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Sony Alpha 6000
SEL 10-18 Lens at 18mm
ND 64 Filter (Gobe Filters)
5 Second Exposure

Will be going back to do again when leaves change color!

Sigh. Shopping can be so frustrating, had picked out an ebike I thought was a good fit in a price I can live with, and my local dealer doesn't have it in my size, and none left in Canadian warehouse.

Some other dealers show it, but not sure they can ship between them ( closest is 800km away)

A friend asked me to try some family photos yesterday. I've never done anything like it, and she's never had any done. I think partially cause her son is autistic.

In any event, I was happy, if nervous, to try. She gave me permission to share, so here are a few that I liked at least.

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Embroidery #Wordplay is a simple wordsearch #puzzle with one answer. Start with one of the letters with a gray background and move to the next letter, but only horizontal or vertical from where you start. No diagonals.

Please use DM or CW to give answers to let everyone enjoy the search!

Masto is recently saying some of my images aren't supported. I end up having to scale them down instead of it doing it. :(

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Spider Plant Blossoms

Canon SL2/200D - Canon 100-300 Super Macro APO DG - ISO 1600

Been absent a little. Busy with work and researching e-bikes - lol!

Plus throw a birthday in there (gratuitous plea for belated wishes 😜 ) and some anxiety, and I've been away from social media a bit!

Anyway, did you miss me? Back to photography spam soon!

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Tonight's Moon Rise Series
93.5% Illuminated
August 17, 2019

Canon SL2/200D - Sigma 100-300mm Super Macro APO DG - ISO 100

Might seem an odd picture, but this hook eye gate latch brings back a world of memories for me. Closing it behind me to keep the sheep out, or the horse in. Opening it to let the truck through with logs and wood, or slabs for the woodhouse.

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