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madCam @madcam

@stuartb @KemoNine @kemonine @kemonine @sunshine
I also have @mancavgeek , my collection of aviation-related photos.
Yes, I admit it, I'm a plane spotter, and that is my attempt to document my adventures in the UK and around Europe in pursuit of my hobby.
I'm currently editing my archives of digital shots (2006, 2013-present) before moving on to scan in my collection of 35mm photos (1992-2001)

@sunshine @kemonine @kemonine @KemoNine I also have 3 Masto accounts (technically 4, but my first account was on, which went dark , leaving me to find a new home!)
@stuartb is my main account, where I occasionally leave my thoughts on a range of subjects.
I have 2 accounts here, @madcam, is for my archives from my days as a gig photographer for various bands from the North-west of England (2000-2008 and occasionally later). (cont)

@ambassador @Sebastian @eylul @Curator @WeeklyPhotoChallenge @mancavgeek @david @WelshPixie @NFGphoto I suggested spelling it as "foto" purely for the alliteration, but either way works.

@kemonine @mancavgeek I know that my 2 fave things about digital versus film are 1) the ability to see the results of any experiments immediately rather than have to take notes of settings for each shot then see what worked when the pics come back from being developed, and 2) not blowing a small fortune on an entire roll of experiments that didn't work.
Oh, and 3) folders full of failed shots!
Here, have an out-take from the set I posted last week...

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Somewhere in the last 24 hours, we went from 21 to 22 users on - so HELLO! whoever you are!

@Sebastian Nice - that's a place I've always wanted to visit.

@kemonine Creative/hobby amateur here - I don't generally do much post-processing (there is one notable exception I might post later, which involved removing a lighting pole and some scaffolding!), but I sometimes like to create certain effects in camera.

@kemonine Cheers.
This was a technique I developed by accident that went down really well with the target market (bands who wanted something which caught the action and dynamism of a live performance) - it didn't always work, but this shot came out almost perfectly.

I love this, especially the way I caught Laura sitting on her own shoulder..
Intentionally, of course.
All effects done in camera, no double exposures, just long exposures with the occasional snap zoom thrown in.

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First update on Mastodon - The Buffalo Riot @ Night And Day, Manchester, 2011-08-05.

That moment when you're editing some photos and a song comes up on your Spotify playlist, and you think "Why do these guys sound familiar?" and then realise it's the band whose photos you're editing...

And I've just realised I'm using the same avatar as on my personal account...
**rushes off to change it over there!**