Dan Sumner @ Jabez Clegg, Manchester, 17th December 2003.
An acoustic set from a talented young singer-songwriter from Liverpool at the monthly From Soup To Nuts night.
For more from this set, see u.madcam.co.uk/d
A mix of lo-res digital images and highly-cropped scans.

sandbox @ Korumba, Manchester, 14th Feb 2004.
These photos from a low-res digital compact.
For more, see u.madcam.co.uk/c

Just Dave - one man, a keyboard, and a selection of witty stories.
All photos from a low-res digital compact.

Working on a blog post for tonight, about something that happened 18 years ago - the title quotes part of the opening of one of my fave TV shows, and later I quote one of my fave novels - neither of which have anything to do with this event!

Sonic Boom Six @ Star And Garter, Manchester, 23rd March 2003 - Some excellent Ska-Punk from one of Manchesters finest, here in their early days, but still going strong today.
Unfortunately, this are low-res digital shots - I have some 35mm shots in storage somewhere, but this is it for now.

Hilda Strange @ Retro Bar, Manchester, 28th July 2003.
For more from this gig, follow the link.
A mix of low-res digital shots and highly cropped scans.

Out-take from a set I'm working on - the band is playing, why are you all looking so glum?
Junk Culture @ Zanzi Bar, Liverpool, 2nd April 2003.

An odd little set - G-Force Vs Super Japan @ Jabez Clegg, Manchester, 11th March 2004

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Are there any ActivityPub applications that will deploy on shared hosting with WordPress-like requirements?
ie, something that only requires Apache/mySQL/PHP?
Preferably without using masses of chron jobs as well.
I just think that until hosting your own AP instance is as simple as the WP "5 minute install" *which normally takes me less than 2!), the #fediverse isn't really going to take off

There was something I wanted to post on my main account, but mastodon.social appears to be spending a year dead for tax purposes - any one know what's up, or has Gagron just been editing files on a live server again?

So, here we are, posting from my newly sidegraded laptap, now renamed Shenzhou after one of my fave Star Trek ships.
Running Ubuntu Mate _x64 18.04, just trying to find drivers for my graphics, because the redraw rate is pretty slow.
Hopefully will soon get back to editing and uploading photos.

Just found out that this laptop is one of the worst reviewed, ever - no wonder the bloke in PC World was so willing to chuck extra stuff at me to get rid of 2 of the things!
Just about to replace the hard drive...

Might have to try Ubuntu Mate next - I've had that running in a dual monitor setup before, although that was a few versions back.
Planning on removing the hard drive on this laptop tomorrow and fitting a spare 120Gb drive I have lying around, installing some variant of Ubuntu on that - hopefully by tomorrow night I should be running a full setup for my photography.
All I have to do then is save up for a new machine!

Well, that was ... weird...
Lubuntu recognised my dual external monitor setup on boot, Ububtu... didn't...
Instead, it defaults to the laptops screen, and to get it to recognise either of the external monitors, I had to unplug the HDMI cable, at which point it picked up the VGA one.
Then it's switch primary from laptop to VGA, turn off laptop screen, then plug in HDMI again, and switch that to primary!
And apparently, this is a known bug in Ubuntu Gnome, so I would have to keep redoing it...

Using 's seriously underpowered laptop here running Win 10 - takes 3-4 minutes to boot to desktop, then another 5-6 minutes to start 2.8 with the extensions pack.
Just installed 18.04 on a USB stick, with Gimp 2.8 and the extensions repository - from cold boot to Gimp being useable took 3 1/2 minutes...
I think I forsee a dual boot system in my not too distant future...
(I just want to try the full fat first...)

Junk Culture @ L2, Liverpool, 5th July 2001.
Unfortunately, these are all highly cropped scans.

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