And one more in this series of "Birds against blurry backgrounds" from Monday's walk, a black phoebe.


RE: Phoebe Photo. That's a great photo! Bird pics are tough to get. I wonder what's going on with it's lower right breast?

@MangoMamba Thanks! Yeah, birds have such an annoying tendency to fly off (or turn their heads, or otherwise not stand still!)

Not sure what's with the dark patch. Maybe it's a scar or something?


The Phoebe is missing a few feathers where he/she is trying to pluck the white pin shape thing. I would add birds are small and at a distance, often in the shadows making "a steady hand" very important. So I learn their songs and hang a bird feeder. Even turkeys are too quick for me 😉

#Birds #Photography

@MangoMamba Yeah, shadows and hiding behind leaves. It's amazing how often I can *hear* them without *seeing* them!

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