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It's cold and gross and rainy out but supposed to be done tomorrow so Maybe i'll find the energy to go get some water droplet pix outside tomorrow

I have no inspiration or energy to go do photo stuff but I guess I can still take a picture of a camera

I just discovered the pentax q7 can back button focus! You can remap the green button to 'enable AF'

Unfortunately I can't figure out how to do continuous autofocus so I can't quite make it a tiny version of exactly how my dslr is set up...

This plant may be fake. I May Be Stupid

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Spiral galaxies appear as two general types. No bar as seen in the image of M101 (left) and with a bar as seen in M109 (right). #astrophoto

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"There is nothing more beautiful nor more mysterious than the stars in the sky. And look at us, we are dancing amongst them." - James Glaisher, Aeronauts

This is an interesting image for me, my first attempt at a composite (blend of 2 different exposures). The Milky Way was a standard 25-second shot. The foreground was an ultra-long 10 minute exposure to get some details in the landscape. Shot in Tso Kar, Ladakh in September.

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