at the moment @keyoxide is using gravatar, but I already sent them a PR to switch to @libravatar instead.

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Have you heard / seen? runs on new (faster) hardware since last weekend! Did you notice the performance difference?

We've kicked off the development of the profile page redesign:

Primarily driven by

Keep posting us with your ideas! We really try to work on them!

Those who are on Twitter as well: - we're open for likes and retweets! ;-)

Classical disk space issue, since we forgot to install logrotate. 😞
Logs are currently being compressed and performance therefore back to normal soon.

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Should work for the moment again. Will continue monitoring the situation!

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We're currently having a server outage. Looks like the ivatar software which is responsible for delivering the website and the images crashed. Currently we don't have any information what caused the outage and how long it will take to get back online. We're sorry for the inconvenience.

We've just updated our website with a completely new design. The structure of the page is the same as before and it's still based on 3 but it has a fresh and optimized look. You can see it live on
How do you like our new design?

@sheogorath Awesome, that you‘ll be using Libravatar in future!

Hello there, after taking over and completely renewing Libravatar, we took the time to compose a blog post with details about what's new, where the infrastructure runs, who sponsors us and who are the new team members. You can read our blog post here:

Hey, do you like the new libravatar site? Please, let us know your thoughts and what we can improve.

Hello World! This is the official account of the project, a decentral and open source alternative to . You can sign up for free at or set up a Libravatar server for your own email server. This account will inform you about all important updates and provide support. If you have any questions, feel free to ask us. This is *not* a Twitter crossposter/bot.

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