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Sony Alpha 6000
SEL 10-18 Lens at 18mm
ND 64 Filter (Gobe Filters)
5 Second Exposure

Will be going back to do again when leaves change color!

@Bella my phone sent me a notification saying you mentioned me, but there's nothing recent in my list. Probably just an old notification being resent. But for what it's worth, been thinking of you and my other regular mates here in my absence. Hope you're well

Been a while for me. My mental health has been fragile and have avoided social media for the most part. Won't say I'm back, but for this moment at least, I'm here. And here are a few pictures from a foggy dawn this morning.

On this last day of 2019, here is my last photo of the year. And the one I'm most happy to be able to share.

Mom had a massive stroke in October, and at that time we really weren't given much hope. She has aphasia, but her communication is slowly improving.

She can't walk, but to be honest wasn't too mobile before the stroke.

She is incontinent, but she is more conscious of her incontinence and of her body in general, so maybe with time, that will improve too.

Little steps add up.

To all my friends here, a belated Merry Christmas if you celebrate, if not, all my best wishes for you today and every day.

It's been a tough little while for me, but I'm fortunate, I got to have another Christmas with my mom, albeit at the hospital. I am very grateful for that, a lot aren't so fortunate.

While she'll never see this, Merry Christmas Mom, your presence was all the present I could ever want. Love you.

Just finished The Man in the High Castle. Onto His Dark Materials, Carnival Row, and on Friday, The Witcher!

Whatever your beliefs, whatever you may or may not celebrate, peace and love unto you, and take this photo in the spirit I mean it.

Love you all.

She's teasing the nurses and specialists, eating decent meals (well like any hospital food, she doesn't like it all) and, knock on wood, haven't seen any stomach pain in days.

With all that, I know I'm very lucky in that here in my 54th year, this will be the first Christmas I will spend without having my Mom in the same house as me. But I won't lie and say its easy. Had not much interest in decorating, but for the sake of Hayley, and perhaps my own sanity, we put up a little tree.

I'm very happy to report that Mom seems to be getting much better with speaking, and carrying on conversations, even calling me a twit yesterday and if you know her, you know this is a term she uses when I'm being silly with her.

Today we had her out for a half hour wheel around the hospital in her wheel chair, and that's the first time she's really seemed interested in doing things like that.

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Selfies, EC, boost me you cowards 

Last one from the sunrise the other morning

Bedford Basin in Black and White

Nice view with a cup of coffee, if it hadn't been -5 C outside!

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