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Sony Alpha 6000
SEL 10-18 Lens at 18mm
ND 64 Filter (Gobe Filters)
5 Second Exposure

Will be going back to do again when leaves change color!

On October 6th, my mom had a massive stroke. The original prognosis wasn't good, but she's beating it. A very long way to go, and who knows how far we'll get.

My photography of course has taken a back seat, though I will try to go occasionally if only for my mental health.

I probably won't be here much all the same, but to my regular responders, no, friends, your in my thoughts too.

@fitheach @checkervest @inAktion

Here's one for you.

Not my traditional photo, but trying to get back in ( if I ever was ) some kind of shape.

Bought myself an e-bike. Added a rack and bags this past weekend to make the work commutes easier.

It's kinda brisk in the morning when it's 4 celsius, but still enjoying it a lot.

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@laraby - I was wrong - Again..!

A quicky taken between showers after a 15 minute break in the sky.

#Photography #Scotland #sunset #PentaxK5 #GIMP210

The splash was a seal. Dove just as I took the pic. I think I prefer this to capturing it!

Some pictures from the cenotaph rededication I was asked to photograph yesterday.

Was an honour to be able to do something small for the legion.

While I'm a peace loving person, i do believe in honouring those who served.

I'm from New Scotland (Nova Scotia) so the pipe band is a thing here, and pretty moving to hear the mournful cry of Amazing Grace from them.

I've gotten frustrated posting recently, as Mastodon won't take most of my pics unless I resize them. Wish it would do that automatically.

My local city councillor contacted me on Twitter and told me I seem to have a gift/talent for photography and asked if I'd be willing to take some photos for a rededication of a local cenotaph.

Very flattering, even if I'm not sure I agree, but if course I said yes too.

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Downtown, 3 apartment buildings lost rooves, and a crane fell onto a building at a construction site.

Currently, NSPower shows 396,657 customers (that's not people) without power. Other reports say that they have 500,000 total customers. So that's pretty much 80% of the province without power.

I'm one of the lucky 20%. Went for a short jaunt, other than the immediate area, all the power seems off, no working stop lights.

Many trees down, partially blocking roads, tho have seen some sawed up already in Bedford area. Lots of debris.

Not been out and about much lately, other than biking to work.

Hurricane Dorian hitting here tomorrow, so prepping for that some too. If its fit, I'll see if I can get any "after" pictures from its impact here.

Lesser than down south for sure, but a lot more than we are used to as well.

Last time in 2003 was without power for nearly 3 days, so I may be absent a bit

Sigh. Shopping can be so frustrating, had picked out an ebike I thought was a good fit in a price I can live with, and my local dealer doesn't have it in my size, and none left in Canadian warehouse.

Some other dealers show it, but not sure they can ship between them ( closest is 800km away)

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