see how useful it is (ex: can you easily find the caption from a photo, or do you have to search a giant HTML file with everything in it?)

Brush fire reported at the marsh preserve where I took the last photo I posted here. It's not a very big preserve - basically a large city block, in the middle of suburbia. (There's literally a Target across the street.)

Here's hoping they manage to stomp it down quickly, before it does too much damage.