Fun News!
I'm a grandad!
My eldest daughter had a baby girl yesterday!!

Not so fun news.
That officially makes me old. :(

Okay, this is getting a bit surreal - one of my side-projects is actually going pretty well, so much so I've started an alt for it...
I make no claims of being any good, nor of having a clue what I'm doing! ;)

Work, lewd(ish) 

Note to self - don't browse the global timeline on break at work!
Just had to explain to my boss that I wasn't actually looking for bukake while at work, it just popped on to the timeline...
He's not convinced!

My OTC anti-histamines are still allegedly "non-drowsy", which would be hilarious if I didn't have to save all my energy for working.
Even more amusing, Ive hardly slept over the past few days because of my hay fever, so I'm seriously ready for dome sleep.
Today is going to be fuelled by Lucozade, which means I am going to crash, hard, tonight.
Fun times or what?

My hay-fever meds are supposedly non-drowsy.
Yeah, right - I've been struggling to stay awake at work all day!

Musical project, not whatever my phones predictive text turned that in to...

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Started work on a new musical p et object before leaving the house this morning - here's hoping this isn't the last anyone hears of it, as usually happens with my side projects...

So, random person I work with...
Does my Social Anxiety and related introversion have such a massively negative effect on your life that you have to keep calling me out for committing the unforgiveable sin of not greeting you in the morning without being prompted by you?
I barely communicate with my friends and family, what makes you think I want to talk to someone I only know because we have the same employer?

Throughout the Covid-19 crisis, I have been posting daily photos that my fellow AvGeeks might find interesting, in the hopes of brightening their day while not much is happening in the world of aviation - but that pails in to insignificance when compared to what else is happening out in the real world.
So, in a small show of solidarity with my Brothers and Sisters on the other side of the Atlantic, this site and its associated Social Media chanels will be going dark for the next few days.

Today is my day off work.
Normally, I would be curating a selection of around 6 aviation-related photos from my archive to share, but with the news coming out of the US, I've decided this is not the time.
With the US President declaring the US a Facist state, with Police Departments turning in to state-sponsored domestic terrorism groups dedicated to attacking and killing their fellow citizens for having to the temerity to protest the death of an unarmed civilian - now is not the time.

Bonus Photo of the Day 2020-06-01.
G-BRBY, Robinson R22B Beta, at manchester Barton, some time before December 1995.

Photo of the Day 2020-06-01.
EI-REH, ATR72-201, Aer Lingus Regional, taxiing to Terminal 1 after landing on Runway 05R at Manchester Airport, 21st April 2016.

All these people screaming about Antifa on Twitter (and, sadly, parts of the )...
You do realise that by designating Antifa as a terrorist organisation because they oppose, you out yourselves as AntiAntifa.
Also known as just plain Fa.

Photo of the Day 2020-05-31.
S5-AAV, canadair CRJ900, Adria Airways, taxiing out to Runway 23L at Manchester Airport, 9th July 2014.

Tails 2020-05-30.
OK-JBJ, Ilyushin Il62M, Bemoair, at Manchester Airport, bringing Czech fans for a Euro96 football match against Germany, 9th June 1996.

Bonus Photo of the Day 2020-05-30.
I-SME*, Douglas DC9-51, Meridiana, at London Gatwick, at some time in the 1990s.

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