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Fortunately I had time and space to get to the other side of the field to align the moon behind this tree more or less like I had planned to - just from a different angle.

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Hello / Bonjour / صباح الخير mastodon ! ☕ 🌄

Photo faite ce matin à 4:50, le soleil est matinal au Liban.

It's super expensive and super niche but I like the concept and I like the aesthetic of it, and also I really like that they put the battery door on the bottom right instead of the left

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Have u seen this thing
"connected rangefinder" screenless-ish m-mount rangefinder......

Ok this is super stupid but I discovered that there's a zhongyi mitakon lens turbo II 0.73x focal reducer (speedbooster) for canon EF lenses to Fuji X body... And I already have a little pentax K lens to canon EF adapter ring, so I could use lenses I'm currently using but without the crop factor and with a full stop more light...

Not sure if it would be worth it but definitely on the list of things to maybe try sometime

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I redid all my x-e2 quick settings for jpeg color bc I wanted to try a different film sim for my main one after looking at my partners x100 pix.....
I still wish I could name them, but this time I organized them roughly from most to least contrasty, which I think makes it easy to remember which is which.

I wasn't going to post anything until it's done, but I can't resist, here's a couple sneek preview stills from my timelapse project...!

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Waldo Lake in Oregon. Worse mosquitoes here than anywhere I've ever been, but it's pretty.

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Does anyone have favorite workflow for rendering a ton of still images to a timelapse? Currently I use Photoshop, but it takes a little while to load all the images as layers, and my current project is going to be around 2,000 frames long... I want to render it at least 4K since I shot it vertically so I probably want to crop the video and pan or something.

Any suggestions?

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Someone photographed these longbois at the Alsea River in Oregon

In Photoshop (or camera raw, or GIMP, or affinity photo) - is there a way to adjust saturation as a curve?

E.g. to use a curve adjustment to make dark areas less saturated, mids more saturated, and highlights less?

The more I use the fuji the more I like the jpegs I get out of it, and the general usability of the buttons/menus/controls... I just really wish the x-e2 had IBIS.

I'm going to wait til we see (if / ) what the new pentax apsc DSLR is like, but I'm increasingly feeling like my next camera might be upgrade from K-3 to fuji x-t4. Everything I like about the x-e2 plus new/updated film simulations + big IBIS seems really good.

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One of my tomatoes is starting to get red, and it just happens to be the one I pointed my timelapse camera at :0
Hopefully I didnt miss the start of the change, I had it inside a bit last week because rain kept making it fog up...

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