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Conditions were as good as predicted - completely clear overhead, with a little haze on the horizon, but not bad. While the water wasn't calm, it still reflected the glow on the horizon, and turned into this smooth bright surface over time.

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I've been on-call for work and too busy in general to do photo stuff for a couple weeks :/

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Usb-c - style double-sided sd cards when

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Look at this photo my partner Nik took with their new camera.

This flower is fucking pretty. It makes me think of an eldritch horror emerging from the Abyss and I really just love that.

I don't know what it is though, can someone help me to identify it?

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There was a group of 4+ kestrels playing in dead trees... unfortunately all my pictures of that moment are terrible bc it was very far away so the focus wasn't quite right and coolpix a900 image quality is often just garbage

Ok, some of coolpix a900 pictures from last weekend

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A waterlily in a pond at the Manpukuji temple near #Kyoto.

The main difference with my Scottish waterlily pictures is the quality of the light. Not that it never rains in Japan, but I was lucky ^_^
The lily is a bit different too, with smaller leaves and the flower is raised above the water level.

#photography #mastoart #japan

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