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Hello, world.

Exploring the world of mastodon and photography just in case I feel the need to abandon twitter.

I am an amateur photographer based in , . I am opportunistic and have no particular favourite subject. During spring and summer I am particularly into macro photography.

You can visit my website here:

Clearing out some drawers and found: one pencil, two processors (1 Intel and 1 AMD), a Linux 3.5" (not so) floppy disk, some memory and a gadget we used to attach our MP3 player to the car stereo. Only one of the items is still useful.

Somewhere in the Central Balkan National Park. We were hunting autumn there, trekking with a group of friends for a week last year.

#bulgaria #centralbalkannationalpark #forest #landscape #mistyforest #nature #staraplanina
Night colors at the Ignatz-Bubis bridge spanning the Main river in #Frankfurt. I love this #nightphoto for many reasons: the colors, the wide angle, the star bursts, the #cityskyline in the distance one can see at the right, the #longexposure that smoothened out the river...

#photography #urbanphotography #mastoart

New photos from my recent visit to Newington Cemetery, . I was particularly pleased with the hoverfly in flight. Just happened to have focused at the right distance using the manual Laowa 100m lens.

A day in . Thick covered the city all morning. I was hoping for the Castle to pop out. No such luck. Still great to be outside to enjoy the fog.

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