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#onthisday 128 years ago, 2nd June 1890, my Great Grandmother Martha Elizabeth Ellis was born to cotton mill worker Robert Ellis and Margaret Ann Hibbert.
(She was registered at birth as Martha Lizzie Ellis)
She married Walter Batters on Boxing Day 1908 and went on to have twelve children with him, 4 of whom didn't survive infancy.

She is pictured here with my Great Grandfather walking down Market Street in Stalybridge, Cheshire, England sometime during the 1940s and has that unmistakeable "Batters" look that all the Batters women had including my Grandma.
Like her father, Martha worked in the cotton mills, an industry that featured heavily in the Batters family history.
#familyhistory #genealogy

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Having to re-think my approach to the way I run a couple of sites - my favoured gallery software has a blog function that is rudimentary at best, and barely interacts with the blog software I would choose to use.
The blog software can pull in content from a wiki site, but unless each link leads to a working, the output can be completely unreadable due to missing the words in the links (and, oddly, missing out parts of links!)
What to do...

25th April 2017.
N89NC, Gulfstream G550, about to start it's take-off roll from 23L at Manchester Airport.

This was intended as a post, but has turned in to more of a due to forgetting to edit it until 2 minutes to midnight on Thursday night!
Anyhoo - Atlantic Island Airways 727-276 TF-AIA taxiing out to Runway 24 at Manchester sometime in 1992, quite possibly 20th June.

A6-PFD, an A300C4-620 operated for the United Arab Emirates government taking off from Manchester, possibly 10th October 1992.

Note to self - this computer was under-powered when new, and is now getting on a bit, so try rebooting before working on any hi-res scans...
Just taken 30 minutes to run a de-noise script in Gimp, and it almost locked the whole thing up while doing so!

This is a test.
Posting via halcyon.
Hmm - bears a very close resemblance to Twitter - good job, well done.
I hate it.! :D
Seriously - Mastodon seemed to borrow from some of the design language of Tweetdeck, which was the only way I ever enjoyed Twitter, and this seems very much like a step backwards.
I'm sure some may be tempted over to the Toot-side after seeing it in action, but it's not for me.
But again, good job!

More from Heathrow - I sense a theme developing...

Out of focus? *check*
Photobombed by a light pole? *check*
Spamming the site to try to prove to @kemonine that I take more than them? *check*
Watermarking these because I don't want anyone else claiming this crap as theirs? *check*

This plane is promoting the Bahrain F1 GP - so it goes without saying, it's in pole position! :D

Why have I just fired up GIMP?
I'm not going to be able to start editing these until at least tomorrow afternoon - doing the first sorting pass, on frame 123 of 909...
(Already binned 70+, and I think another 2 passes should do it!)

What a stupid place to put a sign!

This would have been a great shot if, well, anything had gone right!

Airbus A300B4-203, VT-EHO, Air India, being towed out of one of the maintenance hangers at Manchester, date unknown, mid 90's.

Note to self - publicly announcing you are putting Project A on hold for a short time while you do some work on Project B, which you have been neglecting, and then the next day you go down to London to shoot 907 frames for Project A, which you are now itching to edit...
Look, me, I'm not saying it;'s a bad idea, but... well, actually yeah, bad idea, man!
Okay, finish up the set you're doing, get some stuff posted, then you can get on to this little lot - but after that... *stern face*

I'm an aviation enthusiast from Manchester, England, and spend far too much time (according to my wife) /not enough time (according to me) taking pictures of aeroplanes.

Right - taking a break from this account for a while - I really need to o something with my other site, so be prepared to bespammed (very lightly!) by my alt... :D