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Manc AvGeek

And I'm back... Haven't posted much due to being swamped with family and work shizz!

Anyhoo, quick question for the GIMPers - in Photoshop, I use the Custom Shape Tool for my watermarks - is there any way of recreating this functionality in Gimp, because if there is a way of doing it I certainly can't find it.
I prefer GIMP to PS (it seems to fit my workflow better), but this is the one thing stopping me from moving over.
Cheers! :D

So, 445 frames yesterday, I'm assuming maybe 80 will be salvageable...

Finally finished the first of the 2 batches of photos I have to finish before I can have any more days out.

Ahh, the joys of editing a batch of photos, only to realise when you've just about finished that you've put the wrong watermark on them!
These are only for use in one place, so I'm not keeping any intermediate backups, apart from the raw pics that came out of the camera, which means I've had to re-edit them from scratch.
Okay, so it could have been worse, I could have lost a load of stuff (been there done that!!), but it's still time consuming!!

First frame out of the camera again!
You would think I would learn.
from todays visit to the airport.

Well, I promised myself that I wouldn't have any more trips until I finished editing the photos from my last 2 visits, but something a little bit special is coming in tomorrow, so I'm taking the camera out for a walk...

So - 458 + shots in this set, discarded a load and got them down to 225, and now I'm editing them, binning more as I go along - hopefully, I'll make it down to 110...
(possibly even below!!)
I love burst mode on my camera, it means I'm almost guaranteed a good shot (or at least, useable shot) every time I press the shutter, but by 'eck, it creates a lot of very similar files on my computer!

Note to self - always check the settings on your camera, especially if you were doing something out of the ordinary the last time you used it.
2 days earlier, I had been doing some indoor night-time photography, hence the high ISO and low shutter speed, resulting in this, the first frame, being massively over-exposed and out of focus.
Manchester Airport, Ryanair 737-800, 3rd May 2017.

Forgot the date!
15th August 2013!

Missed the anniversary of my first time back spotting after a 7 year hiatus, so thought I would post something from that day.
A7-ACA, A330-200, Qatar Airways, @ Manchester Airport
From a series at

After the last host died, lets try this again...