G-MONV, Boeing 737-33A, Monarch, at Manchester Airport, some time in 1992, as seen from the specatators terraces.

I am in the process of moving the site to a new server - the gallery is being moved from mancavgeek.co.uk to g.mancavgeek.co.uk - it will work in exactly the same way, but will allow me to run some other things alongside it.
I have some interesting plans for this thing, including... well, that would be telling... :D

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G-BUUR, British Aerospace ATP, Manx Airlines (in basic LAR Transregional colours)taxiing to gate at Manchester Airport, sometime between April 1993 and October 1994.

ERROR: And what?

me@testeserver:/etc/apache2/sites-available$ OH FFS! ^facepalm^
me@testeserver:/etc/apache2/sites-available$ sudo cp sub.domain.tld sub.domain.tld.conf

Attaboy! You're really getting the hang of this!

me@testeserver:/etc/apache2/sites-available$ Smeg off!

me@testeserver:/etc/apache2/sites-available$ cd ~/life

-bash: cd: /home/me/life: No such file or directory!

I'm obviously tired, just spenbt 20 minutes debugging something utterly simple!

me@testeserver:/etc/apache2/sites-available$ sudo a2ensite sub.domain.tld

ERROR: Site sub.domain.tld does not exist!

me@testeserver:/etc/apache2/sites-available$ yes it smegging does!

ERROR: Nope, try again, idiot!

me@testeserver:/etc/apache2/sites-available$ Look, here's the document root, here's where I point to it in the VHosts file, here's where I define the domain in the VHosts file, and...

This laptop is just crawling today - think it's time to purge all the Desktop Environments I'm not using, see if that helps...

TC-AFK, Boeing 737-4Y0, Pegasus, taxiing to gate at Manchester Airport, some time in the 1990's.
avgeek #egcc

D-ACLC, Canadair CRJ200, Lufthansa, seen parked on Gate 14 at Manchester Airport, some time after January 1993.

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And then it turns out that LetsEncrypt still requires that second section!

If using LetsEncrypt, you're supposed to remove BOTH of the sections referring to SSL functions, not just the first one!

Trying to get Collabora Code working on my VPS, but every time I try enabling the Apache Virtual Host, Apache falls over!
This is doing my fruit!

Not sure if it failed before because I tried installg it on ARM64 rather than x86_64, or I tried using Nginx rather than Apache, but Webmin really is a thing of wonder!

4X-ABN, Boeing 737-258, Arkia Israeli Airlines, at Frankfurt, Sept-October 1993 or October-November 1996. Notice the armored vehicle following it out to the runway.

F-GIOJ, Fokker F100, British Airways (operated by TAT), at Paris Orly either 1st November 1993 or 22nd September 1996.

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