Finally recovered enough from the flu to get out for a walk in the neighborhood (while that's still an option).

I think this first bird (possibly a goldfinch?) was trying to practice social distancing, though the crow in the third photo seems to be doing a better job. The house finch was such a bright red that I thought it had to be another kind of bird until I looked at the photos.

A dove spotted this morning. I just walked around the neighborhood and most of the birds I spotted were on cables like this.

Might be a mourning dove, turtle dove, or collared dove. If you happen to know, feel free to chime in at :

A common House perched on what looks like bougainvillea. It sounded like there were a lot of them in there, but I could only see one.

This bird's new to me: apparently it's an American pipit, also known as a buff-bellied pipit, a small ground-nesting insectivore. I spotted several of them walking around in the grass next to a bike path that's just been closed down, though I could see them from the sidewalk with a zoom lens.



I was watching a bunch of Lesley The Bird Nerd's vids yesterday [closed caption turned on, since I have no speakers at work] to distract me from... everything.


@xenophora I'll have to look for those. I'm just glad I can still go for walks in the neighborhood for now. As you say, birds are a good distraction!

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It's true. Ask any cat. 🐾 (Mine only watches from the window. He is not a free-roamer.)

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