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Scenes from the edge of Reno...
I didn't realize there were going to be mountains so close.

Pentax k-3 + Bower (rokinon/samyang) 85mm f/1.4... handheld...

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it is ridiculously hard to get a picture of a bee in flight at least with my setup but this came out reasonable great
#photography #photo #bee #mastoart #fediart #art

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I shot these on the GR, but I also took a bunch of versions of this same picture on the a1000, because I thought 95mm equivalent + closer focus would compress depth more and look better for this - but ultimately I thought the GR images looked better despite having to crop way more to get the close framing with a 28mm equivalent lens...
But these versions from the a1000 had slightly different framing, so here are a couple

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i will fight anyone who says you need to buy an expensive camera to do real photography

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hot take we need to apply the same mentality of "you don't need to always buy the latest phone as it comes out" to professional camera equipment

get yourself a dinky DSLR from 2004

unless you want to shoot video or need real time preview on the LCD, it'll do you fine

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here's some pictures i took with a camera you can buy on ebay right now for $15

it uses floppy disks as a digital medium

get any thrift store camera! take pictures with it! congrats you're doing photography now!

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