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I've decided to stop faffing about and start on madCam v3.0- okay, it's actually something like v6.0, but the first iterations were back when I was still active...
Anyhoo, the back end is pretty much sorted, just need to do some minor edits to add watermarks (previously a job done, not very well, by the gallery software I was using) to several dozen albums, then edit the rest.
I want to have about as much content as v2.0 before relaunching, so may be some time...

Out of focus - check.
Flash didn't fire - check.
Light balance is horrendous - check.
Eyes are creepyAF - check.
Four Star Mary @ The Arts centre, Liverpool, 27th Nov 2015.

Somewhere in the last 24 hours, we went from 21 to 22 users on - so HELLO! whoever you are!

I love this, especially the way I caught Laura sitting on her own shoulder..
Intentionally, of course.
All effects done in camera, no double exposures, just long exposures with the occasional snap zoom thrown in.

First update on Mastodon - The Buffalo Riot @ Night And Day, Manchester, 2011-08-05.

That moment when you're editing some photos and a song comes up on your Spotify playlist, and you think "Why do these guys sound familiar?" and then realise it's the band whose photos you're editing...

And I've just realised I'm using the same avatar as on my personal account...
**rushes off to change it over there!**