“Despite the constant negative press covfefe”
Twitter, 31/5/17

The Real Chicago 8 Movie: R.G. Davis Gets it Right

Having just watched the Trial of the Chicago 7, this is interesting reading and will I'm sure be interesting watching

New Pi set up with aluminium case. I repurposed an old VGA monitor and it works a treat.

Why is so rubbish? I have tried different devices and cameras and it hardly ever works. Just look at the top review topics on google play... 'useless app' 'frustrating' dissapointing' 'won't work' 'waste of time' What's the problem ? It's been years.

Nigel Lawson. Father of Nigella, long term Chancellor of the Exchequer under Margaret Thatcher, climate change denier and expences fiddler.
Image taken at Margaret Thatcher's funeral. 17th April 2013

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Any users out there? ipernity.com is a photo sharing website, much like flickr was before Yahoo! It's not open source or part of the , but since 2017 it's been owned and run by it's members on a non profit basis. Private data is not analysed, passed on or sold. It is a lovely website and community, but has run into some technical issues lately and could do with some advice and support. Anyone interested drop me a line or pay them a visit.

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The new Pixelfed website is much nicer and will include a federated forum, new documentation site, translation platform and improved instance picker.

It was a lot of work to built everything from scratch, but we'll be able to provide a better experience across the Pixelfed ecosystem for admins, developers and users!

Available soon.


Just a question to people out there in the Fediverse...does Mastodon have have an RSS/Atom feed? I'm guessing not, but I it would be great if it did.

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