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Scenes from the edge of Reno...
I didn't realize there were going to be mountains so close.

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If the coolpix A used EN-EL12's I would totally be considering replacing the GR with one now... even though the GR is probably better

(I decided to go with a coolpix p330 for this largely because it uses the same batteries as the a1000/a900, and I found one on ebay that came with a lot of wasabi power higher capacity spare batteries)

Tired: Choosing cameras based on their specifications, your needs, cost

Wired: Choosing cameras based on what kind of battery they use

Thinking about getting an older + cheap used prosumer compact camera with 24-100ish mm lens to use as a pocketable companion to the GR for event pix (I really just need 100-150ish focal length covered tbh)

Looking at coolpix p330 or fuji xf1
Any thoughts?
I don't want to go rx100 because... I personally haven't really enjoyed using Sony cameras, even though they're really good performance wise - and also it's larger

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Tonight's Moon - June21, 2019
80% Illuminated

Canon SL2/200d - Sigma 100-300mm Super Macro APO DG - ISO 100

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I swear I actually cut things out on this cutting mat and don't just use it to take pictures of camera gear on top of. I swear I take pictures of things other than my camera

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Anyone ever use the Pluto Trigger or anything like it?

I have a trigger I use rarely, but its pretty un-intuitive. So recommendations for anything I can ask for for my birthday would be appreciated, lol.

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more from today

- rose weevil on rose
- ladybug and aphid on vetch
- the tiniest monarch caterpillar on milkweed
- sidewalk mites eating pollen on a yarrow flower

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