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I took all the ones in the last post with the GR, and it just keeps amazing me with how good it is in so many ways. I took all of those while I was on the phone, and one handed I was easily able to switch to aperture priority, change my aperture a few times, and manual focus (and turn on focus peaking + highlighting).
And the files it outputs are "only" 16mp but the sharpness and detail and dynamic range in the raw files is incredible. If only it had stabilization (Oh No now I want the new one)

I don't know who this is...
My best guess is black throated blue warbler female?
It's beak is so long...
It was really dark when I took these and I just assumed it was a house sparrow or something

Cedar waxwings
They were Really far away (on an island in the middle of a big river that I could see from a bridge). The last picture is without crop, but that's still with 840mm equivalent focal length...

Emptying out SD cards to get ready for upcoming trip, so here comes Pictures I Forgot To Develop

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Here are some photos I took in spring of 2009, which I recently posted on my "ten years ago today" blog on ye old tumb-tumb.

Pretty surprised at how well they turned out, given that I was using a small canon point and shoot (a Powershot A570, I believe).

I had devoted myself more to taking photos regularly, after losing my job that January - didn't really pan out, though. Got the old job back, after all.

My thought is: for non-artsy portrait for work I want to not cast harsh shadows, so I want to light from the center, but a bit above, and fairly dimly and let the diffuse light from the room do most of the work - just use this to guarantee enough light for a lowish iso, and to guarantee some eye shine. Is that smart? I really don't know what I'm doing

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