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So, I'd speculated a few years ago that any long #space structure (say, a #spaceElevator) might be prone to extreme currents, as it was subject to radiation and cut through magnetic lines.

Turns out that's pretty much exactly what happened when #NASA ran a test with a 20km tether back in 1996. After deploying part-way, a current surged through the line, and ended up melting it through, ending the experiment.

Though providing useful data.

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Short talks in the Auditorium: "Debian on the Raspberryscape" followed by "Cat-Herding Development Boards" #DebConf19

My daughter Sara is an extremely talented photographer, and one thing I've learned from her is that sometimes you just have to take a photograph on its own terms. In that spirit 🙂 :

The Tokyo Camera Club has a mastodon instance (; when you post there the header of the post automatically includes a link to the original upload media. Is there a way to do that here? eg

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Dekalb County Inmates who spoke out about their mistreatment are now reporting violence by guards in retaliation. Show out Friday!

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