Feeling so depressed right now that I cant take photographs or write.

Yesterday I was doing some night shooting.

Nikon D700 & Nikkor 28mm f2.8.

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Shutterstock’s algorithm isn’t fair! I have really cool shot of a waterfall at night but can’t upload it as the page keeps screaming ”motion blur!!”.

Well show me how to take a 6s exposure of a waterfall at night without the falling water being in total motion blur 😑

Daft sod that algorithm.

Just sold my first photo in Shutterstock! For 0,10$

Techically I didn’t sell shit as they will only pay me if my photos sell for over 30$


Here's a few pics I took yesterday from Nuuksio National Park. I was out there with my wife to "hunt" mushrooms, mostly funnel chantarels that grow there by the millions. In a few hours we gathered some 2,5 kg of mushrooms.

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Finally managed to shoot the roll in my "found in the garbage" Yashica T3. Sometimes I feel like 36 shots is just too much. I want every single frame to be a masterpiece.

Propably that's why I like medium format more. 12 shots is JUST the right amount.

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What's the deal with following hashtags on Mastodon? #qoto seems to support it, #fosstodon and many others instances don't. As a new user I'd except it to be quite essential functionality. #mastodon #hashtags #Skrolli

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The Sulphur-crested Cockatoos came back this arvo, since I'd put seed out for the King Parrot, whom I have not seen today.

Still not sure why my Sigma 70-200 f4-5.6 AF won’t couple the aperture with the D700 body. The aperture is mechanical as is the AF and I don’t get it. It still works in f4.5 wich is fine by me so I guess for 6€ it was a decent purchase.

Waiting for the sun to show up. It is pitch black in Espoo Finland right now.

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Does your language have a metaphor "turn volume to southeast"?

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Seeing my hairy friend today. She is happy to see me (but I also just ate bacon).

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