I have a 4 and a Pi Foundation touch screen. These screens have to be 'reversed' as the display is upside down, but then the mouse pointer moves in the opposite direction from my actions. The forums can offer little help. I am a big supporter of FOSS etc. and I know we are up against the most powerful, but official releases that are unusable with no obvious solutions will win nobody over. It's a small but typical example of the problem, OS technology rarely seems to get easier.

After recovering from COVID-19 I decided to clipper all my hair off. Consequently I have to wear a hat. Now I'm more worried about police snipers.

in a second hand copy of Margaret Atwood's 'Year of the Flood' Print dated 4th April 2018

“Despite the constant negative press covfefe”
Twitter, 31/5/17

The Real Chicago 8 Movie: R.G. Davis Gets it Right

Having just watched the Trial of the Chicago 7, this is interesting reading and will I'm sure be interesting watching

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