A , photographed using the classic technique of desperately following it with the camera and clicking the shutter when I hope it's pointing vaguely in the right direction to at least catch it in frame and it probably won't be in focus anyway but with luck it'll at least be identifiable and...hey, not bad!

(Otherwise I've basically given up trying to actually aim at butterflies when they're flying.)

@kelsonv The local Swallowtails are also constant 'flappers'. Lost count of the number of times I tried to catch them in flight or briefly resting to feed at flowers too, only to end up with nothing. 🙂

@sohkamyung The ones I have the most trouble with are the Sulphurs. They never seem to slow down!

@troodon Thanks! I'm still amazed it came out not just recognizable but actually *good*!

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