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Sony Alpha 6000
SEL 10-18 Lens at 18mm
ND 64 Filter (Gobe Filters)
5 Second Exposure

Will be going back to do again when leaves change color!

Waterfall in Victoria Park, Truro, NS today. Beautiful spring day here, +15C

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Today I registered a business name. Thinking of trying to get some freelance work

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We had a few days of nice weather so I'm now already behind with posting of pictures. This one I took during my lunch break two days ago.

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Cherry Blossoms in Black and White

Canon SL2/200D - Canon 18-135mm Lens - ISO 400

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read your most recent blog. A&W here in Canada has been selling these for a while, and also now has a "beyond meat" "sausage" breakfast sandwich.

Can also buy the patties for home cooking, albeit $13.00 for 4


Helps if I reply....

You can get lots more expensive, but these are , in my experience, pretty good, with no noticeable colour cast. Just some muted looking colors.

its what I used for these for example.

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