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Starting with the most amazing thing I saw: Northern Harriers
There were two, a male and a female.

Really beautiful and amazing to see. They fly very low along the tops of the tall grass while hunting, letting the wind propel them silently.

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Hi, I'm Tom, I like to do macro and nature photography as a hobby. I'm trying to get into more wildlife and landscape stuff. I use a couple compact, high crop factor mirrorless cameras, but I also like to play with weird equipment to try to get more out of 'bad' cameras (notably including a pink sanyo camcorder).
You can find more of my photo stuff at
Here are a couple examples of what I do:

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I think this sums up me as a photo person

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Camera........ but on stick

Bonus eagle
These were really underexposed before editing, so the details are pretty bad...
Plus phone pic for context. 1,620mm equivalent focal length, handheld

Teleconverter test pix
It's definitely not perfect, but it's definitely usable. Clouds had rolled in, so it was pretty dim when I took these, I think it would work a lot better in sunny weather.

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I still really like this photo of a raven I took

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1. Hawk in our driveway
2. Hermit thrush peekabo
3. The mooon

Pictures from randomly sitting in a small swamp for like a couple hours on Sunday
1. squirl
2. Hermit thrush?
3. Northern Flicker

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Bonus weird stuff
1. What if I align the stars in the center of the picture but *don't* do anything to keep the other objects from being motion blurred, so it's like everything's spinning around the viewer instead??
2. What if stars in center of image aligned but thst's nowhere near the actual center of the star movement so the rotation looks weird
3. Just normal star trails

Ok, star pix
I only caught a couple meteors, but I saw a few more... Still glad I went out.

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@masklayer as you seem interested in stars... may you have a look to my pic and maybe you can give me an answer...
See this Toot:

Still working on editing star photos, slowly, because I fell asleep, but here's a time lapse. I caught a couple meteors, but probably should have gone out earlier, and to a darker place (2 sleepy 2 drive etc)

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Singapore this past November. Taken with an iPhone X from my hotel room

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test pix look fine actually, I think this focus is acceptable
and there were definitely at least 2 meteors in my out of focus test shots... so I definitely should go out. But also it might even work fine to just do it in the driveway and not go anywhere dark and scary by myself...