So I made this pinhole lens for my Intrepid 4x5. It's nothing fancy just 3mm plywood with a small bit of a coke can where I drilled a 0,4mm hole wich I polished on both sides. The shutter mechanism is another piece of plywood hinged with a screw.

I have been writing my upcoming book nonstop the last two weeks but managed to get out to take a few photos. I also set up my darkroom and I'm working on making contact prints of my pinhole shots.

I bought this Intrepid 4x5 with the ground glass and three double sides film holders.

For 5€.

I shit you not. And not even with money, with a coffee packet. That’s how much we finns love coffee. 😅

I made the first lens board from cardboard and my only large format lens so far is this 130mm f/7.7 from a Kodak Autographic Junior. Shooting now with x-ray film and learning.

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I'm off work this week. Know what that means? Loads of hiking and photography!

Yesterday we did a solid 20k-step walk towards Cunswick Scar via Gamblesmire Lane. Everywhere's starting to wonderfully green now.

Plenty more photos available for you here -> 👍

The week has been frantic so far. Today my publisher rushed my deadline by three days so I sat down and started writing like a beast. Then he messaged me that the meeting where he was to present my manuscript has been postponed for two weeks so ”no hurry”. Just took a long walk with the mrs.

A hectic weekend is almost behind. I managed to score some Fuji BW 100-series film for the Polaroind 350 Automatic Land camera I ”fixed” with a modern battery. The film is so old that those blacks are grey and there’s a serious lack of contrast too. In these photos is my publisher and a local forest trail and believe me they are correctly exposed!

Tomorrow and on the coming weekend I’ll try to put this into working condition. Wish me luck that the weather takes a turn to warm as it was a wee bit too cold to go on a bike trip to collect film and a battery.

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Took these photos today with my iPhone 8 and Lenka app. I reckon Lenka to be the best (I wanna say most bestest) b&w white photo app there is. Sadly it’s only available on Apple 😞

Surpisingly easy to update LibreOffice writer in Ubuntu. Even I could do it. These free writing tools are essential for an aspiring author like me.

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”We all float down here.”

Kiev 6C & Vega 12b 90mm f2.8
Rodinal 1+25 9min.

Lately I have been experimenting with Rawtherapee and Gimp to produce these images I call ”faux Aerochrome”. It doesn’t always work but when it does the results are fun.

I went out shooting with the Mamiya C220 with Panf 50, some dead trees and dead grass. Took a video of this but my phone lost it. Now I’m back home with only my own memories of it.

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