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Ok, done.
Everything in this thread except for the last image and one of the killdeer ones (the blurrier one) was taken w/ pentax k-3 and A 100mm f/4 macro...

Ok, time for the rest of the pictures from last weekend...

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A couple of birds enjoying the morning sun by the lake at UQ this morning. An Australasian Darter, and a Australian White Ibis (or Bin Chicken as it is colloquially known)

Northern Harrier part 4.5: why not put the frames together

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Anyway the takeaway from all this is There's Birds Out Now and I need to not bring only the 150mm equivalent manual focus macro when I go for a walk

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[fr] Dans le désert du Wadi Rum, sud , près de la frontière saoudienne

[en] In Wadi Rum desert, south , near the Saudi border

[ع] في وادي رم، جنوب الأردن، بالقرب من الحدود السعودية

That's All For Now
I have a bunch of landscape / nature / environment / macro pictures too, but I have to do other stuff right now.

Northern Harrier part 4
I used the ultra-wide aspect ratio partially because I didn't have a lens that let me get close enough, and this crop makes the most of the image I got by better filling the frame with the scene...

But I think it also works well to invoke the feeling of how these birds move - low and fast, effortlessly gliding on the wind, hardly ever flapping - from one side of a field to the other in seconds, completely silent, and almost invisible.

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