We've had an influx of new users, mostly from , so are in order.
I'm a , , and from , UK, and am interested in connecting with other , , and from around the world.
Also interested in general , but my main interest is and other .
And if I don't get at least a couple of hits from those hash tags, I'll be very disappointed! :D
Welcome aboard!

EC-FET, Boeing 737-3Q8, Viva Air, taxiing out at Manchester Airport, some time between September 1992 and October 1995.

RA-85441, Tupolev Tu154, Aeroflot, taxiing out at Paris de Gaulle, 6th November 1993, as seen from Terminal 1.

G-GNTZ, British Aerospace 146-200, British Airways, lining up for takeoff from Runway 24 at Manchester Airport, some time after November 1997.

OO-SDD, Boeing 737-229(A), about to land on Runway 24 at Manchester Airport, some time before September 1999, as seen from The Airport Hotel.

SP-LCN, Tupolev Tu154M, LOT Polish Airlines, taxiing out from the terminal at Heathrow Airport, some time in the early 90's, as seen from The Queens Building.

D-BBBB, ATR42, NFD, parked on one of Manchester's T2 remote stands, 9th June 1996, after bringing in some fans for a Euro'96 match. As seen from the top of the T1 car park.

G-IEAA, Boeing 737-33A, InterEuropean Airways.
Parked on one of the T2 Remote stands at Manchester Airport, as seen from Level 13 of the long-term car park some time before December 1993.

G-AWSY, Boeing 737-204, Britannia Airways, parked on Gate 5 at Manchester Airport, sometime before October 1993.
Photo taken from the spectators terraces.

G-BXBV, ATR42, Gill Air, about to land on Runway 24 at Manchester Airport, sometime after May 1997.
Photo taken from The Airport Hotel.

G-BNNJ, Boeing 737-3Q8, Air Foyle - Sunjet.
Seen here from the Spectators terraces at Manchester Airport, in basic British Airways colours, somewhere between April and November 1993.
#737 foyle

Ahh, luckily, I managed to log in to Mate rather than Lubuntu - that is still bringing up errors, but at least I can access the terminal from there...

Oh dear - it flashed up a message about the upgrade failing, something to do with Lubuntu, and it would automatically roll back the upgrade...
Then it rebooted, and now I have something vaguely resembling a desktop, only without any of the functionality.
Which is slightly less than useful.

Just started the update from Ubuntu 18.04 to 18.10.
See you in the funny pages! ;D

SX-BED, Airbus A300B4, Olympic Airways, taxiing out from the terminal at London Heathrow, some time in the mid-90's, as seen from the Glasshouse on The Queen's Building.

Manchester Airport, 21st February 2014.
Another cold but sunny day.
Highlight of the day was probably the UAE Air Force A330 tanker that did a fuel stop.
For more from this trip (21 pics), see u.mancavgeek.co.uk/2f .

G-UKFE, Fokker f100, Air UK.
Taxiing in to the terminal at Manchester Airport, as seen from the top floor of the Short-Term Car Park, some time in the mid-90s.

F-GIDQ, Fokker F100, Air Littoral.
Seen here from the spectators terraces, taxiing out to Manchester's Runway 24 for take off, sometime in the early 90's.

YL-LAC, Tupolev Tu154, Latavio.
Parked on a busy T2 at Manchester sometime in the mid 90's, as seen from L12.

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