30th November 2013 - a cold but very sunny day at Manchester Airport.
All photos taken from the Aviation Viewing Park, which faces more or less South, so everything is pretty heavily backlit.

G-GNTH, SAAB SF340, British Midland.
I believe these were operated by Business Air
Seen here from the Airport Hotel, Manchester, sometime after Jan 1997.

Oh, come on!
2.8 on ( .04 ) keeps crashing on me - it doesn't matter how big or small the image, or how many steps I've taken (I've taken to saving to .XCF every 5 or so steps!) - If I'm lucky, it crashes just after I've saved the image, if not then I have to recreate each step on this ancient laptop which, quite frankly, was rubbish when I bought it!
I would switch to 2.10, but I can't figure out how to replicate most of the filters and effects I use!

Sparing a couple of minutes to think of my Grandma today. If she were still here we would have been celebrating her 102nd birthday. Hard to believe she has been gone 9 years already. My memories of her can be read at u.whatwaslostisfound.co.uk/6 #onthisday #familyhistory #genealogy

G-MCEA, Boeing 757-200, Spanair.
On lease from Airtours, and in full Airtours colours.
Taken from the Airport Hotel, Manchester Airport, sometime between December 1997 and April 1998 - buy the way people are dressed, I would say April.

B-HME. Boeing 747-200, Air Hong Kong.
Taken from the Airport Hotel, Manchester Airport, sometime between October 1997 and August 2001.

F-GGGR, Boeing 727-200, Europe Aero Services.
Taken from the spectator terraces at Manchester sometime between March 1992 and August 1995.

I-BUSC, Airbus A300B4, Alitalia.
Taken from the Glasshouse on The Queens Building at London Heathrow, some time between March 1992 and April 1998.

LZ-MIV, Tupolev Tu154M, Varna International Airways.
Photo taken from the viewing terrace at Geneva Airport, Switzerland, 5th October 1996.

SX-BEH, A300B4, Olympic Airways
Taken from the Queens Building at London Heathrow, date unknown but between March 1992 and March 1999.

A grey, wet, and miserable day at Manchester Airport, 31st January 2014.
Highlight of the day was the Lufthansa A340 which was a medical diversion.
For more from this set, see u.mancavgeek.co.uk/7

TS-IMA, A300B4, Tunisair.
Taken from the viewing terrace at Paris Orly, 11th November 1993.

OY-CNL, A300B4, Premiair
Photo taken from the old viewing terraces at Manchester, sometime between Jan 1994 and whenever they shut.

EK-85536, Tupolev Tu154, Armenian Airlines.
Photo taken from Terminal 1, Paris CDG, 28th October 1993.

CS-TPF, Fokker F100, Portugalia.
Photo taken from the T1 carpark at Manchester, somewhere between December 1994 and August 2001.

F-GSTA, A300B4-608ST, Airbus Transport International
Often known as the Beluga, for obvious reasons.
Photo taken from the T1 car park at Manchester, date unknown.

So, that was weird - just had a journalist from the BBC follow my Twitter account...
I know that a lot of news sources follow these kinds of pages (the Manchester Evening News is notorious for harvesting photos and videos, usually without permission or attribution, from some FB groups!), but I'm not THAT popular!
(Not on Twitter, anyway - possibly on Instagram...)

My first trip to Heathrow in years was a grim and gray affair - not many photos taken because of the low cloud as they departed.
London Heathrow 3rd April 2014.
Follow the link for more.

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