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We got some really beautiful low-angle sunlight last sunday. I took my digital camera outdoors for a walk.

There was a beautiful mist today in Helsinki so didn't go straight to work but instead took my camera and went shooting some pictures.

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Helsinki by night taken from the thirtieth floor of Redin Majakka (Redi Lighthouse building thats not actually a lighthouse).

Shot on Lomography Color negative ISO 800 film with Mamiya C220 80mm f2.8

Some photos from the process paid Fujifilm Sensia 200 (expired 2004) that I shot in 4/2018 and got back developed in 12/2020! Finally had time to scan it.

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I took these photographs of Pachira aquatica and the shadow of our blinds on the wall with my digital Nikon camera. I still shoot about 80% of all my stuff on film but now it's too cold and dark to go outside. Wish it would be summer soon.

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Some flowers that we got from our friends. Shot on my digital Nikon. I also took two shots on Ilford HP5+ with the Smena 8M.

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Miten voi olla niin vaikeaa löytää kirjepaperia?! Kolmesta kirjakaupasta kävin katsomassa, mutta ei ollut kuin ylisöpökrumeluuripaperia ja viivoitettuja lehtiöitä. Verkkokaupat näyttävät myyvän yksinomaan krumeluuripapereita.

Tahtoisin vain ihan tyhjää mutta laadukasta paperia, jotain muuta kuin hohtavan valkoista kopiopaperia.

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I just rediscovered One Rat Short by Alex Weil. It won Best of Show at SIGGRAPH 2006. It doesn't dazzle by modern standards, but it has rats!

#animation #rat #rats


I’ve been watching over this two girls the whole week and next week also. They are nice but oh boy I sure wish they stopped ”checking that I am OK” every morning at 4 AM. I need my sleep at night!!

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