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There's an water reservoi in Haukilahti, Espoo Finland that has a restaurant and a observation post on top of it. And at night time it's illuminated with LED lights that are nonstop changing color.


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Tried to do some pre-work seascapes with My Nikon F3, Nikkor 28mm with Ilford Ortho 80 and Nikon D700 with the Mir 35mm f2.

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Some King Parrot photos from a little while after the video previously posted.

I managed to lay down on the kitchen floor to get the ground level shots, but getting back up again with 5.5kg of camera equipment proved more difficult.

2016 was like the trailer of this year. 😅

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Are you ready for some Duckling spam? 'cause I came across 7 Australian Wood Duck ducklings this morning, and their attentive parents.

I don’t know any models nor how to direct one so I have to pose myself in pictures. I rarely show my face though, I guess I’m a shy person?

Oh my god it's near IMPOSSIBLE to get good interior shots into Shutterstock and Adobe Stock. The algorithm will halt with every letter or partial text shown in pic, anything that can be interpret as "design" like a espresso pan, my glasses and our chair. Damn!

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Midtown Manhattan, NY
Cranes In the Mist

These cranes keep getting higher and higher…. The first time I saw them a few weeks ago it was just the flashing red light on top of one that I mistook for a burglar alarm inside one of the offices in the skyscraper.

The vague black shapes on the left side of the skyscraper are people up on The Edge, the highest outdoor observation de ck in the western hemisphere.

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Fooling around with my DSLR at home. Too lazy to go outside. 😄👋🏼

Feeling so depressed right now that I cant take photographs or write.

Yesterday I was doing some night shooting.

Nikon D700 & Nikkor 28mm f2.8.

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Shutterstock’s algorithm isn’t fair! I have really cool shot of a waterfall at night but can’t upload it as the page keeps screaming ”motion blur!!”.

Well show me how to take a 6s exposure of a waterfall at night without the falling water being in total motion blur 😑

Daft sod that algorithm.

Just sold my first photo in Shutterstock! For 0,10$

Techically I didn’t sell shit as they will only pay me if my photos sell for over 30$


Here's a few pics I took yesterday from Nuuksio National Park. I was out there with my wife to "hunt" mushrooms, mostly funnel chantarels that grow there by the millions. In a few hours we gathered some 2,5 kg of mushrooms.

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